Idle Miners Settlement Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Idle Miners Settlement is a relaxing idle game from Funventure. Once prosperous, tiny miner’s village is now lying in ruins. It’s up to you to restore the village to its former glory and find the precious artifact.

Rebuild all houses, mine resources with the help of pets, explore the mine and restore portals to unlock more regions. Train pets and craft weapons/tools. Sell resources in the market and tame cute doggos that explore the village with you while providing buffs. Check out our beginner-level Idle Miners Settlement guide, tips and tricks:  

Idle Miners Settlement

Recruit Pets from the Trainer House

Once you rebuild the trainer house, you can start recruiting pets to mine resources automatically. Pets auto-mine resources for you, so that you won’t have to manually use equipment such as axe and pickaxe to fell wood and mine coal/stone/iron respectively.

The first pet, “Snail” automatically fells wood and collects them for you.

You will need “money” to buy pets. Money is denoted by the green stack of cash icon. You can earn money by selling resources like wood at the market.  The market is located next to the trainer’s house.

You will be able to unlock more pets at the trainer house once you rebuild the Stone Cave.

Tip: To know what materials are required to rebuild a house, move next to a dilapidated house and tap on the saw and axe icon – this icon is the rebuild icon.

For example, you rebuild the trainer house, move next to it, tap on the saw icon. You will see the resource requirements – 15 wood to rebuild one.

How to Mine Coal, Iron Ore and Other Resources Automatically

You will need resources such as wood, stones, coal, and iron ore to rebuild houses and craft items. Some buildings, such as the “Airport” need resources such as iron ore and gold to get upgraded. The Airport is where you can get “schemes” for crafting items.

Manually mining resources can be time-consuming, which is why you should pass this job to your dedicated pets.

In the game’s tutorial mode, you must have unlocked the first pet, the snail. This critter fells wood automatically and also collects them for you. But what about other resources?

Rebuild the stone cave first. You will need at least 30 wood to restore it.

Enter the stone cave.

The first underground space inside the area allows you to mine stones. You can do this manually using the basic pickaxe crafted at the forge. However, if you want to mine stones automatically, you will need another pet.

Go back to the Trainer House and purchase the crab. You will need 1K money to purchase this pet. If you haven’t got any, then go to the market to sell wood. The market is located next to the trainer’s house.

Make sure you have accumulated a lot of wood so that you can comfortably sell it at the market to earn 1K cash. A pet bought from the trainer’s house will be assigned to an underground mine automatically.

To unlock more pets, you will have to unlock more underground mines inside the stone cave. The coal mine is below the stone mine. Iron ore mine is underneath the coal mine and the gold mind is right down below the iron mine.

A particular mine will be blocked by debris. To remove debris, you will need resources.

For example: If you want to unlock the coal mine, you will need a certain amount of wood and stones. Once you obtain the required resources, move closer to the debris at the end of the stone mine and clear them.

Once you unlock the coal mine, go back to the trainer house and purchase the bat. Obtain cash by selling more resources in the market and once you have the required amount, purchase the bat.

Follow the above steps to unlock additional pets for the iron and gold mine. Make sure you move to the debris of the coal and iron mines to know the resources requirements for removing them.

Increase Resource Output Using Pets

Your pets will be quite slow in mining resources. If you want more resource output at a faster rate, you will have to follow these two steps:

1. Boost Clicks: It takes a certain number of clicks or taps to obtain resources from a mine. You might have noticed this when you were manually mining resources, such as stone or coal using a pickaxe. While tapping to generate resources, there’s a green bar above a resource mountain. Once this green bar fills up, the material drops on the ground. You can then move your character over the resource to collect it. Pets also do the same, but since it’s all automatic, you won’t see the green bar.

In the beginning, pets are usually slow when they are mining resources in the underground stone cave. This is because the automatic clicks per second is low. You can boost clicks per second. All you have to do is tap on the snail icon on the bottom of the screen to access your pets and press the “Play and Boost” button. You will have to watch a 30-scond video to activate boost.

Do this for all pets. You will double the current clicks per second. So if the bat has 2.5 clicks per second, it will be doubled to 5 clicks per second. Boosting clicks will fill the green bar fast and your pets will be able to mine resources much faster.

Boosting clicks lasts for 4 hours. Once it ends, you will have to press the play and boost button again to activate it for each pet.

2. Upgrade Pets: Boosting improves the mining speed of a pet, whereas upgrading him will increase the resource output.

Enter the trainer house. You will find a list of all pets assigned to your mines. Press the upgrade button beside a pet. You will need cash to upgrade pets. You can earn cash by selling resources in the market.

How to Craft a Pickaxe

You will acquire a very basic pickaxe in Idle Miners Settlement’s tutorial mode soon after rebuilding the forge using 25 wood.

Once you rebuild the forge, open the quest page by tapping on the scroll button on the bottom of the screen. Claim the quest reward for rebuilding this house. You will receive 2 gems and a scheme for crafting pickaxe. Scheme is the recipe of a particular item. You will have to collect fragments to unlock a full scheme. Once you get the whole scheme, you are ready to craft that item.

You will receive the full basic pick scheme, you don’t need to collect more fragments. Enter the forge and drag the scheme from the “scheme selection” area on the right to the empty slot on the left. When you do this, you will see material/resource requirement around the scheme. For the basic one, you will need 25 wood and 100 cash. Press the “craft” button.

To equip the pickaxe to your character, tap on the backpack icon on the bottom of the screen. Drag the pickaxe to the upper-left empty slot to equip it. You can now start mining stones, coal and iron ore manually using the basic pick.

To craft higher quality pickaxes in Idle Miners Settlement, collect their scheme fragments by completing quests. Remember that you will have to collect a certain number of fragments to get the full scheme. To access quests, tap on the scroll icon on the bottom of the screen.

Rebuild the airport and enter this building to get one scheme free every day. You might receive a pick scheme on some days so keep an eye on the airport. Make sure you play it daily to claim your free schemes.

You will also receive pickaxe schemes as login bonuses. Play the game every day to claim your login rewards. You will receive a pick scheme on day 6.

You can also purchase pick schemes at the forge. You will need gems to purchase a scheme. Enter the forge and press the blue “Enter” button under Blacksmith Market. Choose a pick scheme and buy it using gems.

Four Ways to get Gems for Free

In Idle Miners Settlement, you will need gems to buy “schemes” for crafting tools and weapons. Here are a few simple ways to get them for free:

By completing quests: Tap the quest icon on the bottom of the screen. You will receive 2-3 gems per quest. You might receive more if the quest is a bit difficult to complete.

Login Bonuses: Open the app daily to claim login bonuses. You will receive 10-20 gems or more on certain days, so make sure you play the game every day to claim login rewards.

Shop: Tap on the shop button on the bottom of the screen. Scroll down until you reach the “Gems” section. Claim 10 gems by watching 30-second videos. Keep an eye on this section to get frequent updates on free gems.

Purple Heart: Tap on the Purple Heart on the left side of the screen. Accept the thank you gift, which includes 100 gems, a weapon scheme and a pet part. You can either press the claim button or the claim & rate button to get your rewards.

Tip: There will also be a gift box icon above the Purple Heart on the left side of the screen. Tap to claim rewards, such as cash and gems.

How to Enter Secret Codes

Entering secret codes in Idle Miners Settlement grants rewards such as enhanced boost potion, better equipment (strong pickaxe), scroll of portal, gems and schemes.

Tap on the cog wheel. It’s located on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Under “Pssst… tell me your secrets” enter the code and press the “claim” button.

Where to Find Codes

You will find codes in the game’s Discord channel. Tap on the discord icon on the right side of the game screen.

Next, tap on the menu button (hamburger) on the top-left corner of the welcome screen in the Discord window.

Scroll down until you find “Miners Settlement”

Click on # faq-miners

Scroll to go to the beginning of the message under “Welcome to #faq-miners.

You will find two secret codes:

1. discord_masters

2. ahoy_adventure (this secret code is also displayed on a screenshot on Google Play Store)

What you will get:

Entering ahoy_adventure grants the following rewards:

Strong pick, 25 gems, 100 red shards, part of the blue enhance stone scheme, part of the red enhance stone scheme, part of the yellow enhance stone scheme.

Entering discord_masters grants the following rewards:

250 red shards, 25 gems, 2×2 enhance boost potions (used in the totem), 5 scroll of portal.

Right now there are only two codes available in Idle Miners Settlement. We are sure that more will be available in the future. Keep an eye on the game’s chat room to find them.

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