Idle Police Tycoon Game: Tips to Solve Complex Cases

In Idle Police Tycoon, you may have noticed an exclamation mark and a yellow triangle above a detective or any other employee investigating a case in a certain research division/department. Upon tapping that person, you will see these words appear on the screen:  

“Overworked! Processing overly complex cases.” 

Idle Police Tycoon: Exclamation mark above an employee indicates he/she is overworked.

This is mainly because the case files were moved to the wrong division and the employee in that division is having a hard time processing that case.  

As you already know, victims will arrive with different types of cases and you will have to set up various divisions to investigate them. Each research division handles a specific type of case. Let me explain this with an example:  

The detective division in Twin Hills city will handle cases that have these symbols – Spray Can (Vandalism), Mask (Burglary), Traffic Light (Traffic offenses). So, any case files pertaining to the above crimes will be moved from the reception to the detective division by interns.  

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Now if some victim registers a credit card fraud (shown by a credit card symbol) at the reception and you haven’t built the counterfeit x fraud division, then that case file will also be moved to the detective division. Since this division doesn’t handle credit card frauds or counterfeit crimes, the employee will be “Overworked” and that case will be too complex for him. It will take time to investigate this case before handing them over to the police officers. You will also notice an exclamation mark above him.  

As more and more victims throng your police station, new cases will arrive and each case will have a specific symbol. When the receptionist keeps the file on the shelf the crime symbol will be shown above the file for a few seconds.  

You must build the right division for each case. Idle Police Tycoon’s management section shows a list of research divisions and police divisions that deal with specific types of cases.  

Check the “Research Section” under Management. You will find several investigative divisions ranging from “Detectives” to the “Crime Lab”. Pay attention to the symbols in each division. Build them one by one when you see more exclamation marks appearing above employees in a particular division. For arresting offenders, you will also have to build special teams and not just police officer’s divisions. It will easier for special teams such as tactical unit that are fully equipped to deal with cases not handled by police officers.  

If a crime, say a controlled substance crime (syringe), can’t be handled by the police officers, then there will be an exclamation mark above one of the lockers in the police department. The exclamation mark suggests that it will take time for the police officers to catch the culprit as they are not trained to handle this case. Building the right police unit, such as the tactical unit, for dealing with such cases will ensure faster arrests.  

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Some departments may still get the wrong cases despite building the required research and police departments for handling different cases efficiently. And sometimes the exclamation mark appears even though the file has been submitted to the right division. Surely, this isn’t a sign of some kind of a glitch and it won’t affect your income. If there’s still an exclamation mark, then it suggests work load and nothing else.  

You might have hired fewer employees or maybe you haven’t upgraded the shelf to max or have hired fewer interns for moving files. There could be several reasons but once you start upgrading each departments/purchasing all objects in them and ensuring you have enough interns for moving files, employees for investigating cases and police/authorities for arresting offenders, you will notice fewer exclamation marks and yellow triangles above employees.  

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