Idle Police Tycoon Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

After introducing an excellent prison management game to our mobile phones, Codigames have now launched a game that lets us build and manage police stations. Instead of keeping a watchful eye on prisoners in high-security cells, players will be helping detectives, forensic experts and police officers bring offenders to justice.  

Idle Police Tycoon shows how a police department functions. Everything, from registering complaints at the reception to arresting offenders, is being simulated in this game. You will be building various departments, hiring clerks, interns, receptionists, detectives, the forensic team and police officers to make sure they all handle crime cases smoothly.  

Idle Police Tycoon

Along with managing a police station, you will also be arresting high-profile criminals and locking them up in isolation cells. These beginner-level Idle Police Tycoon tips, tricks and strategies will help you manage various departments efficiently and increase profits.  

Getting Started 

Let’s start with the reception area. This is where the general public arrive to register their complaints with receptionists. Tap on the reception area to place desks/receptionists, seating arrangement for the public and decor. 

Reception Area

 – Having more seats will ensure more people get a seat when they are waiting for their turn to register a complaint. No one wants to stand and wait in a queue and so more seats would ensure they would wait and don’t walk away. More seats -> more complaints -> more arrests -> higher earnings per hour.  

 – Now that you have a good seating arrangement, the next step is to hire more than one receptionist if you want to speedup registering complaints. To hire a receptionist, you will need build “counters”. To build counters, you will need cash. However, you may also need additional electricity (orange lightning flash icon) and purple technology points to upgrade the counters. (More on this later) 

 – Note that you will have to pay wages to every new receptionist hired. So, if you have hired 4 receptionists, the total wages deducted per hour from your income would be 48. If you think you have hired too many receptionists, you can fire one any time by tapping on the front desk.  

 – You will also need to place important items, such as the printer and computer. Placing/upgrading a printer and computer will permanently add bonus cash to your total income. Your total income is displayed on the top-left corner of the screen. Along with extra earnings, the complaint registering speed of receptionists will also increase when you place those three items in the reception area. Don’t forget to place the decor as it also increases speed of registering complaints and adds bonus income.  

 – You may also have to expand the shelf in the reception division to keep more crime files. After registering complaints, the receptionist keeps the crime file on that shelf. You can max out the shelf by upgrading it so that maximum number of cases are kept in the shelf. Interns will come and take those files and move them to the detective area for further investigation of those cases.  

Interns: You will need interns to move files from one division to another. Interns usually move files from the reception division to the detective division. As you build more divisions, they will start moving files to those divisions based on the type of crime reported by a victim.  

 – The more interns you have in Idle Police Tycoon, the more wages you will need to pay. Decide the number of interns based on the divisions you have built in your police station.  

 – In the intern’s room, build lockers first. You can then hire interns for each locker. Upgrading a locker not only lets you hire more interns, but also increases their movement speed and decreases the time taken to move files from one division to another.  

 – This room also lets you build a coffee machine, an organizational system and decor. Upgrading them will increase permanent bonus cash, which will be added to your total earnings. However, you will need electric and technology points besides cash to upgrade them.  

Detective Division: This is where the most common cases are investigated first before moving the case files to the police officers. In the beginning, interns move files from the reception area to the detective division until more divisions are being built.  

The detective division investigates the files brought to them and it will take some time (as shown by the gauge above their heads) to investigate those files before they are finally moved to the police division.  

 – Build desks first before recruiting detectives. The more desks you have, the more detectives you can hire. Upgrading desks increases the investigation speed of detectives but requires an additional electricity point/unit.  

 – Just like interns and receptionists, you will have to pay wages to a detective. If you feel that you have hired too many detectives when only a few can investigate case files efficiently, you can fire a few by tapping on the detective division.  

– To get bonus cash, place coffee machine, decor and the board in the detective division. You should also place the criminal records folder to increase the investigation speed of detectives.  

Police Force: Files investigated by the detective division are transferred to the police force. The detectives themselves move files to the police officers, who then rush out of the department to arrest the offenders.  

 – To hire police officers, build lockers first. A police officer moves to the shelf to gather case files kept by the detectives and then rushes outside to arrest offenders.  

 – It will take some time to catch culprits. The time taken to arrest offenders are displayed through a gauge above a police locker. A green gauge suggests that the arrests will be faster. An orange gauge suggests slower arrests.  

 – Purchase police cars in the parking area to ensure faster arrests. The quicker the officers arrest offenders, the faster the prison cells fill up. Remember that the state provides funds for offenders in the jail and if there are empty cells, there will be less funds.  

 – To increase efficiency of police officers for faster arrests, you should also consider purchasing and upgrading equipment, expanding districts in the city map and leveling up lockers in the police division.  

 – Build more cells and upgrade them to accommodate more offenders. Cells will fill up quickly and have limited capacity which is why you will have to upgrade them to lock up more offenders.  

As you progress, you will be able to build more divisions to investigate advanced crimes. Based on the type of crime, you will have to build sperate divisions. For example – to investigate fraud and counterfeit case files (denoted by credit card and mask symbols), build the fraud x counterfeit division. Read our Idle Police Tycoon guide to symbols to know more about them.  

Expand Shelves to Accommodate More Case Files 

You may have noticed shelves placed in a corner in each division. Case files are kept in these shelves. When someone places a file on a shelf, the symbol of the crime committed is displayed above that file for a few seconds. 

You should free up space in these shelves so that more files can be kept in them.  

To upgrade a shelf, tap on a department and tap on the “Expand” button under “Crimes”.  

Expanding a shelf for keeping more crime files.
Tap on the “Expand” button to free up space in a shelf

Your priority should be expanding shelves in the reception, police officers and tactical unit divisions.  

Reception shelf must be expanded first. This is because victims will keep pouring in with their complaints in the front desk area. Remember, more cases registered, more arrests and funds from the govt.  

The next shelf that needs an upgrade to free up more space for case files is the detective department. Most common crime case files are kept in the detective section shelf and so it’s obvious that this shelf will fill up faster. Max it out to free up space for more files. Interns will move common files from the reception to the detective division first. To know more about common crimes, refer to our symbols section of this guide.  

Don’t forget to upgrade shelves in the police force division, tactical unit division and other departments that have the responsibility to arrest criminals. Files from the detective division, fraud counterfeit division, crime lab and major crimes are moved to these divisions so that authorities can catch them.  

If there is less space in the tactical unit and police officer’s division, then these shelves will be full within seconds. All ongoing case file investigations by the detectives, counterfeit and other divisions will go waste and the clerks/detectives will throw the files away.  

Along with maxing out shelves in the police departments, you should also consider hiring several officers and purchase a good number of vans to arrest offenders fast. This will also result into clearing more crimes files from shelves in the tactical and police divisions.  

New Idle Game from CodiGames:

How do you get Gems? 

You might be wondering what to do with those gems in Idle Police Tycoon. Well, they do have some uses and you can obtain them for free.  

Gems can be used purchase cards. These cards improve speed and efficiency of your police station. Some of them also increase your earnings by a certain percentage. To access a list of cards, tap on the golden card button. You can find this button on the top-right corner of the screen.  

Arresting most wanted criminals is the best way to earn gems for free. You will have to complete certain quests to claim them. You will also get 50 bonus gems once you complete all three quests and arrest the criminal. In the next section, you will learn how to arrest high profile criminals.  

How to Lock Up Most Wanted Criminals 

The most wanted button can be found on the lower-right corner of the screen. It has a portrait of a masked burglar.  

Arresting these hardcore criminals grant special rewards, such as bonus cash and gems. A successful arrest will also increase the hourly earnings rate drastically.  

Arresting Karen Ocean will get these rewards
Arrest Karen Ocean to obtain rewards

There are several most wanted criminals in Idle Police Tycoon – Karen Ocean, Vicente Furious, Kaleb Azazel and many more. Here’s how to catch them:  

Tap on the masked burglar button on the lower-right corner of the screen.  

The name of the criminal will be hidden until you press the reveal button. You will have to spend in-game cash to reveal his/her name. Make sure you expand the coverage area in each district on the city map to unlock more most wanted criminals.  

Once you reveal his name, you will have to complete a certain number of quests before you can arrest that criminal. Check the screenshot of Johnny Goldfinger’s Quest List below to know what type of quests you will receive.  

Complete all quests to arrest most wanted criminals like Johnny Goldfinger

These are simple in-game tasks such as building certain number of desks, arresting a particular number of offenders etc.  

When you complete a quest, you will receive 10 gems. Complete all three to get 30 gems.  

Once you complete all three quests, you are ready to arrest the most-wanted criminal. But wait. You must build a special isolation cell before pressing that arrest button.  

Scroll and search the prison cells area and tap on it. Tap on the isolation cell button. It will look different from the small cell button. Make sure you have enough cash to build the isolation cell.  

Isolation cells to keep most wanted criminals

A most-wanted criminal will be kept in that cell. You can keep only one criminal in an isolation cell.   

After building the isolation cell, tap on the “Arrest” button. A cut-scene will be shown on the screen. After a successful arrest, you will get your special rewards.  

Look for Special Bonuses 

Special bonuses appear from time to time. They pop up on the right side of the screen. These bonuses are grants from the mayor who is too pleased with your performance. But you will have to watch an advert to claim them. Special bonuses have an icon of stacks of cash.  

Special bonuses

Kee an eye on other bonuses, such as the “Tip”. Your contacts will give a list of offenders that can be arrested instantly. Watch an ad to get 5+ criminals instantly locked up in jails.  

Activate the Multiplier to Double Your Earnings 

Do this first as soon as you start with a new city.  

Tap on the play button on the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap the “Add 10 Min” button. Watch a 30-sec advert and double your profits for at least ten minutes.  

You can increase the multiplier’s duration up to 1 hour. You will have to watch six adverts to earn double profits for 1 hour.  

Build the Tech Zone 

In most games developed by Codigames, certain objects required electricity points and so we had to build/level up the electricity room to obtain electricity points to purchase/upgrade them.  

Build and upgrade the tech zone

In Idle Police Tycoon, a new room has been added. It’s called Tech Zone. Those purple icons displayed on certain objects that need an upgrade are actually tech points and to obtain them you will have to build the tech zone.  

If you need more tech points, just upgrade the tech zone. You will need a certain number of electricity points to upgrade it.  

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