Idle Mania Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Idle Mania is an extremely addicting AFK RPG from NovaStar. The game shines with its eye-catching 3D low-poly graphics, endless auto battles and a plethora of battle-ready heroes. If you love games like AFK Arena that have endless grinding and auto-combat, then this game is for you!  Gameplay does not stop at auto battles. Idle … Read more

Idle Mania Guide: How to get Heroes

There are two ways to obtain heroes in Idle Mania – Summoning and Fragments.    You can summon new heroes using basic and prime summoning stones (Blue and Purple stones respectively) in the Summoning Alter. These two crystals can be acquired easily.   You will get one free basic summoning every 8 hours and one free prime … Read more

Idle Mafia: Tycoon Manager Guide – How to Win Fights

Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager not only lets you take control of various shady businesses, but also drops you in the middle of several gang wars. Developed by Century Game, creators of Idle Courier Tycoon, this game lets players build their own team of stronger “capos” and fight rival gangs. After the tutorial ends, you will … Read more

Idle Life Sim Guide: How to Unlock the Multiverse

In Idle Life Sim, you can “prestige” by unlocking the multiverse. You must make enough progress in the game to travel across the multiverse and start a new life by choosing a different career. Just watch the tutorial video below or skip to the text section to know more about this ascension system:   To unlock … Read more

Idle Life Sim Guide: Tips and Strategies

Idle Life Sim will remind you of BitLife, but it actually is a pure clicker game that lets you choose a career, change jobs, purchase furniture to decorate your home and buy a new home.   The game also lets you idle away and keeps earning when you are not playing for an hour or so. You … Read more

Evil Hunter Tycoon: How to Reincarnate Hunters

Reincarnation is Evil Hunter Tycoon’s ascension system. In this basic guide we will learn how to reincarnate hunters and what are their advantages:    When you “reincarnate” a hunter, he or she goes back to level 1. But their starting stats will be much higher than before. The reincarnation portal is located just beside the cave … Read more

Evil Hunter Tycoon: Training Ground Tips

In Evil Hunter Tycoon: How to Reincarnate Hunters, we explained a way to unlock the Normal difficulty mode. You also learned the entire reincarnation process. In this guide, we will learn how to make proper use of the training ground.   As the name suggests, Training ground is used to train hunters to make them stronger. You … Read more

Evil Hunter Tycoon Leveling Guide: Tips to Level Up Fast

Characters gain EXP during combat. A character levels up when his/her EXP bar is full. You can check a character’s current level by tapping on the “Hunters” tab on the bottom of the screen and then tapping on the “info” button under his/her portrait. This short leveling guide will help you level up hunters fast … Read more

Guide to Evil Hunter Tycoon: Tips and Strategies

Super Planet’s Evil Hunter Tycoon is an excellent role-playing game with town management elements. It lets you oversee a town destroyed by the evil Dark Lord, construct buildings and recruit hunters to battle monsters at the “hunting grounds”.  Developers have recently launched another game named Raising Archangel. It’s an idle RPG and very addictive! The game … Read more