Guide to TV Empire Tycoon: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

From running a small TV station to becoming a big media conglomerate, TV Empire Tycoon gives you the opportunity to be the next big Media Moghul. Codigames’ latest idle game lets you manage a television studio, where you will be running shows of all kinds, from newscasts and cooking shows to reality shows.  

You will be managing a staff of presenters, camera operators, technicians, engineers who work 24/7 behind the scenes, makeup artists and many more. It’s a full-fledged television network where you will be looking after their paychecks, making sure employees needs are met and avoiding strikes. Your goal is to earn maximum profits from advertising and show broadcasts while ensuring that there are no delays and unhappy employees.  

With the help of these TV Empire Tycoon tips, tricks and strategies, you will learn how to increase profits and avoid show delays. You will also learn more about unassigned employees, celebrities and starred presenters.  

How to Broadcast a Show 

Whether it’s a newscast or cooking show, you can’t start a television show in TV Empire Tycoon if you don’t have the required equipment and staff. Simply speaking, filming won’t start if you don’t have the necessary staff assigned to a show. Let’s take the example of a news show:  

TV Empire Tycoon broadcast room
The broadcasting room menu

To start a news show, you will first need to have a slot open for a news anchor a have a camera installed. You can find them in the “improvements” tab. Tap a production or broadcast room and you will find this tab on the top of the info screen.   

Next, you will have to hire an anchor and a camera operator. Tap on the “Staff” button next to the improvements section and then tap on the assign button to hire a presenter and camera operator.  

As you progress, you will unlock new networks and better-quality shows that require more than just a camera operator and a presenter. Make sure you check each equipment in the improvement section and employees in the staff section and hire employees from staff’s vacant section.  

New from Codigames:

Starred Characters can be Fussy 

Characters with stars, be it a celebrity or a star presenter/anchor, provide special bonuses, such as a permanent increase in total income by a certain percentage. They also provide additional bonuses if assigned to the right show. You can acquire starred characters from “Daily Prizes” or purchase them using golden diamonds from the shop menu.  Make sure you play the game every day to claim your daily prize.  

Pay attention to a starred character’s designation. The first character that you will get for free will be granny, who is a cooking show host. You will get her on the fifth day under daily prizes. You will have to build a cooking show room and then assign granny to get additional bonuses.  

Characters with stars always have a special dressing room, so you will have to explore your building to find the special dressing room slot. In the very first television station/network, you will find a series of dressing room slots next to the Break room. Tap on the big plus symbol to know which starred characters will fit in a dressing room. You will need cash to build a dressing room for starred characters.  

Build one if you don’t want to make them lose temper and go on a strike. Starred characters get angry pretty quickly and lose happiness level faster if they don’t get their own dressing room. Here are some more tips to avoid strikes in TV Empire Tycoon.  

Max Out Profit Boosts 

If you want to double in-game advertising profits and regular TV show broadcasting profits, then just go to the Boost Profits section. Tap on the play button on the bottom of the screen, watch a short video and increase profits. Watch a video and double your income for 10 minutes. Watch 6 videos, and you will max out profit boost. All income will be doubled for 1 hour.  

How to get Energy 

In TV Empire Tycoon, you will need energy for certain upgrades in the makeup room, broadcast room and the break room. Energy or power has a blue lightning symbol.  

Energy is needed to purchase and improve the coffee machine/vending machine in the break room, makeup tables in the makeup room, control console and server racks in the control room and spotlight, news screen and other objects in the news broadcast/production room. As you unlock more rooms, certain objects will require energy if you want to improve them.  

Upgrade generator and batteries to get more energy

The best way to get energy is to build and improve the power generators/batteries in the “Electricity and Maintenance Room”. Each time you improve the generator and battery, you obtain certain units of energy. Always check the blue energy symbol on the upper-right corner of the screen to see how may units you currently have.  

A TV Show Shouldn’t Have Unassigned Employees 

Whether it’s a daily news or a cooking show, you won’t be able to broadcast a television show if you don’t have all employees and the necessary equipment assigned to it.  

Moreover, your show value will decrease if you have unassigned employees for that show, despite placing the necessary equipment.  

Take the example of a newscast – you will need a camera, a camera operator, a slot for a presenter and a presenter to start a show. If you don’t have all these, then you won’t be able to begin a show.  

Once you start a newscast with a presenter and camera operator, you may want to expand your current show by hiring additional employees. Maybe you want another news presenter and a camera operator to increase the show value/income?  

You go ahead and purchase a camera, but do not hire a camera operator. Without an operator, the game will warn you of “unassigned employees”. There will be a floating icon above the show indicating that you haven’t assigned an employee  

If you continue with the broadcast without an additional camera operator, then there will be an unassigned employees’ penalty and some amount will be deducted from the show’s income. You can check the deductions under show value after the show gets over. Tap the broadcast/production room to check the show value.  

To make sure you have assigned all anchors/camera operators to a show, tap on the production/broadcast room (newscast or other room that broadcasts a television show), and then tap on the “Staff” tab next to the “Improvements” section.  

You will see a vacant slot under staff. Tap on the “assign” button to hire an employee. You have successfully assigned an employee to that show. In the next broadcast, there won’t be any deductions under show value. 

Obtain Grants  

Grants or bonus cash appear at regular intervals. A briefcase icon will show up in the right side of the screen. Tap it and then press the “video” button to watch a 30-sec video. You will get bonus money once you finish watching the ad.  

How to Avoid Show Delays  

“Show delay” is one of the penalties in TV Empire Tycoon. The other two are “unhappy employees” and “unassigned employees “. You can see these penalties when you tap on the production/broadcast room.  

Show delay penalty.
Show delay penalty

A television show gets delayed when an anchor/presenter or a camera operator arrives late at the show. Any live show will be paused if a presenter or a camera operator does not arrive on time, just when the show goes live (check show schedule by tapping on the audience share button on the upper-left corner of the screen). When a show is paused, an hourglass icon will appear on the room.  

A show paused because of an employee arriving late.
Hourglass icon indicates a paused show

Delays usually happen early in the morning, before the first show. This is just before employees check in.  

Here are a few reasons for show delays:  

 – Every morning, all presenters and camera operators check-in at the “Reception”. The receptionist has to follow some formalities to let all presenters and camera operators in, which is why it takes some time for all employees to enter the TV studio building. The circle above a receptionist shows she is taking some time before she lets in a presenter/camera operator.  

 – The presenters will then have to reach the makeup room. The Makeup artist will take some time to finish his/her job. Once this is over, the presenter will then go to the production room where the show will be recorded live.  

 – Checking in at the reception and then getting the makeup done can take a lot of time, especially when you have hired several presenters and camera operators. This is one big reason behind show delays.  

The best way to avoid delays is to max out every improvement in the reception and the makeup room. This will allow them to work faster. Tap on the reception, the front most room in the building and max out improvements of “Reception Work Space”, “Reception Desk” and Décor. This will ensure receptionists sign in all presenters and camera operators at a much faster rate than before.  

Do the same for the makeup room. Max out all improvements in the makeup table, makeup cart and décor. Makeup artists will do their job faster.  

Remember delays happen when there are more anchors and camera operators. Upgrading everything in the reception and the make room is the best bet to avoid delays.   

Employees on strike can also delay broadcast. A striking employee will shout at the streets and won’t come back to the show until you pay him/her bonus.  

Increase Advertising Revenue from the Control Room 

You will earn advertising revenue every hour. You can increase the hourly revenue by purchasing and improving tech stuff in the “Control Room”.  

Tap the control room and build the control console. You will also have to hire the engineer, who does the backend stuff soon after a TV show gets over. When you upgrade the console controls, you increase the hourly advertising revenue. The hired engineer also provides bonus cash every time he completes the show production soon after a daily show goes live. Have more engineers and control consoles to increase earnings.  

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  1. Hi, I don’t know which host good for each tv show? Except for granny and the weather guy of course in the stars are good to get the 100 happy I changed a few times and my stars still not happy.

    • The apple suggests he wants food. Food is available at the vending machine in the break room. Upgrade the break room to dispense food fast. Make sure you have more than one janitor to fill food in the vending machine at regular intervals and repair it when it gets damaged.

  2. I have all my makeup room and receptions maxed out but my cooking show still has a delay. I don’t understand most everything is maxed out. Is it because I have “Angry chef” as one of my cooking presenters?

  3. I’ve got a 100% rating for all three channels so have nothing else to do. The game has been saying ‘new channel coming soon’ for the whole of the pandemic! Is a new one coming?? If not, I’ll free some space up by deleting the game.

    • Please send a message to the developers at Codigames. Here’s the link –

  4. I am having the same problem that I got a 100% rating for all three channels and the game says ‘new channel coming soon’. The game seems to be stuck. I have opened a ticket at the support link posted. I also suggest you post the solution in the FAQ


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