DevTycoon 2 Review: Making Games Was Never This Easy!

DevTycoon 2 is a game about making games. Now how cool is that! It lets you peek into the boring life of game developers who work hard only to build the best (or worst) games for you.  

Trust me, you won’t be bored playing DevTycoon 2 – Game Dev Simulator. The sequel to the hit game presents the ins and outs of game design and development in a very interesting manner.  

DevTycoon 2 Workspace

Your objective is to make games and earn money from sales and downloads. You start by choosing a genre, theme, graphics engine and platform. You will also be prioritizing on gameplay, story or engine just to ensure your game will entice the crowd.  

Sliders lets you decide what your game will be all about – Will it be story-driven or will the focus more on gameplay and level design? Will the game have top-notch graphics or will it have more dialogues? You will have to juggle between several elements to develop the best game.  

As you work hard on your next indie or AAA title, your device may also be hacked. Just play a mini-game to beat friendly hackers and get their help in fixing a major bug. As more “work panels” get completed based on your “priorities” or game elements, you inch a step closer to create your very first game. Obviously, it will be full of bugs, but don’t worry, it will be fixed automatically – the game does that for you. You can release your game with the bugs, but that would surely lower your rating, which would result into lower sales/downloads and income. As a new developer you don’t want that!  

DevTycoon 2

Once the game is released, sit back and count your money. Based on the ratings, bar graph stats will show how many people have downloaded your game so far. And as more and more people buy it, you will keep earning cold hard cash. You can also spend some money to advertise your game, which will help push sales further up. 

Sadly, your passive income run will come to an end at some point of time, especially when your game will become less popular and gamers will stop downloading it. No worries! You can build another, keeping the theme, genre and all other elements in mind to raise the ratings and earn more money from higher downloads. You can read our guide to know more about best theme-genre combinations in DevTycoon 2.  

The game also lets you discover new themes for your new games, upgrade your skills and improve your system to create better games. Later, you will also get a chance to build your game studio, where you will hire the best developers to make your next gen game. With better platforms and more advanced engine, a team of devs is crucial to be successful.  

Almost an Idle Game!  

DevTycoon 2 – Game Dev Simulator is not a complete idle game. Yes, you will keep earning passive in-game money once you launch your own game, but the earnings don’t accrue when you are not playing. The game auto-saves, but you won’t see any increments in earning when you are back in the game. Any on-going game sales/downloads stop when you close the app and resume when you start again. So far, I haven’t seen any way we can automate game creation or let the downloads and earnings continue after closing the app. 

IAPs are completely optional. You can purchase a dev card set if you want to expand your game studio with more game developers. You may also disable ads by paying a one-time fee.  

Offline Play – Yay or Nay? 

DevTycoon 2 can be played without an internet. The game has two saves option – local and cloud. For cloud saves, you must have an internet connection if you want to restore game data from the cloud. However, you must be online if you want goodies from the cute cat or want to quickly recharge your dev stamina.  

The cat keeps searching for extra cash and XP and alerts you. Just tap the notification and watch a video to get your reward. You may also have to watch videos to earn money from freelance dev jobs.  

Wrapping it Up

DevTycoon 2 might be inspired by game development sim games like “Game Dev Tycoon” and “Game Dev Story”, but it provides a very satisfying gameplay experience. Gameplay is not complicated and pixel graphics are superb to say the least.  

The concept is pretty different from other simulation/idle games and will surely appeal to those who want something different from the usual clicker games. Game development was never this exciting! 

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