Idle Museum Tycoon Guide: Tips and Strategies

Idle Museum Tycoon lets you manage exhibitions and art galleries. Renovate fascinating galleries, such as the renaissance era art, Mesoamerica relics, space and universe, aquatic life, Jurassic exhibition and many more!

Idle Museum Guide

Attract visitors to your museum, upgrade the entrance to get more visitors, clean litter and catch burglars. Upgrade galleries to increase your income and invest profits to renovate new galleries. Build the biggest art empire; hire new tour guides and managers to improve profits! Our Idle Museum guide will help you increase your income, manage resources properly and maximize profits

Increase Waiting Line and Gallery Capacity

Your museum has several galleries that showcase items of historical importance, including renaissance art, ancient and medieval artifacts and Jurassic era skeletons of giant beasts that once roamed the earth.

Before entering a gallery in the idle museum, visitors have to buy tickets to be in queue. They will have to wait for their turn to take a tour of the gallery.  When the line is full, additional visitors can’t enter the queue. They will be disappointed and leave your museum. You must increase line capacity so that more and more visitors wait outside the gallery and don’t leave the museum.

Upgrade waiting line, guide and gallery

Tap on a gallery and upgrade “Waiting Line”. It will increase the line capacity by 1 with each upgrade.

Along with the waiting line, you should also upgrade “Guide”. The guide can take only a limited number of visitors inside the gallery. When you upgrade him, he will take more visitors with him inside. More visitors inside the gallery = fewer visitors in the line. If the guide takes only a handful of visitors inside the gallery, then the ones waiting outside will be angry and may even leave the queue hastily. The more people he takes inside, the shorter will be the queue.

You must upgrade both waiting line and gallery capacity if you want more visitors to visit each gallery. You can see the total line capacity above the counter just beside the gallery and the total number of visitors above the guide. This will give you a clear idea of their capacity.

Upgrade Galleries to Increase Income

This is a no-brainer, but leveling up a gallery will increase ticket prices. Visitors will keep visiting a gallery, but post-upgrade they will pay higher prices for each ticket, thereby increasing your total earnings. Make sure you level up all galleries inside the museum.

Start an Advertising Campaign

Want to double your earnings from all galleries? Just start an advertising campaign! Tap on the clapperboard icon on the bottom of the screen, watch a 30-sec video and begin your campaign. Your earnings will increase by 100% for only 1 hour.

You can extend this x2 multiplier for six hours. Watch six 30-sec videos on a trot to maximize the multiplier effect.

Level Up the Entrance

Before entering the queue near a gallery, visitors will first have to go past the entrance. They will have to pay a small fee at the entrance to enter the museum.

The entrance has two upgrades – “Reduce Wait Time” and “Build New Line”.

When you level up “Reduce Wait Time”, the time taken for visitors to enter the museum reduces by a certain percentage. You would want more and more guests visiting your museum at a faster rate, which is why you need to upgrade this feature.

As more and more visitors throng your museum, you would want to build more lines so that the queue doesn’t fill up. If the entrance line is full any additional visitor will leave your museum.

Upgrade “build new line” to add a new queue. You will now see a new line appear next to the previous one. Both entrance upgrades ensure shorter queues and faster entry in your museum.

Multiply Your Idle Earnings

You will still earn idle income for straight two hours you are not playing Idle Museum. Once you are back in the game, you can double your offline earnings by watching a video.

How to Get Bonus Cash

All galleries open to visitors will keep earning income for you, but the earnings are not instant. It’s a slow process and it will take time to accumulate lots of money.

You will need loads of in-game cash to open new galleries in your museum and the best way to rake in bonus cash for opening new galleries faster is to look for additional income opportunities:

1. Look for the dollar symbols above vending machines. There are two vending machines just behind the reception, in the middle of the museum. Tap on a vending machine to collect bonus cash. Check the screenshot below to know the location of the vending machines.

Tap the vending machines to get bonus cash

2. Get extra cash from the “Art Collector”. This well-dressed gentleman comes regularly to your museum and stands in front of the reception office. Tap on him and watch a video to collect loads of $$$.

Get investment from the art collector
The Art Collector

3. Play the Quiz. Tap on the book on the lower-left corner of the screen and answer three questions to get rewards. Most of the quiz questions are quite easy. For each correct answer you will get cash or diamonds as rewards. The rewards increase with each correct answer. Answer all questions to earn lots of cash!

Note: If your answer is incorrect, your progress will stop. You will have to watch a 30-sec advert or pay 5 diamonds to resume. However, all correct answers in the quiz will be rewarded in case you decide not to progress after giving a wrong answer.

Get Golden Tickets for Each Gallery

In Idle Museum, golden tickets grant permanent earnings boost for a gallery. You will need diamonds/gems to purchase them. Tap on a gallery and then tap on the yellow “Upgrade” button next to “Golden Tickets”. You will need at least 20 diamonds to get the first tickets. Later, the diamonds requirement will increase by 10 if you want to purchase more tickets to increase your permanent earnings. When you purchase golden tickets, your earnings for that gallery will increase by a certain percentage.

Tip: Earn diamonds from daily login rewards and quests.

Catch the Cat Burglar

If there’s a museum, then there must be a burglar snooping around somewhere close, just like the movies! Thankfully, In Idle Museum, this cute thief can be easily spotted. He wears a horizontal striped t-shirt and has a red blip underneath him. Check the screenshot below:

Catch the thief

Don’t let him go! Just tap on the burglar to earn bonus cash.

Keep Your Museum Clean

At times, your museum will be littered with garbage. This can be a huge turn off for visitors, especially those who have just entered the museum. If a pile of garbage blocks a visitor’s path, he/she will leave the museum angrily. There will be a puking smiley above a visitor when he/she stumbles upon litter. They will immediately leave your museum if you don’t clean the garbage on time.

Clean garbage before visitors leave in haste and anger

Tap on garbage to get rid of them. You will not only avoid angry visitors, but also collect bonus cash every time you tap trash on the floor.

Hire the Janitor and the Security Guard

Bored catching cat burglars and cleaning the museum on your own? Why doncha hire a security guard and a janitor? When you hire a janitor, you will collect litter automatically and earn more money for each item.  The janitor will keep cleaning your museum even when you are not playing.

If you hire a security guard, he will arrest thieves automatically, earn more cash for each burglar caught and stay vigilant when you are away.

In Idle Museum Tycoon, you can hire both janitor and security guard for free for one hour. Tap the shopping cart icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen, scroll down and the tap on the “Free” button to get their services for an hour. If you want them permanently, then you will have to pay a one-time fee.  

Complete Quests and Claim Daily Rewards

Tap on the notepad icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. Find a list of tasks and complete them one by one to earn diamonds and bonus cash. Tap on the gift box icon on the left side of the screen to claim your daily rewards. The gift box icon appears once in a day.

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