Idle Robbery Guide: Tips for Beginners

Unlike other clicker games, Idle Robbery lets you spend quality time robbing banks, motels and mansions. The game gets pretty addictive once your crew starts looting bigger buildings. But robbers will be slow in stealing items, and you must make sure they are stronger, faster and assisted by specialists. This Idle Robbery guide will prepare you for the big heist and help you complete (Read: clean) each level effortlessly:  

Idle Robbery Guide

Make’em Work Hard 

Over-cautious, noob robbers tread slowly to steal stuff, but you want to make them move fast, so that they quickly grab all objects from a building. To make this possible, tap the screen rapidly. They will start running and be quick in their feet while stealing objects.  

Increase Strength and Speed 

There are two main attributes that improve thieving – Strength and Speed. You will need to spend your earnings on these two attributes from time to time to upgrade your gang of thieves.  

Improving Strength in Idle Robbery will let them walk fast even though they are lifting a heavy object. Burglars slow down when they lift large objects and improving their “Strength” attribute will make them stronger so that their speed won’t be affected when they pick up heavy objects.  

Along with strength, you should also improve their “Speed”. This will make them move faster when you tap on the screen.  

Add More Robbers to your Crew 

You can add more partners in crime to your crew to speed up robbing. The more crew members you have, the faster you will clean a building. A 5-member crew will steal and bring 5 items to the van than a 3-member crew, which will only bring 3 items to the van.  

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Get a Specialist 

An expert burglar is the need of the hour if you want to increase profits and boost your crew’s strength and speed. You can hire a specialist to do this. You will need gems to get one. Tap on the specialist profile on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Obtain a specialist card using gems

Watch a video to unlock an empty slot and then purchase a specialist using gems. Once you get a specialist, you can use his service for the on-going level, so make sure you hire one in the beginning to speed up robbing building. You can obtain gems from daily login bonuses or by watching a video/playing a mini card game.  

Look Around for Boosts 

The game will present boosts at regular intervals. These boosts will have icons of a fleeing robber (temporary increase in speed), three red robbers (get help from fast-moving thieves wearing red-striped tees) or a flying gold coin (bonus cash).  

You will have to watch a video to earn these boosts. Look around and you may also find a treasure chest popping out of the ground. Tap the chest to get bonus money. Also, don’t forget to tap on the trophy icon. Complete achievements to earn bonus cash and gems. The money received from boosts should be used on Strength and Speed attributes.  

How to Prestige

Often known as “progress reset”, prestige is an idle game mechanic that allows players to start again after they hit the level cap or complete all stages in a game. But there’s a catch – the player begins from scratch with a multiplier. Any rewards a player earns from a level, it doubles or triples when prestige is kicks in.

This is how you prestige.

Idle Robbery has a straightforward prestige mechanic. Once you are done looting all buildings (levels) for the first time, you can start from the first level, but with a x2 multiplier. Any coins you earn will be doubled. However, you will have to watch a video in each level to earn double rewards. When you complete all levels once again you can start over with a x3 multiplier.

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