Guide to Evil Hunter Tycoon: Tips and Strategies

Super Planet’s Evil Hunter Tycoon is an excellent role-playing game with town management elements. It lets you oversee a town destroyed by the evil Dark Lord, construct buildings and recruit hunters to battle monsters at the “hunting grounds”.  Developers have recently launched another game named Raising Archangel. It’s an idle RPG and very addictive!

The game will remind you of Merchant RPGs, where you will have to craft materials and sell them to hunters. You will also have to purchase materials from them.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Monsters drop valuable materials which hunters collect. Purchase those materials from them and then use the same materials to craft items for heroes. You can then sell those items (bandages for healing, weapon and armor) to hunters at a good price. Read our Evil Hunter Tycoon Review to get more information about this game.  

When the game begins, the cave spawns hunters to battle monsters. Initially, you will only have a few hunters, so assigning them to three different monster locations won’t be a great idea. When you start out with a handful of mercenaries, the best strategy would be to focus on only one area. You can begin with the “Invaded Land”. In this area, monsters are easier to defeat than monsters in the Land of the Dead and Land of the Fallen. This basic beginner tactics guide might be helpful if you have just started playing Evil Hunter Tycoon:  

Heal Hunters Using Linen Bandage 

Make sure all hunters are at 100% maximum health. Heal them in the infirmary. Stock up on linen bandage in the Infirmary and have enough linen cloth. If you don’t have them, request linen cloth via the Trading Post and if a hunter has a bunch of them, he she will happily sell it you.

Linen cloth is one of the easiest purchasable materials in Easy difficulty mode. Defeated monsters drop several materials, including linen cloth. You just have to request a certain number of cloth and get them if a hunter sells them to you. 

If you can’t get linen cloth, just use Elementals to produce linen bandage. You can make 1 linen bandage using 150 elementals.

Use Elementals to craft linen bandage.

This is a temporary solution if no hunter has collected linen cloth and everyone has gathered around the infirmary. You can tap on floating orbs to acquire elementals. When you are not playing, you will keep collecting elementals.  

Equip Powerful Weapons and Armor to your Heroes 

You will need these buildings to craft and sell weapons and armor to hunters – Blacksmith, Weapon Shop and Armor shop.  

Craft weapons in the Blacksmith

Craft a weapon or armor at the blacksmith and they will automatically be displayed in the weapon and armor shop respectively. You will have to sell these items to a hunter. To do this, tap on a hunter > item > purchase equipment > weapon or armor. The hunter will go to the respective shops.

Weapons crafted in the blacksmith will be displayed in the weapon shop.

When the hunter reaches the shop, tap on the icon above him. In the “Sell weapon” page, tap on “Suggest”. The hunter will decide whether to purchase or not. If he purchases, you will get gold. Make sure you have the required materials to craft a weapon or armor. If there are any materials missing, then you can request them via the Trading post.  

Check the weapon’s info to know which character class can equip it. Tap on the blacksmith and then tap “Craft” under a weapon’s portrait. At the top it will be written “Berserker-only” or “Ranger-only”, which means the weapon can be equipped only to a certain class.  

Next check each character’s info via the “Hunters” tab. This will give you enough information about their class and the current weapon equipped to them. You must know each hunter’s class before crafting weapons for them as each class requires a specific weapon.  

Teach Skills to Hunters  

Additionally, you can teach skills to your hunters to increase certain attributes, such as evasion, damage etc. Build the Academy and then tap on a hunter.

Teach or upgrade skills to heroes in the Academy

Next, “Learn” > “Skill”. The hunter will move to the Academy. Tap on the scroll icon above him. You will have to teach a skill to a hunter. You will get gold for teaching a skill, but check his gold balance before teaching.  Hunters collect gold dropped by defeated monsters.  

There is an easy way to reach level 100 fast. Our guide will help you do this pretty quick:  

Grind for Crafting Materials in the Invaded Land 

Invaded Land is the easiest monster-hunting area. You must move all your heroes to this area if you are looking to stock up on several important materials for crafting items, bandages, weapons and armor.  

Heroes move on their own unless you command them to move to a particular area. Tap on a hunter and then tap on “move” > “invaded land”. Do this for all hunters. Moving all hunters to a single area will ensure better kill rate. Many times, heroes assist each other in defeating a monster. A ranger and berserker or paladin will start attacking a single monster, killing it almost instantly. Try to deploy a mix of ranged and melee hunters to defeat more monsters.  

Hunters will return to town in case they need healing, rest or food, but they will go back to the invaded town once their demands are met. Make sure you follow all above steps in this guide if you want to gather a lot of crafting materials early on.  

Heroes gain EXP while battling monsters. The more monsters they fight, the more EXP they will gain. You can check a hero’s XP bar by tapping on “Hunters” and then tapping on “Info” under each character.  

You might be interested in reading Evil Hunter Tycoon Leveling Guide if you want to level up heroes fast.  

How to Increase Hunter Capacity 

You may have noticed that there’s a cap on the number of hunters that can be spawned from the cave. Beyond that, you can’t summon more hunters. You will have to banish the present one if you want summon another. To do this tap on a hunter and then tap on “Manage > Banish”.  

If you don’t want to banish the current ones and increase hunters in Evil Hunter Tycoon, you must construct the House. This will increase the max hunter capacity of the town, allowing you to summon more hunters.  

Tap on the House to increase the hunter limit. You can upgrade it using gold and Rubies to increase the max cap or limit of hunters by 4 or more.  

To get Rubies, you must unlock Normal mode and then upgrade the Trading post to Normal. You can then request hunters to sell rubies to you.  Upgrade requirements are always mentioned on the bottom of the window that appears when you tap on a building. To know how to increase difficulty to Normal, read Evil Hunter Tycoon: How to Reincarnate Hunters.  

Get Elementals to Summon More Heroes  

Once you have increased hunter capacity, it’s time to summon them. You will need “Hunter Invitation” to summon heroes. You will get two from Daily attendance rewards so make sure you play the game every day to claim your rewards.  

Tap to collect elemental orbs.

The other way is to use elementals for summoning or inviting heroes in Evil Hunter Tycoon. You can collect elementals by tapping on orbs floating in and around the Invaded Land, Land of the Dead and Land of the Fallen. The game keeps collecting elementals for you even when you are not playing.  

Once you have collected elementals, tap on the Shop tab. Next, tap on the Bonus tab under Shop. Spend 800 elementals to purchase a Random purple invitation.  

To invite a hunter, tap on storage > special and then tap on the invitation scroll. Next, tap on “Use”. 

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