Guide to Bistro Heroes: Tips and Strategies

Team Tapas have done it again! They have created another cute RPG with an all-female hero league. Anime lovers will just adore the visuals of this game.  

Bistro Heroes combines idle, role-playing and restaurant sim genres. You will craft dishes, which are sold automatically to customers for getting gold. Battles are automated, but you will have control over each hero’s skills. You must time their skills to deal massive damage to enemies, immobilize minions and defend your party from a boss’s special ability that can temporarily disable skills.  

Bistro Heroes Guide

Along with crafting delicious dishes, you will also be making furniture items to decorate your town. The game allows a complete makeover of the Bistro, where you craft recipes and also lets players place charming décor and totems that can increase hero abilities.  

In Bistro Heroes, battles can be fun, but you must choose the right characters, upgrade their weapons, improve stats to make them stronger and increase stats. Our beginner-level tips and strategies will help you get started in this amazing idle role-playing game. 

Line up your Heroes 

When combat begins, all heroes will be positioned close to each other. This isn’t the ideal formation for battle as enemies will appear on both sides and launch an AoE attack which could hurt them all at once. This is where lining up our heroes can help you defeat enemies fast.  

To line up characters during combat, press and drag the screen. You will see vertical dotted lines and tiny hero icons above them while dragging.  

Lining up heroes
Lining up heroes: Check the dotted lines when dragging them across the battle screen

Lining up lets you spread your heroes across the battle screen. This helps especially when enemies start attacking them from both sides. Lining up also helps you avoid being attacked by enemies that can unleash AoE (Area of effect) skills. AOE skills deal the most damage to all heroes if they are placed close to each other. 

However, you should always pay attention to the position of your enemies. During boss battles, a large boss may appear only on one side of the battle screen. You will have to decide what’s the perfect lineup to attack an enemy during boss battles. Should you group heroes together or spread them across the screen as minions will also appear while your party fights boss.   

Bistro Heroes has awesome anime-like graphics, but have you played Immortal Reborn?While it’s a text-based role-playing game, it’s pretty engaging. If you are a fan of Diablo, then you must play this game.

Get Rid of Minions First 

Sometimes, minions provide buffs to bosses. They quite a nuisance when you are fighting a large enemy. You should take care of those minions that strengthen the abilities or health of their bosses.  

Add heroes that can slow down movement of enemies. Tiny minions move fast, and so you must first cripple their movement to stop them from moving towards their boss. The best way to do this is to use Fondue’s “Entangle” skill. Her skill immobilizes enemies. Make sure you have this character in your team.  

Other characters, such as “Espresso” can also be of some help as her “Electro Shock” skill. It stuns the target for a few seconds.  

How to Craft Recipes  

You will unlock various lip-smacking recipes when you beat certain battle stages in the story mode. Once you unlock a new recipe, you can start making it from the crafting menu. You will need ingredients to craft a dish. Obtain them from various battle stages.  

Once you have the required ingredients, tap on the chef’s hat on the bottom-left corner of the screen.  

Under menu, you will see “Sold Out” under unlocked recipes. You will have to craft them first before selling them for gold.  

Tap on a recipe that has a yellow exclamation mark. A yellow exclamation mark suggests that you have the required ingredients to craft that dish.  

Recipes and crafting menu

Set the number of dishes you want by moving the slider to the right and tap on the yellow “craft” button on the bottom-right side of the menu.  

You can also tap on the “Max Craft” button. The game will use all ingredients to craft that recipe. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this option as one type of ingredient may be used in more than one recipe. If you use up all mushrooms to make the cheese mushroom biscuit, then you won’t be able to craft the Butter Seared Scallop recipe as it also uses mushrooms.  

Once crafted, dishes will be sold automatically. Each dish has a certain “sale time”. Tap on a dish to view the time taken for selling it. It’s shown on the right side of the menu, beside the word “Recipe”.  

The selling price of a dish is shown just beside the time taken to sell it. You will receive gold when a dish is sold.  

Since the game sells dishes automatically, you won’t have to worry. Use the gold to upgrade weapon/armor or level up dish capacity.  

Improve All Dishes Sale Speed  

Like I said earlier, it takes some time to sell a dish. To decrease the time, tap on the “Upgrade” button, swipe left until you find “Improve Turnover Rate”. Use gold to improve all dishes sale speed.  

You will have to clear a certain stage after maxing out the improve turnover rate upgrade. After clearing that stage, you can start increasing all dishes’ sale speed by a certain percentage.  

Polish Weapons and Level Up Armor 

This should be done at regular intervals because you will face tougher enemies when you progress to a new battle stage in the story mode.  

With a higher ATK and HP stats, it would be much easy for you to take down stronger monsters in a battle stage.  

Upgrade armor and weapon for all heroes

Tap on “Upgrade” and then tap on “Polish Weapons”. This will increase ATK (Attack) stats of all heroes by a certain percentage.  

Upgrading armor will increase the HP of all heroes in your party by a certain percentage. You will need gold to upgrade armor and weapons.  

Equip new Costumes to get Stats Boost 

Cute heroes in your party would surely don’t mind a costume change, especially when it increases some of their stats and makes them look prettier.  

To equip new clothes to a character, go to “Hero”. It’s right there on the bottom-left corner of the screen.  

Tap on the last tab (clothes). You will need clothes materials to equip new costumes to your heroes.  

Hero portraits at the bottom of the screen having an exclamation mark can be equipped with costumes.  

When you equip costume to a hero, you increase abilities of all heroes. Before equipping a costume, you can preview how it looks on your hero.  

You will obtain clothes materials from certain battle stages in story mode. Tap on story and the tap on a battle stage to find what materials/ingredients you will get under “Clear Rewards”. You may also get clothes materials from the fishing mini-game.  

Place Buildings and Décor for Ability Boosts 

Bistro Heroes also lets you refurbish the small medieval-style eatery by placing beautiful furniture items and decor of your choice.  

You will need wood to craft buildings/decor and place them on the home screen to boost hero abilities. Wood can be obtained from story mode battles and the fishing game.  

Tap on “Furniture”. You will see various tabs. The first one lets you change the look of the Bistro in the middle of the home screen. It offers various themes, such as tropical, witch, cafe style, school snack bar etc. The second one has a list of decor that can be placed on the foreground and third tab has a list of items that can be placed on the background.  

Every piece of furniture placed around the bistro not only makes the surroundings look beautiful, but also increases abilities of all heroes.  

Under Furniture, tap on each item to check stats boost shown on the right side of the screen. This stats boost will be applied to all heroes when a particular furniture item is crafted and placed near the Bistro. Themed stalls also grant stats boost.  

Increase Stamina Capacity and Recharge Speed  

In Bistro Heroes, you will consume stamina (lightning flash icon) when you win a battle or when you explore a previously completed battle mission in story mode.  

On the home screen, you will notice two tabs for stamina. The second tab, beside the total gold earned, displays reserve stamina.  

The reserve stamina is earned mostly by watching ads to get free stamina or by purchasing them using rubies/gems. Tap on the reserve stamina section to get free units of energy for your battles.  

Stamina earned from the fishing mini-game is also shown in the reserved section.  

The first stamina tab on the left side of the reserved one is recharged after every few minutes. In the beginning it may take hours to fully recharge stamina, but you can minimize the time taken to refill a single unit of stamina:  

Go to Upgrade and swipe left until you find “Expand Rest Area”. You may have to beat a certain story-mode battle stage to unlock this upgrade 

Stamina upgrades in Bistro Heroes

Each time you spend gold to purchase “Expand Rest Area”, you will increase the stamina recharge speed by a certain percentage. You will notice that the recharge time decrease considerably after each upgrade.  

You can also increase the max stamina capacity by upgrading the “Expand Supply Storage” in the upgrade menu.  

How to Find and Farm Missing Ingredients 

You are eager to make a dish that fetches more gold. But then the game displays “not enough ingredients” in the recipe menu. Don’t fret!  

You must find and collect those missing ingredients before you can craft/sell them. Farming ingredients for crafting recipes in Bistro Heroes is easy:  

Tap on the chef’s hat button on the lower-left corner of the screen.  

Now tap on the dish. Note down the ingredient’s icon on the right side of the menu. You will find similar icons on the bottom of the recipe menu.  

On the bottom of the screen, tap on the missing ingredient’s icon.  This will take you to the battle stage map screen.  

Find and farm missing ingredients

Start replaying battle stages that you have already completed to farm that ingredient. Tap on the stage icon on the map and then tap on the “Start Battle” button. Defeat monsters to get that ingredient. Note that you will consume energy after winning even when you replay a level.  

Tip: Keep playing the game until you unlock “Explore”. Now go back to previously played battle missions in story mode and tap on the green “explore” button.  

Exploration lets you obtain rewards without fighting enemies in that battle stage. You will have to spend energy to explore a battle stage.  

Pay Attention to Events 

You will see an event in progress on the top-right corner of your home screen. Tap on it to know more about the ongoing event. 

As of writing this Bistro Heroes guide, the current event is the “Cardboard Village”. Under this, you will get new clothes and furniture when you use the free summon. You will also get the x1o event coins per furniture obtained from the summon feature. 

Tap to collect shooting stars that fall in the town (home screen). Use these stars to purchase furniture and clothes in the event section.  

Use Crystals from Daily Dungeon to Improve Hero Ability 

The dungeon unlocks when you finish battle mission 4-2 in story mode.  

Tap “Dungeon” located on the lower-left corner of the screen.  

Tap on the Daily Dungeon.  

Check the battle effects on the left side of the info screen. These effects show the strengths of enemies/bosses you will encounter in the daily dungeon.  

Choose up to four heroes on the right side of the info screen and tap on “Start Battle”.  

Your team will auto battle enemies until all heroes are defeated. The bar on the top of the battle screen shows the amount of crystals you have won.  

Daily Dungeon Battle Mode

After the end of the daily dungeon battle, you will receive those crystals.  

Tap on “Hero” and then tap on the blue crystal tab in the hero info screen. 

Press the blue button to spend those crystals for increasing a hero’s stats, such as ATK and HP.  

Every time you spend crystals, you step up to a new upgrade level. Reach specific level targets to unlock huge ability and skill boosts of a hero. 

How to Catch Fish in Bistro Heroes 

You can unlock fishing as soon as you finish battle 3-2 in story mode.  

The game provides bait, with which you can catch fish to collect free stamina or different types of ingredients for crafting food dishes. The bait used for fishing will be recharged automatically each day.  

Start playing the fishing mini game when you have used up all stamina or you want ingredients to craft dishes.  

There are two ways to catch fish in Bistro Heroes:  

Manually by playing a mini-game 

Automatically after waiting for a few seconds.  

Tap on the fish and bait icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen.  

When the fish takes the bait, a yellow bar appears on the screen. Now tap the screen to open the mini-game.  

In the mini-game, you will have to bring the fish to the center by tapping on the directional arrow opposite of her direction. So, if the fish is moving towards the left, tap on the right arrow and vice-versa.  

Catching Fish
Baiting Fish

In this mini-game, you will notice another yellow gauge. This gauge decreases faster when the fish moves farther away from the middle section.  

You will have to make sure the fish remains in the center as long as possible and the yellow gauge does not become empty. 

The manual fishing mini-game might be complicated for many players, which is why I recommend catching fish automatically. Here’s how to auto fish:  

 – When the character throws the bait, wait for the yellow gauge to appear on the screen.  

 – Now wait for the gauge to decrease completely. Once it does, the character uses bait catches fish automatically.  

 – Bait is recharged automatically every 24 hours.  

You can also turn on “Sleep Mode” while catching fish in Bistro Heroes.  

In the fishing screen, tap on the orange sleep button located on the upper-right hand side corner of the screen.  

In sleep mode, the screen goes black but you can hear environmental noise (sea waves, throwing bait, splashes of water etc.) and the notification sound each time she catches fish. She will continue catching fish in the background. Just swipe up/down to turn of sleep mode.  

Tap “Return to town” to get your rewards and go back to the home screen.  

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