Idle Courier Tycoon Guide: Tips and Strategies

Logistics theme is now part of the ever-growing idle game genre. In Idle Courier Tycoon, you will be managing a big automated warehouse where goods arrive, get sorted, packed and finally get delivered to people all over the world. 

As you increase earnings, you will be able to purchase more vans, packing machines and will also be able to improve the sorter for faster delivery of goods. Your warehouse keeps delivering goods to customers, at least for a couple of hours when you are offline.  

Idle Courier Tycoon

The journey from a small courier agency to an express giant is a long way, but with proper management, you can quickly become rich in Idle Courier Tycoon. Check out these tips and strategies. They will help you make proper decisions regarding upgrades and machines.  

Hit the Multiplier to Double Profits 

Like most idle games, idle Courier Tycoon lets you double your profits for a certain period of time. All you have to do is watch a short video and get x2 profits for an hour.  

The multiplier button is located on the bottom of the screen. The max time to earn double profits is six hours. You will have to watch 6 videos to reach max time.  

Use the Multiplier to Increase Revenue

There’s also a surprise gift waiting for you, but to get that, you will have to watch at least 3 videos. You will not only get x2 profits for straight three hours, but also a free box that contains bonus cash and new styles of a packing machine.  

Get Bonus Cash from the Mysterious Investor 

The mysterious investor has a surprise cash package for you. Just tap on the VIP button on the right side of the screen and watch an advert to get bonus cash.  

Mysterious Investor

The more the number of packing machines are purchased/upgraded, the higher will be the bonus cash invested in your company.  

Upgrade Packing Machine(s) and Train Employees 

As the name suggests, a packing machine has an automated system that packs goods before they are loaded to the truck for faster delivery.  

The packing machine is where you will earn a steady income. Once you build one, tap on a machine and then tap on the “upgrade” button.  

You will need cash to upgrade the machine. The packing machine generates cash each time the packed goods reaches the employee waiting at the end of the machines. Use the cash to upgrade it.  

Upgrading a packing machine

When you level up the packing machine, you not only increase the packing speed but also increase the earnings per minute. Faster packing ensures the goods reach the employees faster. The employees then transport the packed goods to the delivery truck.  

A packing machine also has another section named “Train Employee”. Upgrading it will also increase earnings per minute and packing speed.  

Want to manage a big Sports City? Here’s what you can do:

Get to a Machine’s Maximum Level  

In Idle Courier Tycoon, upgrade a packing machine to the max level. This will result into adding more employees to a packing machine or boosting your earnings per minute by x2 or x1.5  

Tap on a machine and you will see a level gauge just under stats. Tap on the upgrade button or train employee button to fill the gauge. This way, you can max out a packing machine’s level and get specific bonuses, such as earnings per minute boost by x2 or x1.5 or an additional employee that will ensure that goods are packed faster than before.  

Add more Terminals to the Sorter  

Building additional packing machines is futile if there are no terminals connected between the sorter and the machines.  

The sorter distributes goods to suitable packing machines. If you have built more than one packing machine, then you will need more terminals to connect between the sorter and the machines. This way, no packing machine will remain idle and you will earn from all machines. 

To modify sorter, you will first need to upgrade it to a certain level. That level will be mentioned above the green button in the modify section. Tap on the “Sorting Area” to check the level up requirements needed to modify sorter/add a new terminal.  

Upgrading the sorter has its own benefits. It decreases the “unloading time”. This means that the sorter will be fast enough to distribute goods to suitable packing machines.  

Pay Attention Stats to Know Poor Performing Machines 

Idle Courier Tycoon’s stats section can be accessed from the bar graph button on the upper-right corner of the screen.  

Under stats, you will notice key attributes, such as transport speed, sorting speed, packing speeds, unloading time and unpacked goods.  

The stats section gives you a clear picture of poorly performing areas in your warehouse.  

Stats Section

Pay attention to stats in red. If the packing speed is in red, this means that the machines are slow in packing goods. You will have to upgrade packing machines and employees and try to max out machine upgrades to add more workers, this will improve the stats and slowly the “packing speed” section will be in blue (good) or green (best) color.  

How to Transport More Goods  

The more goods are transported from the delivery van to the sorting area, the higher will be your earnings. It all depends on the transport speed of your vans, the number of vans unloading goods to the sorting area and their unloading speed.  

Higher stats ensure faster unloading of goods, which improves productivity and ultimately increases overall earnings of your logistics facility.  

The “Transit Area” is where vans deliver goods, which are then distributed to suitable packing machines via the sorter.  

Transit Area

Tap on the Transit area to do the following tasks:  

Upgrade Van: Increases the capacity of a van. The more goods a van carries, the more will be sorted and then packed on the packing machines. This will increase earnings.  

Buy Van: Increases the number of vans. The more vans you have, the more goods will be unloaded to the sorter. Make sure you also build a new unloading dock each time your purchase a van.  

Unloading Dock: The unloading dock connects to the sorter. If you have built an additional dock, a new link will be created between your new van and the sorter.  

With two or more unloading docks and an equal number of vans, more goods will be delivered to the sorter at the same time and increase the sorting speed. 

More from Developer Century Game:

Switch to a New Style for an Income Boost 

Did you know that you can change the design and look of your packing machines? This not only makes them look snazzier, but also boosts income.  

To get a list of new machine styles, tap on the arrow button, which can be found on the lower-right corner of the screen.  

New packing machines styles. Don't forget to upgrade them.

You will need 10 cards to get a new machine style. New styles unlock when you build a bigger logistics facility.  

You can get style cards from “style packages”. Tap on the “Get Styles” button.  

There are two packages – Free box and golden box. You can get packages and bonus money from the free box, but you will have to watch an advert to open it.  

To open the golden box, you will need to spend 100 gems. Golden box contains more cards and bonus earnings than the free box.  You can get gems by completing missions. Tap on the notepad on the upper-right side of the screen to get a list of missions and complete them to get your rewards.

You can also upgrade an older machine style. You just need 10 cards of the older machine style. Once you acquire those cards from packages, you can start upgrading the style for an income boost.  

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