Idle Mania Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Idle Mania is an extremely addicting AFK RPG from NovaStar. The game shines with its eye-catching 3D low-poly graphics, endless auto battles and a plethora of battle-ready heroes. If you love games like AFK Arena that have endless grinding and auto-combat, then this game is for you! 

Idle Mania

Gameplay does not stop at auto battles. Idle Mania boasts intense boss fights, which requires some strategy. You must place the right characters on the frontline and backline to ensure your party deals max damage to enemies without losing a hero. You should also keep in mind factions and activate auras to get stats boosts.

With over 100 new heroes, choosing the right characters for boss battles in adventure mode can be quite a chore. Our beginner-level Idle Mania guide will help you select the strongest heroes, know their roles/class and make them stronger to win boss battles. 

Select Your Frontline and Backline Heroes Wisely  

Your party auto-battles enemies, earning AFK rewards until you hit the “Challenge Boss” button. 

In boss mode, you can place heroes on the frontline and backline slots under the “Hero Deploy” screen.  Your team fights enemies on its own, but their formation and class/roles play a very important role during auto-combat in boss mode.  

On the frontline, choose the strongest melee hero, preferably heroes that belong to the “Warrior” /” Tank” class. Warriors are fearless fighters that have high DEF and HP. They will absorb damage inflicted by enemy units as enemies will always try to clear the frontline first by attacking the strongest characters before they start attacking backline units. 

Deploy heroes on the frontline and backline

Warriors on the frontline will protect ranged fighters, such as archers, mages and support units positioned on the backline.  

You can also place swift-footed “Assassin” class characters on the frontline along with warriors.  

Ranged characters, such as rangers and mages, should always be on the backline as they are not as strong as warriors but can deal damage from a distance. Mages are powerful ranged damage dealers and can deal AOE and explosive damage hitting multiple enemies at once.  

You should also place Priest class characters on the backline as they can be easily defeated if placed on the frontline. Priest class characters are extremely useful as they can heal allies and provide buffs.  

Check a priest’s special skills in Hero > Hero List to know his/her healing powers and buffs/debuffs if any. Not all priests heal allies. Example: Little Demon does not heal, but its special skill does 200 percent attack damage to a random enemy and reduces their energy by 100.  

Character Classes and Their Advantages  

There are five major classes in Idle Mania:  

Ranger: Heroes belonging to the ranger class are powerful physical damage dealers. They are agile and can deal damage to enemies from a distance.  

Warrior: Skillful melee fighters that attack units from a close range.  

Mage: These are powerful ranged damage dealers that are expert in inflicting area damage to enemies.  Their abilities allow them to deal massive damage to multiple enemies at once.  

Assassin: Melee characters that strike an enemy’s weak spots and are extremely swift-footed. 

Priest: Support units that can heal multiple allies and provide various buffs to them. Always check a skill/ ability of a support unit on his/her page (Hero > character portrait) before adding them to your party.  

Know a Hero’s Role through Helpful Graphs  

There are six major roles in Idle Mania and each character is adept in one or more of these roles:  







You can check a hero’s role with the help of a useful graph. As of writing this guide, graphs are available only for SR and SSR-grade heroes.  

Hero Role Graph

You will get a clear idea about a hero’s role, whether he she deals AOE damage, is a tank character or has healing skills through his/her graph.  

Tap on the “Hero” tab and then tap on a SR or SSR grade hero’s portrait in the “Hero List” and “Hero Guide”.  

Next tap on the tiny graph located on the left side of the hero’s page. The graph will enlarge, showing a hero’s roles.  

You will also see useful hints just under the graph, such as “recommended hero” “healing hero” etc. giving you enough reason to add him/her to your party.  

Place Tank Characters with “Survival” Role on the Frontline 

Enemies will always target frontline heroes first, which is why you should place powerful tank characters on the frontline as they can absorb damage while ranged units keep attacking enemies from a distance.  

Make sure you have an SR or SSR grade tank character on the frontline.  

Want to collect more heroes? Our guide will help you unlock the best characters:

Activate Auras to Obtain Buffs  

Each character belongs to a certain faction. You can learn more about a character’s faction from “Hero”> “Hero List” or “Hero Guide”. Tap on a character’s portrait and then tap on the small faction icon located on the left side of his name.  

You can activate auras when 2 or more heroes of the same faction and deployed on the battlefield. When an aura is activated, you obtain buffs. These buffs include +5% health, +10% ability damage, damage reduction, +7 percent attack etc. to the heroes from the same faction.  

Example: If you have two characters from the “Civilized” faction (crown icon), then have them on the frontline/backline slots to activate aura. Both civilized faction characters will receive bonus +10 percent ability damage and +5 percent health.  

Don’t Forget to Collect AFK Rewards 

On the “Adventure” screen, you will see your squad auto-battling enemies. They will keep fighting enemies, progressing to new stages and earning loot dropped by defeated enemies during auto-combat. 

All loot dropped by enemies during auto-battles are stored in the chest. To claim all stage drop rewards, tap on the treasure chest icon. Now tap on “Confirm” under “Drop Rewards” to get your rewards.  

The loot drops from each auto-battle stage includes gold, divine flame (used to increase a hero’s level), weapon, armor and even hero fragments used for summoning a new hero. You may also get upgrades stones to increase hero rank.  

Your team keeps battling enemies and accumulates stage drop rewards even when you are not playing. When you are back, tap on the treasure chest to claim rewards. You will get lots of AFK rewards, including some rare items when you open the chest after several hours.  

Improve Hero Stats and Power/Might 

The best way to improve hero stats is to upgrade him using Gold and Divine Flame. You can obtain Diving Flame from the AFK treasure chest in Adventure mode, Missions, Dragons Ruin, Infinite Illusion and the Store. Dragons Ruin and Infinite Illusion unlocks when you reach certain stages in adventure mode.  

To upgrade a character, tap on the “Hero” tab on the bottom of the screen and then tap on a character’s portrait under “Hero List”. Press the upgrade button.  

Leveling up requires gold and divine flame. When you upgrade a character, you increase his/her “Health”, “Attack”, “Defense” and “Speed” stats. You will also increase the overall might/power (Fist icon) of your character and his party. When you challenge boss, you can see the total power of your heroes in the top-left corner of the “Hero Deploy” screen.  

Equip Gear to Heroes  

You can equip high-grade weapons and armor to your heroes to increase their stats/power.  

Go to Hero and tap on a character’s portrait from the list. Tap on “Gear” located on the lower-right corner of the screen.

Gear Slots

To equip gear, tap on the green + sign on the empty slot and choose a gear item. The + sign appears when an item is available.  

Equipping gear to improve stats

When you tap on an item’s icon, a box pops up on the screen showing the stats increase in case you equip this item. Just tap on the yellow “Gear” button to equip it to a character.  

Alternatively, you can also tap on the green “equip all” button to add all items on their respective empty slot.  

Swap the current item with a higher-grade item if you acquire one.  

Replacing low-quality gear with high-quality gear

On the Gear screen, tap on the item and then tap on the “Swap” button.  

Choose a weapon that has a greater number of stars than your current weapon/armor. Tap on the Gear button to replace the older one with a new, higher-quality gear item.  

How to Rank Upgrade Heroes 

Rank Upgrade kicks in when your hero has hit the level cap and can’t be upgraded anymore. You will have to lift the cap and in doing so you will also increase a hero’s rank. You will need “Hero Upgrade Stones” to rank up a character in your party.  

Rank upgrading a hero

Lifting the level cap through rank upgrade is crucial to win boss challenges. As you progress through various stages in adventure mode, your party will face stronger bosses. Heroes must reach a certain level to pose a serious threat against powerful overlords and the only way to do is to lift the level cap so that they can be upgraded further and become more powerful.  

Once a hero hits the level cap, tap on the “Rank Upgrade” button on his page. It turns orange if you have collected the required number of upgrade stones.  

Rank Up a Hero to Unlock New Abilities 

You can unlock new skills of a hero through rank upgrades. The second ability or skill unlocks when a hero reaches rank two. As soon as your hero reaches the level cap of 35, use upgrade stones to rank upgrade and lift the cap to unlock the second ability/skill. Similarly, unlock the third ability by rank upgrading a hero when he reaches level 50 and so on. The Idle Mania gameplay video below explains how to unlock new abilities.  

How to get Hero Upgrade Stones  

You can obtain hero upgrade stones from the Dragon Ruins, Infinite Illusion and the Store. Keep playing adventure mode to unlock the Dragon Ruins and the Infinite Illusion buildings. You can access both from the “World” screen.  

In Idle Mania’s Infinite Illusion game mode, you will have to battle AI enemies in each “floor”. The graphical dungeon floor looks slick on your mobile phone. Just tap on a floor, and defeat enemies to get your rewards. As you advance to higher floors, you will face stronger foes. The stronger the enemy, the more rewards you will earn. Besides hero upgrade stones, you will also earn gold and divine flame from a completed floor.  

You will get hero upgrade stones when you complete a chapter in adventure mode. Along with stones, you might also get gear and gold.  

Obtain Various Resources from the Dragons Ruin 

Unlike the Infinite Illusion building, where players will have to battle enemies to get rewards, Dragons Ruin rewards players instantly.  

Tap on a ruin and then tap on the magnifying glass icon beside a reward to obtain that reward instantly. 

There are three types of ruins: Gold, Material and Heroes.  

Gold ruin grants gold, material ruin grants divine flame and hero upgrade stone ranking up and Hero ruin grants hero fragments to unlock new characters.  

Daily attempts will be two per day, per ruin to get instant rewards. 

Choose an Opponent Wisely in Arena Battles  

You can fight other players in the Heroic Arena to get surprise rewards such as gold, hero upgrade stones and other resources. You will need tickets to fight another player in the arena.  

Select an opponent wisely

In Arena, a team’s power or might (Golden Fist icon) plays a very important role during combat. In the Choose Opponent Screen under Heroic Arena, select an opponent whose power is lower than yours. With a higher power than opponent’s chances of winning a battle are more.

To increase power, you will need to level up and rank up characters. Also, don’t forget to equip gear items to all party members to increase the total team power.  

How to get Tickets for the Arena 

Get them from the 7 days Login rewards. Login daily until day 4 to get your ticket reward. You will also get a ticket from daily missions.  

And if you want more arena tickets, you can purchase it using gems. Tap on the arena, and then tap on the “Heroic Arena”. Now tap on the plus sign beside the total tickets on the top of the screen. Spend 20 gems to get a ticket. 

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