Idle Mafia: Tycoon Manager Guide – How to Win Fights

Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager not only lets you take control of various shady businesses, but also drops you in the middle of several gang wars. Developed by Century Game, creators of Idle Courier Tycoon, this game lets players build their own team of stronger “capos” and fight rival gangs.

After the tutorial ends, you will be given two options to take a new business – “Fight” or “Buy”. We recommend choosing the second option. Many times, you may not afford to buy a business and will have to wait until you earn that much amount from other businesses to buy a new one. Also, fighting is the best option as it allows you to take a business without spending a dime. Here are some of the best ways to earn more cigars and win fights in Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager:   

How to Get Idle Mafia 2021 Gift Codes

The game’s official Facebook page is the best place to find Idle Mafia gift codes 2021. Here’s the FB page:

Just scroll down to find a new gift code.

Find Idle Mafia gift codes on the official Facebook page.

These codes usually expire within a day, but the developers update their pages with new gift codes at regular intervals.

To enter a gift code, tap on the player portrait on the upper-right corner of the game screen. An “info” page will be displayed on the screen. Tap on “Settings”. Next, tap on the “Gift Code” button below the Facebook connect button on the bottom of the info screen. A player has to reach level 4 to unlock the gift code option.

A Team Should Have High Fight Power  

Before choosing “Fight” to take a business, make sure you are ready for it. Combat is in real-time and largely depends on your gang’s total “fight power”. On the battle screen, your gang’s total fight power is shown on the top-left corner of the screen, whereas enemy gang’s power is shown on the top-right corner. Your gang’s power should be higher than enemy’s power. 

Tap on a new business and then tap on the “Take it with Fight” button. Check your gang’s total fight power. If it’s lower than the rival gang’s power, you will have to go back and upgrade each capo or gang member.  

Check the Color of the Fight Button  

You can easily find out whether you can win a fight by looking at the color of the “Fight” button. After tapping on “Take it with Fight” on a business building, pay attention to the background color of the Fight button. The color ranges from green to orange to red.  

Fight Mode in Idle Mafia: Tycoon Manager
Check the green fight button and the fire power of each teams

If it’s green in color, then chances of winning a fight is very high. The button turns green only when your gang’s fight power is higher than enemy gang’s fight power. You can recheck the top-right and top-left corners of the battle screen to know the power of each gang.  

If the fight button is orange, then there’s a 50-50 chance of winning that battle. You might win such battles if you have high-rarity characters, especially those who have damage-dealing skills. The first character in your gang, “Gianluca” has two deadly skills – Sniper, which deals a certain amount of damage to current enemy when his health is lower than 90 percent and “Bullet Spray”, which allows him to deal significant damage to all enemies when his target’s health is lower than 70 percent. You might get characters with passive attack/damage skills from the golden or mystery safe. You will need keys, which can be obtained from certain missions. 

The button changes to red only when your team is short of a capo. You must fill all empty slots with capos to change it to orange or red based on the team fight power.

Increase a Capo’s Fight Power  

To upgrade a gang member, tap on the “Capo” tab on the bottom of the home screen and then tap on a gang member’s card. Tap on the green upgrade button if you have enough cigars. You will need cigars to upgrade a capo. When you upgrade a capo, you not only increase his/her all-important power, but also other stats such as the income multiplier (comes into play when a capo is assigned to a matching business), and health (HP).  

How to Get Cigars  

The best way to get cigars in Idle Mafia: Tycoon Manager is to fight gang members in a separate game mode named “Cigar Fight”. Tap on the Fight tab on the bottom of the home screen and then tap on “Next Fight”. Check the reward under the Cigar fight button and then tap on the button to start a real-time battle with AI enemies.  

Tip: The “Fight” game mode keeps earning cigars when you are not battling enemies. Check out the max idle time on the fight screen. The max idle time is number of capos x 0.5 hours. Example: If you have unlocked 8 capos or gang members, the max idle time limit will be 4 hours (8 x 0.5).

Get cigars when you are not playing the fight  mode.
Idle Cigar Rewards

This means that if you are not engaged in a battle for four hours, the game will keep earning cigars for four hours at a stretch. The more capos you have, the higher the idle time for earning cigars. Tap on the “Fight” tab to claim idle cigar earnings.  

Another way to get cigars is by completing missions. Go back to the “Street”. Complete missions, such as upgrading taken buildings, collecting an X amount of cash or upgrading gang members. You will receive cigars upon completion of each mission. Missions are displayed on top of the home screen.  

How to get Capos  

In Idle Mafia: Tycoon Manager, you can acquire more capos (gang members) by opening safes. There are 4 safes – Free (Green), Golden, Mystery and Nations Safe.  

The Green safe can be opened for free and there’s a chance of obtaining rare, epic and legendary characters. Chances of getting rare characters from a free safe are more. You can open a free safe every 4 hours.  

Golden safe requires golden keys. You will get these keys from certain missions. Tap on Street and tap on each mission on the top of the screen to know which of them grants a golden key upon completion. Just like the free safe, the golden safe has a higher chance of granting a rare capo. If you want a guaranteed “Epic” capo, you will have to spend 300 gems to open the golden safe. Collect gems at the end of each street stage. You will obtain gems once you have completed the final mission of a street stage.   

Mystery (Blue) Safe: You can open this safe using a blue key or by spending 100 gems. Chances of earning blue keys from missions are rare, but you might get one when you finish the final mission of a street. You will get a guaranteed EPIC capo card from the mystery safe. 

Nations Safe: You will need a special blue/black key to open this. You can also open it by using 200 gems. In Nations safe, you can choose the nationality of a capo and then acquire an Epic or Legendary capo based on the nationality chosen (Italian, Japanese etc.). Chances of acquiring an Epic capo is very high.  

Get Keys and Gems from Pre-Registration Rewards 

If you have pre-registered for this game, then you will receive pre-registration gifts, such as x5 golden keys for the golden safe, x3 multiplier for incomes from all businesses (6 hour time limit), 100 gems, x5 blue keys for the mystery safe and a “Legendary Capo” that has a special battle-focused skill. Reach rank 5 and then tap on the portrait on the upper-left corner of the screen. Next, tap on “Mail” and then tap on the Claim button to get your pre-registration rewards. 

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