Beginner’s Guide to Primitive Brothers: Tips and Strategies

Primitive Brothers is a clicker game with a prehistoric theme. An airplane crashes mid-air, flinging your character to an unknown remote location. To your surprise, this location is filled with prehistoric creatures from triceratops to the T-rex. You will have to tap on the screen to attack them.  

Primitive Brothers

As you progress, you will unlock various features, such as a mechanical turret that attacks enemies automatically, town, house, totem, rune, girlfriend and colleague. You will also advance to new civilizations, promoting your ancient weapons into more advanced weapons and fighting bigger, deadlier prehistoric monsters. Our beginner-level Primitive Brothers guide, tips and strategies will teach you how to make your character or “Brother” stronger, obtain gear and diamonds, advance to a new civilization and get gems for free.  

High Battle Power 

Leveling up the brother increases key stats like Strength, Stamina, Health and Damage dealt to enemies. You will need stones to level up. Stones are dropped by critters and boss beasts. The latter drops more stones when defeated. Don’t forget to tap on flying ringos that hover from left to right and right to left to get bonus stones.  

Leveling up the brother is crucial for increasing “battle power” (BP). You have a good chance of winning boss battles if your character’s BP is higher than the boss beast’s BP.  

In later stages, your character’s BP should be substantially higher the the boss’s BP. Chances of losing a boss battle are still high if your character’s BP is marginally higher than the enemy boss’s BP.  

Your character’s BP is shown on the top-right corner of the screen. Before fighting a boss beast, check the “recommended” battle power and your character’s BP. Always level up your character at regular intervals.  

How to Acquire Gear 

Along with leveling up your character, you will also need to equip gear to make him more powerful. This will give him more strength and he will deal more damage to enemies.  

Sometimes, boss creatures drop useful gear. In some occasions, especially in advance levels, normal critters may drop gear. You may also get gear boxes from special events, such as the “Breakthrough Event”. Tap on the Gift box icon on the top-left corner of the screen to access events.  

The best way to get equipment instantly is by purchasing a gear box. 

You will need 10 diamonds to purchase a gear box. Keep reading until the end of this article to know how to acquire diamonds.  

Tap on “Boxes” on the right side of the screen and then select “notify when purchase is available” on the top of the box screen. Every time you have enough diamonds for purchasing a gear box, a red dot will appear above “Boxes”.  

To equip gear to your character, tap on the face icon on the bottom of the screen. Go to the second tab with a club icon. Tap on empty slots that have a red dot on them to equip gear.  

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Use Buffs During Boss Battles 

You will have to tap the screen to attack enemies, but there’s a free buff that lets you attack beasts automatically for several minutes. Tap on the hand icon on the upper-right hand side of the screen, watch an ad to get auto attacks for 15 minutes.  

Besides auto-attack, there’s also ability boost buff that increases the damage, stamina, health regen per second by x2. You can watch an ad under the ability boos to get boosted for 15 minutes.  

Both these buffs should be applied just before a boss battle. Make sure your brother’s battle power is much higher than the boss. Tap on the horned skull on the bottom of the screen to check your and the boss’s battle power. If it’s higher, quickly apply those boosts, and see how easy it will be to defeat the boss beast.  

Raise Gear Tier through Promotion 

When a piece of gear equipped to your character reaches a new tier, it drastically increases stats such as strength and stamina, thereby giving a big boost to your character’s Battle Power.  

Promoting a gear

In Primitive Brothers, increasing an equipment’s tier also unlocks new gear. For example: A wooden club weapon will be turned into a bow when it reaches tier 2. It will be more effective against enemies, dealing more damage to them.  

To raise a gear’s tier, you will need to promote it. You must have a certain number of duplicate equipment to promote it to a new tier. So, if you want to promote your old wooden club to tier 2 grass bow, you will need two wooden clubs. You will see a yellow dot on a gear’s slot indicating that it is ready to get promoted.  

You can acquire gear from the Gear box or from events. Some creatures and boss beasts might also drop equipment during combat. 

Upgrade Your Turret 

Once you have researched turret in stage 6, it’s time to upgrade it using stones. It will boost Damage and Engineering stats.  

You should also promote a turret’s parts. You will need to obtain 2 duplicate parts + reach a new civilization. More info on advancing to a new civ and turret/gear parts in the next paragraph.  

Advance to a New Civilization to Craft Better Gear 

Promoting a gear’s tier from tier 1 to 2 and so on requires gear of the same type. Now if you want to promote gear from tier 2 to tier 3, you will need tier 2 gear of the same type. You will also have to advance to a new civilization.  

Let’s take the example of the wooden club:  

To reach tier 2 and craft the grass bow, these are the following requirements:  

Firstly, you will have to advance to the “Grass” civilization. You will have to reach a certain level to move to a new civ. Level up your character to reach that level if you want to unlock a new civilization. In future, you will also have to fulfill additional requirements, such as upgrading the turret to a certain level to advance to a new civilization.  

Once you reach a new civilization, you will need two duplicate gear pieces belonging to the same tier to promote to a new tier/unlock higher quality gear.  

So, if your current weapon, the bow, needs to be promoted to tier 3 from tier 2, these will be the requirements:  

Two tier 2 bows and the “Chick” civilization (third civilization).  

To advance to the Chick civilization, you will need to reach brother level 183 as well as turret level 183.  

Now the question is – how to obtain two tier 2 grass bows? You can get high tier gear from higher level gear boxes. You will have to upgrade a gear box to a new level to get tier 2 and above gear.  

To level up a gear box, you will have to purchase and open several gear boxes using gems. When you purchase and open a gear box, you will also receive XP, which will fill the yellow level bar displayed below the gear box. When the box’s yellow level bar is full, it will level up and offer higher tier gear when you purchase it again.  

Follow the same steps as above to unlock high tier parts for your turret. Unlocking higher tier parts for your turret will make it more powerful and it will deal major damage to enemies and boss beasts.  

How to get Gems 

Gems are used to purchase gear and turret boxes. You will need at least 10 gems to purchase either of these two boxes.  

You can obtain lots of gems for free in Primitive Brothers. Here are a few ways to get them:  

Quests: Complete in-game quests to get gems. Tap on the hamburger menu on the upper right corner of the screen and press the Quest button. Under “Achievements”, complete all quests to get rewards. Tap on the “Daily” quest tab to complete all tasks and claim gems.  

Content: When you unlock key features of the game you also get bonus gems. Go to menu > content and claim gems for all unlocked features within the game.  

Event: Several events grant lots of gems. Tap on the gift box icon on the top-right corner of the screen and claim gems from these:  

– Play Time:  Depends on the number of minutes you have played. If you play for 15 minutes without breaks, you will receive 10 gems and so on.  

– 7 Days Check-In reward: Play the game every day for seven days to get lots of gems. Tap the gift box icon > 7 days and claim your “attendance” rewards. You will get a whopping 7000 gems if you play the game for seven days.  


– 30-Days Attendance Rewards: Keep playing Primitive Brothers for 30 days and receive 50 or more gems every day. You will get max gems 500/1000 on the 6th, 12th, 18th, 24th and 30th day.  

– Don’t forget to claim gems under “Accumulated attendance”. These are bonus gems.  

– Invite: Invite friends via Facebook to get +50 gems.  

– Flag: Select a flag to get +10 gems.  

Another way to get free gems in Primitive Brothers is by watching an advert. Tap on the blue diamond which is located on the upper-left corner of the screen to get around 1 ~ 1000 gems. Watch a 30 second ad to get them. You can watch around 20 videos daily to acquire gems.  

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