How to Obtain and Redeem Coupon Codes in Bistro Heroes

Previously named Heroes Restaurant, Bistro Heroes is the newest role-playing game with restaurant sim elements. Some in-game features will remind you of idle RPGs. Your party will fight enemies automatically. You can craft recipes; decide the number of dishes you can sell and all dishes will be sold automatically.  

Like most mobile games, Bistro Heroes allows players to enter coupon codes for prizes. Tap on the two horizontal bars on the top right-hand side corner of the screen. 

Enter coupon code
This is the Game Menu

Under “System”, press the “Enter Coupon” button and type in the coupon number. The code is sixteen digits long. Next, press the “Receive Code” button. If the code you have entered is correct, you will get your prize.  

There’s some confusion as to what purpose these codes serve, but we can assume that they might be used to redeem prizes – could be clothes, furniture items or gems.  

How to Obtain Codes? 

Bistro Heroes was launched globally a month ago. Currently, the weekly coupon code feature is missing, but we are sure it will be added in future updates. Keep an eye on announcements. Go to menu > system and tap on the announcement button for updates.  

You can also bookmark developer Team Tapas’ Facebook page and Twitter account for updates. Tap on the social media icons on the right side of the system tab in the menu to go directly to these pages 

The best way to stay updated about codes is to go to the Reddit Community for Bistro Heroes.  

We will update this post if we find any news about coupon codes.  

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