Best Idle Zombie Games for Android

What’s green, loves brainz and is a bit laidback? An idle zombie! Jokes aside, did you know that there are zombie-themed games in the idle genre? And there are plenty of them! Here are some of the best games you would love playing on your smartphone.  

Zombie Idle Defense 

Zombie Idle Defense is a tower defense, idle game and RPG all rolled into one. Barricaded to protect against the undead horde, your heroes must survive and the best way to do is to equip the most powerful weapons, train them and use their special abilities to take down those abominable enemies.

Best Idle Zombie Games

Each level has several waves of incoming zombies and they are not easy to vanquish. Will you survive in this idle defense game? 

Idle Zombie Tycoon 

How tough is it to become the richest man in a post-apocalyptic world? Not so easy, but surely achievable in Idle Zombie Tycoon!  

Idle Zombie Tycoon

The only hope for survivors in the undead-infested world is you. To help them stay alive, you will have to build a dining hall, start a laboratory to produce medicines and also discover a vaccine to get rid of the zombie virus permanently. But your goal is to become rich ad this where several marketing strategies come into play.  

Idle Zombie Tycoon has nice 3D graphics and gameplay is pretty challenging. The concept is fresh and there are several in-game activities to keep you busy for hours.  

Zombie Hive 

This isn’t a complete idle zombie game, but it has auto-combat and auto-rooting. The gameplay and visuals are somewhat similar to Metal Slug.  

Zombie Hive

In Zombie Hive, you must deploy a team of specialties to get rid of the undead menace in each floor, right from the top-most floor down to the 1000th floor, where you will have to destroy the main core of the infection. Eliminate the undead in each floor to rescue the survivors of the doomed underground facility.  

Besides hideous looking monsters, super zombies, robots, Zombie Hive also has story missions. The visuals are old school, and reminds me of those good old Metal Slug games.  

More Idle Games:

Zombie Labs 

Zombie Labs lets you play the role of the evil scientist to produce several brain-eaters by just tapping away. Tap to unearth deadly monsters, build the most powerful army of the infected and collect brains.  

A perfect idler, Zombie Labs won’t stop even when you are away. Your undead horde will keep collecting brains when you are not playing.  

The game has five unique classes, new worlds and secrets to discover! Zombies have their own unique characteristic. The best part of this game is that you can play it even if you don’t have an Internet connection.  

Zombies Inc 

Another mad scientist/zombie-themed idle game, Zombies Inc lets you spawn the ultimate undead factory. 

Zombies Inc

Tap on the screen to raise the walking dead, collect and research new brain types, hire zombie managers to automate your undead factory and become the no. 1 tycoon in this unique idle clicker game.  

Clicker of the Dead 

An excellent zombie incremental game, Clicker of the Dead is all about how you can survive the post-apocalyptic world. You will have to tap on the city to search for food, rescue survivors through radio calls, feed them and send them to special missions. To stay alive, survivors will keep working to generate food and materials when you are offline.  

Clicker of the Dead

You will also have a tough task to fend off evolved zombie bosses. Your team of survivors must be equipped with weapons and accessories to grow stronger. And once you have a powerful team, you can send them to harder missions.  

Clicker of the Dead has unique pixilated visuals, survivors have different personalities and classes and boss zombies won’t be easy to beat. It’s one of the best idle Zombie games available on the Google Play Store.  

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