How to Increase Happiness in Tap Civilization

One of your main responsibilities is to keep your villagers happy and content. This is measured by Happiness points in Tap Civilization.  

Check if your villagers are “Happy” in the “Population” tab. Tap on the happy person’s portrait to check the happiness points required and the points owned by you currently.  

Increase happiness in Tap Civilization

Check out the above screenshot. To your right are the points required and to the left are the points owned.  

The gauge in the middle shows the percentage increase in happiness. If it’s in green, then you are good to go and there’s nothing more to do.  

The percentage is calculated based on the points required and owned. If the points required are 777, and if the gauge shows 63 percent as in the screenshot, it means that the points you own are 63 percent higher than the points required. To achieve 100 percent happiness, you will have to score at least 1350-1400.  

To main a higher happiness percentage, follow these simple tips:  

The happiness points requirement increases due to excessive population and dead bodies or souls of your troops. Souls lower those points, thereby decreasing the percentage.  

To lower the soul count, tap on battle > army and then tap on “Soul” below “battle lineup”. Tap on the -1 button to release souls so as to not decrease happiness. Souls pile up when your troops die during battle.  

You will need faith to decrease or “release” souls. You can earn faith during battle. Faith is usually earned when you have completed an era and are moving to a new era. Start your battle in the new earn to earn faith points.  

To know more about battles, civilization attributes, great people and gene bottles, do read:  

The two best ways to increase happiness points are earning luxuries and increasing the “Art Level”.  

You can get luxury items from the spoils of battles or from hunting animals. Check all luxury items under menu > luxuries. I received the rare rabbit foot while hunting the rabbit. I got Cat and Pineapple from battle rewards. Each luxury item increases happiness points.  

To increase the Art level, you should first head straight to “Civilization”, which is located on the top-left corner of the screen.  

Tap on the art icon (paintbrush and color palette) to check how many attribute points are still needed to level up Art. When you upgrade/level up Art, you will gain extra happiness points.  

To get attribute points for leveling up arts, you will have to reach the population target shown under your current “Village” status. You will earn random points which will be allocated to any one attribute once you reach the population target.  

Another way to get art attribute points is to summon Great People and perform genetic modification to increase their attributes. A great person’s attributes are the same as your civilization attributes, namely Art, Military, Politics, Economy and Science. To perform genetic modification, you will need gene bottles.  

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