Evil Hunter Tycoon: How to Reincarnate Hunters

Reincarnation is Evil Hunter Tycoon’s ascension system. In this basic guide we will learn how to reincarnate hunters and what are their advantages:   

When you “reincarnate” a hunter, he or she goes back to level 1. But their starting stats will be much higher than before. The reincarnation portal is located just beside the cave which spawns new hunters.  

Evil Hunter Tycoon: Reincarnation Portal

A hunter should reach level 100 first to start this process. Read these basic Evil Hunter Tycoon: Leveling Tips to know how to level up hunters fast.  

When a character reaches level 100, tap on him and the tap on “Reincarnation”, which can be found on the left side of “item”. It will take a few minutes to reincarnate a character.   

After the entire procedure is complete, you will notice that the hunter is now back to level 1. Tap on the “Hunters” tab and then tap on the character you just reincarnated. You will see his initial attributes stats are quite higher than before.  

You will need to reincarnate two characters to unlock Normal difficulty. Please note that only reincarnated hunters can battle monsters in Normal mode. if you have more hunters in your party and they haven’t been reincarnated yet, then they can’t fight monsters in higher difficulty levels. Read this Evil Hunter Tycoon: Training Ground Guide to know how to upgrade all hunters quickly to level 100.  

Note: The game has several difficulty levels or game modes, such as Normal, Hard, Expert, Nightmare etc. In each difficulty level, the items dropped by monsters also change. For example, In Easy difficulty level, the first difficulty level, monsters will drop linen cloth, but in Normal difficulty, monsters will drop woolen cloth, which can also be used to craft bandages to heal hunters. To request woolen cloth and other advanced materials in Normal mode, upgrade trading post to level 2. Similarly, to craft more advanced items, you will have to upgrade buildings such as Inn, Blacksmith, Infirmary etc. 

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