Idle Barber Shop Tycoon Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon is the latest game from Codigames. It’s quite different from other games by the same developer. You might want to read our review to know what’s new and unique about this game.  

You will be managing a small barbershop. Your character inherits this shop from his grandfather and aspires to oversee the best salon in the city.

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon

The protagonist, Mike Freshcut (pun intended by the developers), starts small, from a single chair and gradually adds more chairs, employees and décor to attract customers. As you progress, you will not only unlock furniture, employees, new styles, but also unlock stories, such as the protagonists’ love life, employee background and tidbits, stories of his arch enemies and well-wishers and many more.

There’s so much to do in Idle Barber Shop Tycoon! These tips, tricks and strategies will help you increase your earnings, unlock more hair styles, make the most of boosters, get bonus reputation points and obtain hearts to unlock employee stories.

How to Play

Customers will arrive at your barber shop to get their haircuts and beards. Your character will attend a client near the desk. A callout will appear above the client asking if a certain hair or beard style is available. A similar callout above your character’s head will have a green tick below the same hair/ beard cut, suggesting that yes they are available.

Hair cut is available
Yes, Sir. That Haircut is available.

Your character will then escort the customer towards the chair where he will provide hair or beard cutting service as per the customer’s demand.

Press the green stamina button to speed up his service. He will perform faster if you tap on the green button repeatedly. Notice the green circle above the customer filling up much faster when you press the stamina button.

Don’t make customers wait. If there are 2-3 customers waiting for their turn, then one of them may be angry and leave your salon in haste.

Avoid angry customers
Angry Clients

There is a reason why the stamina button has been added to this game, to speed up haircuts and beard styling. If there are more than 2 customers waiting, you must use the stamina button to perform your services faster so that customers don’t have to wait for long.

The big green stamina button in the middle of the screen lets you speed up services. But it also depletes a bit every time you press it. If you press the button rapidly for a few seconds, stamina will deplete fast. Thankfully, the stamina gauge refills automatically over a period of time.

After the haircut and beard cut is done, a happy customer will pay money. The money paid by the customer depends on the hair/beard cutting style. Some styles fetch more money than the other. You will unlock more styles when you reach a certain reputation value.

Along with money, you will also earn reputation (rep), which is denoted by purple stars. The purple bar on the top-right corner of the screen is the reputation gauge. Each time you earn reputation from happy customers, the purple bar fills up.

Reputation plays a crucial role in this game. Filling the rep bar unlocks new stories, features, chairs and employees. On certain rep values, you will

Tap on the chair to upgrade it. You will have to upgrade both haircuts and beard sections in the chair upgrade to raise earnings.

Upgrade Chairs

You can upgrade a chair to increase the hair and beard cutting/styling fees by a certain percentage. Tap on the chair > furniture upgrade.

Level up chairs

Under furniture upgrade, you will see two sections: Haircuts and Beards.

Leveling up the haircut section increases the overall haircutting price by a certain percentage.

When you press the upgrade button, you will notice the green bar slowly filling up. Keep upgrading to fill the green level bar completely and get a big earnings boost, percentage-wise when the bar fills up.

Do the same for the beard section. Press the upgrade button and fill the green bar to get a big boost in beard earnings.

Under haircuts and beards, only the first upgrade will be unlocked. For the rest, you will have to keep upgrading the first sections under both the beard and hair menu to unlock them.

Level up Furniture to get Various Buffs

Certain furniture items, such as the hot towel stand and the reception desk, provide useful buffs that will help you progress through the game faster. Keep playing the game to collect reputation points and unlock these items when you reach a certain reputation value.

Press the magnifying glass icon on the left side to know which furniture items can be upgraded.

To know which furniture item can be leveled up, tap on the arrow/magnifying glass icon on the lower-left corner of the screen. You will now see blue arrows above those items that can be upgraded.

Buffs differ from one item to the other. Leveling up the hot towel stand increases the reputation points received from customers by a certain percentage. Whereas upgrading the reception desk decreases hair and beard cutting time.

Furniture upgrade

Once you obtain 8000 rep points, you will unlock the coffee machine. Tap on this machine and upgrade it to enhance stamina and speed up the refill time of the energy. Energy or stamina is that green color button on the bottom of the screen. Tapping on it will speed up hair cutting and beard styling.

Types of Boosters and How to Use Them

There are 5 types of boosters in Idle Barber Shop Tycoon. They appear on the right side of the screen at regular intervals throughout the day:

Energy Boost (Green Battery icon): Pressing the stamina button in the middle of the screen decreases the gauge. You normally press the stamina button to speed up hair and beard cutting.

While the stamina refills automatically, it replenishes slowly. When you see the energy booster appear, use it only when your stamina gauge in the middle has replenished by 40 percent or less. The energy booster will instantly increase the stamina gauge to 100 percent.

Clients Boost (Taxi Icon): This booster brings in additional clients to your barbershop.

Money Boost (Wad of Cash): Grants extra money. Appears several times during the day when you are playing.

Reputation Boost (Purple Star): Double the reputation points earned from customers for 5 minutes.

Extra Gems (Golden Diamond Icon): Grants bonus gems.

To activate a booster, you will have to watch a 30-second video.

Unlock and Activate New Styles

There are many hair and beard styles in this game. Each style is unique and fetches more fees than the other.

A new hair or beard style is unlocked when you collect a certain number of reputation points. After providing services, customers not only pay you but also give reputation points. Total points are displayed on the purple bar at the top of the screen.

When a new hair and beard style is unlocked, a tiny red exclamation mark appears on the scissors icon. This icon is located on the lower left corner of the screen.

Tap on the scissor icon and you will see an unlocked style under “Haircuts” or “Beards” section. A similar red exclamation mark will appear on the new style icon.

To activate an unlocked style, you will have to spend a one-time fee. This fee can be used from your total in-game earnings.

Always activate unlocked styles, else you will lose customers. Once a new haircut or beard style is unlocked, customers will request for them at the reception desk. If you haven’t activated that new style, your character won’t provide it as a service and the customer will leave your shop.

Style not available since that style has not been activated yet.
If a hair or beard style is unlocked but not activated yet, customers won’t get that style in your shop.

To activate, tap on scissors and then tap on the new style icon (it will have a green plus symbol). Press the green button (where the amount is mentioned) beside the style icon to spend in-game money. You have now activated it.

A new style, whether it’s a haircut or beard, fetches more money than the previous one. However, you can upgrade old and new styles to increase their fee.

Each style has a base money and base reputation. You can call it “starting fees” and “starting reputation points”. You can increase both base reputation and money by upgrading a style. You will need money to upgrade a style. There will be a green upward pointing arrow on a style, suggesting that an upgrade is available. Upgrade all such styles to increase the base money and reputation, this way you will earn more money and rep for those styles each time some customer demands it.

Promote Your Barbershop through Advertising

You can advertise to gain more customers per day. Here’s how to do it:

Tap on the television/loudspeaker icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. A new page named “advertising” will be displayed on the screen.

Under “Investment”, you can choose an amount of money to invest in your television campaign for your shop.

Promote your barber shop.

There are two green buttons under investment. Tap on the orange “+” button to add money, the more money you add, the more clients will arrive at your shop in a day. You can get a maximum of 24 clients in a day, if you spend 120000. The red minus button allows you to decrease your investment. Now if you don’t want to spend Rs. 120000 since you are low on funds, you can press this button to lower investment. This will also lower the number of customers per in-game day.

Next is the “Duration”. The default is 1 hour, so 24 customers will arrive in each in-game day for 1 hour ( real-world time).

You can increase it to +3 hours by watching a 30-sec advert. Duration has 4 slots, so you can increase the time to 12 hours (real-world) time by watching 4 adverts.

Add More Chairs and Hire Employees

You can add more chairs and hire additional employees to expand your barbershop into a plush salon. However, all these depend on your shop’s reputation (rep). You will have to reach a certain reputation milestone to unlock more chairs and employees.

The purple bar at the top-right corner of the screen shows your current rep points. Your character earns reputation points each time he finishes a hair cutting/beard service. Along with money, customers provide rep points.

How to get More Reputation Points

In Idle Barber Shop Tycoon, reputation points play a very important role. Here are some ways to increase rep points:

Upgrade Hair Cutting and Beard styles: You will unlock new hair cutting and beard styles when you reach a certain rep milestone. This will be a gradual process, so you need to jeep playing the game to earn rep points. The good news is that you can continue earning rep points even when you are not playing.

When a new hair cutting and beard style is unlocked, tap the scissor icon to activate it. I have explained this is detail in the “Unlock and Activate New Styles” section of this guide.

You can then upgrade the activated hair cutting style and beard style to increase the base reputation. So if a particular hair style, say “The Fade” has a base reputation of 2, it means that if a customer demands the fade hairstyle, he will give 2 rep points. You can increase the base rep points to 3 by upgrading “The Fade” hair cutting style. You will need in-game money to upgrade hair cutting and beard styles.

Reputation Booster: Keep an eye on the rep booster that appears on the right side of the screen. Various boosters slide on the right side at regular intervals. A rep booster has a purple star icon. Activate it and you will get double rep points for 5 minutes.

How to Get Hearts

Codigames have introduced stories in Idle Barber Shop Tycoon. This is quite unique for an idle game. Everyone, from the protagonist to his friends and foes, even the employees have a story of their own.

Employee stories are very interesting, it starts with the first employee Valora Kay. It seems like she is conspiring against you to take over your shop.

To know more about her and continue with Valora’s story, you will need hearts. This is a new concept in Idle Barber Shop Tycoon. Once more and more employees are unlocked, you will need hearts to unlock their stories as well. You will get employees from Shop > Staff Picks > Instant Camera Parties.

We will take Valora’s example to get hearts in Idle Barber Shop Tycoon:

You may well remember that you first employee Valora Kay was obtained from the Instant Camera Parties (ICM). You got this employee for free as your sister had free access to ICM.

You will need duplicate Valoras to obtain hearts. Duplicate employees can be obtained from the same ICM. However, you will need gems to get new employees.

Here are some ways to get gems:

Complete missions to get gems as rewards. Tap on the checkmark icon on the top-right corner of the screen to get a list of current missions. Complete them to get gems.

Look for the gem booster on the right side of the screen. It slides on the right side at regular intervals. Use or cancel any current booster that shows up on the right side of the screen to make way for new boosters. This way you will get fast access to the gem booster.

Don’t waste gems on other features. Save them only for hiring new employees. You might also have a chance of acquiring duplicate employees, which will allow you to get more hearts and unlock their stories.

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