Guitar Girl Guide – How to Get More Likes

Getting likes and followers for a social media channel can be tough in beginning. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get them in the first year. Even our first-timer Guitar Girl knows this, and that’s why she is nervous. But thanks to her friend Joy, getting likes and followers is just a tap away. Follow these tips, tricks and strategies to get more likes.  

Level Up: The simplest way to increase likes per tap is to level up Guitar Girl. As you already know, you gain likes each time you tap the screen. When you level up, you increase likes/tap.  

Unlock and Upgrade Followers: You will need likes to unlock new followers. Once you have enough likes, get a follower and level him/her up. Having followers will let you gain likes automatically. The higher their level, the more automatic likes you will receive.  

Bonuses from followers: You will get bonus gift boxes every 25 levels from your followers. When you get one, just tap on the gift box that appears on your follower’s portrait and increase that follower’s likes by x2. Basically, you can double the automatic likes received from a follower by accepting a bonus gift from him/her.  

Bonus from the Girl: Guitar Girl also provides bonuses every twenty-five levels. When you get one, tap on the gift box to double the manual likes received per tap.  

For exampleIf the current likes/tap is 1.078C, and you have received a bonus gift, when you claim the gift, the likes doubles, increasing to 2.157C/tap.  

Level Up New Songs: Once you unlock the “music” tab, start leveling up the first song to double all manual and automatic likes. You can also unlock new songs using likes. Songs have a cooldown of certain hours before they can be played automatically again.  

Note: To unlock a new song, make sure you unlock a follower. Certain songs require a particular follower. For example, the Not Lonely Song requires players to unlock the “Quiet Upperclassman” Follower, who can be obtained once you acquire 16.306C or more likes.  

Get a New Guitar: Yes, you can increase all likes (likes per tap and automated likes) by acquiring a new guitar. You will need pink colored “milk chocolates” to purchase one.  

Obtain pink chocolates from the login event (play the game daily to get login event rewards), “Star Pass” and encore gifts. A high-level song in the music tab ensures more encore gifts from followers, so keep leveling up songs to get these gifts. Get stars from simple tasks, such as tapping the screen, getting encore gifts etc. Now tap on the big star on the right side of the screen to claim your star rewards.  

Get Pink chocolates from the login event

Double Offline Earnings: Guitar Girl’s followers keep liking her music even when you are not playing. Once you open the app, you will be greeted with offline rewards. Instead of tapping on the “receive” button, tap on “Watch ad” to get two times the normal offline rewards. You will have to watch a 30 second ad to get double likes.  

Get Free Likes: You can obtain lots of likes instantly by watching an advert. Just tap on the “Shop” tab in the bottom of the screen and watch a 30-sec ad to get free likes.  

Skills Boost Likes: You will unlock a skill when you reach a certain level in the Guitar Girl tab. A skill boosts likes/tap or grants instant likes, but for a short period of time. Take the example of “Shining Heart” – When you unlock this skill, it will rapidly auto tap a certain number of times per second for several seconds or minutes. There’s also “Heartful Song”, which grants bulk likes per tap instantly.  

After unlocking, you will need brown chocolates to purchase a skill. Get them from the trophy section (achievements and daily missions). You can also get them from the login event and periodic events that show up on the right side of the screen.  

Last Updated on November 24, 2020 by Jude

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