Idle Mechanics Manager Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

“Melon Dusk” wants your help to build the biggest car factory, but his ambitions do not stop at a four-wheeler manufactory. He also wants your help to build and expand his airport factory, big wheels and military factory. The best way to make his dreams come true is to hire more workers in a manufacturing unit, speed up production and increase profits.  

Idle Mechanics Manager

As the name suggests, Idle Mechanics Manager allows players to manage several hard-working mechanics at a big factory to produce world’s finest vehicles for the public. It’s an idle game so sit back and read our guide to know how to quickly build vehicles, expand factories, unlock new ones and earn maximum revenue.  

Get More Workers 

Workers build vehicles using individual parts brought by mini trucks from the storage. You will earn gold every time a worker installs a part during the vehicle assembling process.  

A vehicle manufacturing process isn’t quick, and it will take time to build one, which is why you should have more workers in each workstation to construct vehicles faster. A workstation is where workers assemble parts to build a vehicle. You can have a maximum of four workers in a workstation. Moreover, the more workers you have, the more gold you will earn.  

Example: If there’s only one worker constructing a vehicle at a workstation, you will earn only 250 gold every time he installs a part. But if you have three more workers, then you will earn 1000 gold (250 x4) as all 4 workers will install 4 parts at the same time. This cycle continues until all workers finishing assembling a vehicle at a single workstation. Hiring more workers also unlocks new vehicles and workstations.  

Increase Profits and Speed 

During the vehicle building process in Idle Mechanics Manager, you will earn gold every time a worker installs a part. The amount of gold earned per installation appears above a workstation, where a vehicle is being assembled.  

To increase the amount of gold per installation, tap on the “Profit” button on the bottom of the screen. When you do this, the earnings per part installation will increase across all workstations. If there are two workstations and if you are earning 50 gold per part installation, then tapping on profits will increase earnings to 75 gold per installation. This earnings upgrade will have an effect on both workstations.  

Tapping is one way to make workers assemble vehicles faster, but if you want to go the “idle” way to make mechanics work faster, then you should upgrade “Speed” by tapping on the blue button on the bottom of the screen. Every time you increase the speed level, workers start putting parts together than before. You may still keep tapping to make the work fast, but make sure you upgrade “Speed” at regular intervals. The faster they install parts, the quicker a vehicle will be assembled.  

Double Your Profits 

The best way to get maximum profits in a short period of time is to double your profits. Tap on the “x2 Gold” on the upper left corner of the screen. Watch an ad and double the amount of gold earned from all workstations for 5 minutes. You can extend the time by watching another ad.  

Look for Limousines and Chopper to get Investments 

Limousines arrive and wait in each factory in the VIP area. Chopper lands on the middle of a big building in the vehicle sales area. Tap on a limousine and chopper to get instant gold from investors. However, you will have to watch an ad to claim your reward. The instant gold from investors is huge and you should tap on both these special vehicles whenever you see them to earn a lot of gold in a short period of time. 

Level Up to Gain Additional Gold 

The level up button is located on the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on it and then tap x3 gold to triple your level up rewards. You will have to watch an ad to triple your income, but you can ignore that offer and close the box to collect the reward.  

The level bar on the top-right side of the screen fills up automatically as your workers keep assembling vehicles non-stop 24×7. When the level bar is full, the green level up button appears on the screen. You will have to tap on the button to claim your rewards. In the initial stages, the level bar fills up quickly, but as you progress and reach level 50, the bar fills up slowly. You can use the time-travel power up to fill the level bar faster.  

Time Travel to get More Gold 

You can fast-forward vehicle manufacturing for a few minutes to hours and get instant gold for those hours through “time travel”. Tap on the hourglass icon on the left side of the screen. You can get 400 seconds of time travel for free, but if you want more than that, you will have to spend gems.  

Get free gems from the gem basket. Tap on the basket (it’s located on the lower right side of the screen) and claim 5 free gems every 12 hours. You can also get +5 bonus gems if you watch an ad.  

Try this trick: Tap on the x2 gold button to double your earnings for 5 minutes and then use the free time travel option. You will obtain double gold for those 400 seconds skipped through time travel.  

How to Unlock New Factories 

Besides the car factory, there are three more factories or “worlds” in Idle Mechanics Manager – Big Wheels, Airport and Military.  

To unlock a new world, pay attention to the current’s factory’s requirements. Tap on the map icon on the lower left corner of the screen to check unlock requirements. Example: To open the Big Wheels factory, you will have to hire 48 workers and get three stars in the car factory. Just make sure you get 48 workers. You will have to tap on the worker button on the bottom of the screen to hire new workers in regular intervals. When you complete this objective, tap on the map once again to unlock a new world. You can switch to the previous world anytime from the map icon.  

Sell Vehicles Only After Several Vehicles Have Lined up for Sale 

When mechanics finish building a vehicle, it goes straight to the sales area. Your vehicles will be ready for sale when the red “Open for Sale” button appears on the lower-right corner of the screen. But don’t tap on this button early on. Allow several new vehicles to be parked in the sale area and only then tap on the “Open for Sale” button. Sellers will arrive in droves and purchase all vehicles. You will earn a lot of gold from vehicle sales.  

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