DevTycoon 2: Best Combinations You Should Know

When making a game in DevTycoon 2, start by choosing thematics, genre and platform (PC, droid, playbox etc.). You will also have to enter the name of your new game before tapping the next button. Your initial spending for the game concept will depend on the platform you are using. For computer, it will be 1000 bucks, for XCase, the initial cost to build a game on this platform will be 3000.  


Thematics and Genre play a big role in the success of a game in Dev Tycoon 2. Finding the perfect theme-genre combinations is crucial to get higher ratings, which ensures higher sales/downloads.

Choosing a theme that does not match with the genre will be out of people’s interest. Let’s know more about themes and genres before learning about best combinations:  

Choose Theme and Genre Wisely to Push Sales

There are lots of themes ranging from racing to vampires. Some of the most common themes are:  

Dungeon, City, Fantasy, Romance, Spy, Racing, Medieval, Space, Virtual Pet etc.  

You will discover or unlock new themes using science points (SP). You will earn science points only while developing a game. You will need at least 25 SPs to discover a random theme. You can unlock themes from the last tab on the left (book icon). Under “click to open”, tap the box 25 times to open one.  

There are six major game genres:  

Action, Adventure, RPG, Simulator, Strategy and Arcade 

It’s quite easy to come up with a winning combination in Dev Tycoon 2 if you have played a lot of games and have common knowledge about game genres (RPG, Strategy etc.):  

A Dungeon themed game can go very well with the RPG genre, whereas a Space theme matches pretty well with the arcade or simulation genre. Obviously, Racing can never be combined with Strategy and will be a good choice if combined with simulator or arcade. 

There are lots of themes in DevTycoon 2

Some of the best theme-genre combinations are:  

Aviation – Simulator 

Dungeon – RPG 

Medieval – Strategy 

Dance – Arcade or Simulator 

Space – Simulator 

Prison – Simulator 

Hunting – Arcade 

Ninja – Action 

Detective/Mystery – Adventure 

Fantasy – Strategy or RPG 

Besides choosing the most common combos, you may also have to select the best combination through trial and error. Try launching several games with different theme-genre combinations and check which one gets higher ratings.  

The thematic-genre combination is just one part of successful game development in DevTycoon 2. You will also have to make sure you are building trendy games to earn more profits. Also, try to create games on popular mobile and console platforms and not just PC if you want to attract more fans and downloads. You can get hints on popular consoles/platforms from news under the Information tab in your main screen. You might find our DevTycoon 2 Review useful if you want to know more about this game. 

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