Evil Hunter Tycoon Leveling Guide: Tips to Level Up Fast

Characters gain EXP during combat. A character levels up when his/her EXP bar is full. You can check a character’s current level by tapping on the “Hunters” tab on the bottom of the screen and then tapping on the “info” button under his/her portrait. This short leveling guide will help you level up hunters fast in Evil Hunter Tycoon:  

Move to the easiest monster area – Invaded Land. Check out Guide to Evil Hunter Tycoon: Tips and Strategies to know how to prep up before fighting easy monsters in the Invaded land.  

Build the Bounty Hut. Complete quests mentioned in the Bounty Hut to receive more EXP than normal. Tap on the Bounty Hut.

In Evil Hunter Tycoon, Bounty Hut is where you can give quests to hunters.

Next, tap on a quest. Select the best high-level hunters and then tap on “Give Quest”. You will not only receive bonus gold upon quest completion, but also obtain more EXP and gold during combat.  

Choose characters to start a quest.

Example: Under “Small” difficulty mode in the Bounty Hut, killing 15 young Lycans will grant x2 gold and x2 EXP upon completion. Note the amount of EXP you will be earning. It’s double the amount you would normally earn during non-quest battles.  

There will be various quests, such as killing a certain number of Young Orcs or Young Lycan. Also, the quests are categorized into several difficulty levels – Small, Medium, Large and Grand. Each difficulty level will allow players to hunt for a greater number of enemies to get more gold and EXP. You will have to upgrade the Bounty hut to unlock higher difficulty-level quests. Check the building upgrade requirements on the bottom of the quest screen.  

Example: To unlock medium-difficulty level quests, upgrade townhall to level 7 and only then you will be able to upgrade the bounty hut. Under medium difficulty, you will be completing bigger quests, such as killing 45 Lycans instead of 15 and upon killing you will get x1.8 gold and x1.8 EXP. Obviously you will earn more EXP in Medium quests than Small quests since the number of Lycans to kill be higher.  

Those were a few basic tips for leveling up fast. You might be interested in Evil Hunter Tycoon: Training Ground Tips to know how to reach level 100 fast. 

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