Dear My Cat Review: A Beautiful Idle Game

Dear My Cat has a surreal atmosphere. Very dream-like! There’s no particular objective as there’s nothing to win here. It’s basically a cat collecting game and fans of Neko Atsume-like games will love to have Dear My Cat on their phones.  

The floating island is home to charming kitties and other animals. You can invite new characters, make new kitty friends, know their thoughts, peek at their secret diaries, give them gifts and make the island beautiful by placing various alluring “destinations”.  

Dear My Cat

The tutorial shows how to place destinations, invite new travelers, produce gold and obtain hearts from cats. It’s a short tutorial but you can start completing quests to learn more about this game.  

The most beautiful part of this game is its “Destinations”. You will be placing flower beds, valley, lakeside, train station and various destinations to expand your floating island. They look stunning on your smartphone screen, especially when you tap a cat to zoom in. You will need a lot of gold to unlock a new destination.  

A destination generates gold automatically. Upgrade it to increase gold production. Gold can be used to unlock new destinations and invite various kitty travelers.  

You will need to buy tickets to invite travelers to your island. The ticket button is on the lower-left corner of the screen. Tap on it and a list of travelers appears on the screen. Each ticket costs gold, but some rarer ones cost diamonds and special invite tickets.  

To invite a random friend to the island, tap on the first ticket. The train arrives in the station, and a new guest enters your island. The game shows a short story about the new guest, her likes and dislikes. Every time you invite a new traveler to your island, you will increase gold and heart production.  

Cats generate hearts. It’s a sign of friendship and peaceful nature between the island inhabitants. Heart balloons appear above a kitty and you will have to tap on them to collect them. If you don’t, the game will collect on your behalf automatically. 

Collect a lot of hearts to level up your island, which will unlock stunning landmarks and also increase gold production for all destinations placed on the island. Landmarks grant special bonuses, such as additional gold, extra hearts, offline reward boosts etc.  

Dear My Cat also lets you hunt for trinkets and give them to your cats to increase their happiness. Treasure chests appear on random location. Tap on a chest to collect items. Now just tap on a cat to give that item and increase her happiness levels. The happier a kitty, the higher will be the gold production. At different happiness levels, indicated by colorful droplets, you will unlock diary entries and also accessory slots, which will allow you to dress up your favorite cat.  

The game does not get boring because you will get to meet several unique animal characters on your island, know their stories and read their thoughts. And with so many new destinations to unlock, there will always be more than one reason to keep playing the game.  

There are plenty of things to do in the quaint island. Check out our guide to know more:

Generous Offline Gains 

Dear My Cat game is very generous when it comes to rewarding players. The floating island produces plenty of gold and hearts even when you are not playing and the best part is that there are no 2-hour time limits for offline gains. As you progress, you will find some ways to further increase offline earnings. When you come back to play the game again, just tap on the green hourglass to claim offline gains.  

Offline Rewards
Offline Rewards

The game’s “Happy Time” boost is a great way to increase heart production drastically. It also collects hearts automatically at a much faster rate than normal time. However, this boost remains active for a few minutes. You will have to watch an ad to activate Happy Time.  

While playing, you should also keep an eye on the Cloud Whale. A small whale icon will appear randomly on the screen. Tap it to gain bonus gold. However, you will have to watch an ad to claim gold.  

Gorgeous Graphics 

Destinations look like charming diorama pieces. In fact, the entire island looks like a diorama set.  

The low poly graphics are stunning to say the least. I love how the game zooms in to a character when you tap her, creating a bokeh-like effect as the 3D background gets blurred. Once zoomed in, the camera follows the character wherever she goes.  

Stunning 3D graphics
Dear My Cat has some of the best visuals.

Once you tap on a cat, you can drag your finger on the phone screen to rotate the floating island as the game supports full 360-degree view of the island. The attention to detail to everything is perfect and the game has that anime-movie like feel to it.  

Do You Need to be Online to Play it? 

You won’t require an Internet connection to play Dear My Cat game. I could play it easily with my phone’s airplane mode on. However, one can’t gain bonus gold or Happy Time boosts as both need players to watch 30-sec adverts to activate them. In fact, these boosts won’t appear when you are playing offline.  

Dear My Cat’s scenic environments and relaxing gameplay will surely appeal many. There’s no hurry, no wins and losses and no competition. Just play the game, collect cats, place beautiful destinations and fall in love with your floating island. The mellifluous background music will surely make you fall asleep. This game is made for those cozy winter nights! 

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