Idle Robot: Build Your Own Mecha Game Guide – Tips and Strategies

Idle Robot: Build Your Own Mecha is a clicker game that lets you assemble giant bipedal machines in a unique way. If you are a big fan of mechas and the Gundam culture, you will love everything about this game. You begin constructing various mecha parts, from legs to head using energy.

Idle Robot: Build Your Own Mecha

Tapping on each part upgrades it and maxing out upgrades will assemble that part. Robot assembling and part upgrades heavily depends on energy, which can either be generated automatically or by tapping on the battery. This Idle Robot guide, tips and strategies will help you generate additional energy and build your own mecha faster.  

Getting Started  

Your goal is to assemble a large armored robot or “Mecha”. Each robot consists of various parts, starting from the core or skeleton, followed by armor parts, weapons and finally “power” which grants certain abilities to your newly created robot.  

To assemble a mecha, you will have to manufacture its parts. Manufacturing a part is simple. Tap on the a mecha’s part on the right side of the screen to level it up.  

Leveling up a part requires energy. Energy is generated automatically. But to speed up energy generation, you will have to tap on the battery icon located on the right side of the assembling screen. The faster you tap on it, the more energy units you will generate.  

Every time you level up a part symbol, you will notice that it’s faintly appearing on the screen. This means that the part’s being created, but it’s not complete yet. To complete a part’s manufacturing, you will have to max out its level.  

A part’s icon is hexagonal in shape. When you level up a part, the border of the hexagon fills up with the color blue. Keep leveling up a part until the border fills up completely. When this happens, you have maxed out a part’s level, thereby fully completing the manufacturing of that part.  

Below the battery icon is the level multiplier. If you want to level up a part faster, just tap on the multiplier to jump to x10 or x100. Tap on the multiplier to jump to 10 or even 100 levels quickly. But the higher the level multiplier, the more energy that part will consume.  

Locked parts can be opened once the previous parts reach certain levels. You can check the level requirements by tapping on locked parts. Scroll down to see locked parts.   

On the bottom of the screen, there are 5 tabs. Tap on the first tab to start building the core parts of a robot. These are foot, arm, leg, hip, chest, hand and head. Under Armor, you will be building parts that will act as the “exoskeleton” for the core parts. So, for the chest, you will be constructing chest armor. For foot, there will be foot armor and so on. You will also be manufacturing or building weapons, which will be equipped to the robot and finally add power to complete assembling a mecha.  

The upgrade section lets you upgrade your battery to generate more energy. It also lets you increase the automated energy generation per second for each unlocked part.  

Level Up a Mecha Part to Unlock New Parts  

To level up a part, you will have to tap on it. You will need energy to level it up. Tap on the battery to gain energy. Energy is earned automatically over a period of time, but if you want to gain energy faster, tap the battery rapidly.  

You can level up a mecha part in multiples of x10 and x100. So, if a single level consumes 36 units of energy, activating x100 will consume 3600 units of energy and that part will reach level 100 in just one tap. You can tap on the “multiple” button to increase from x1 to x100 with every tap. Every time you tap on a mecha part to level it up, it increases the energy requirement by a certain amount, which can be tested by keeping the multiple to “x1”.  

How to Prestige 

In Idle Robot: Build Your Own Mecha game, a player can access the prestige or reroll once he unlocks the Chest mecha part. To unlock new parts, such as the chest part or the arm part, you will have to upgrade preceding parts up to a certain level. Check the required part level on the locked mecha part to know at what level will it be unlocked. Most locked parts require at least two preceding unlocked parts to reach a certain level and only then they will be unlocked.  

When the prestige system is available, a glowing star will be seen on the left side of the screen. Tap on the star to check instructions. Under “Evolution” the prestige page will display the benefits of “rerolling” the game. If you tap on the blue evolution button, you will be back to where you started. This means if you have assembled 50 percent of the robot and then rerolled, you will have start all over again and assemble from scratch, including leveling up all mecha parts all over again.  

Prestige aka Reroll

However, there’s one big benefit of rerolling – You will multiply energy, thereby increase the energy generated per second. So, if the energy multiplier is x1, and you have rerolled or “prestiged” for the first time, the energy generated per second will increase to x1.42. You can check this stat on the top-right corner of the screen, which shows the current energy you have accumulated so far.  

Upgrade Battery and Offline Time  

The game keeps generating energy for you when you are not playing. However, the offline time is limited to only 1:00:00 in the beginning. This means that energy will be generated only for 1 hour when you are not playing Idle Robot: Build Your Own Mecha. Surely, you can increase the “offline time”. Tap on “Upgrade” and then tap on the timer symbol. You will increase the total offline time by a certain percentage each time you upgrade the timer.  

Similarly, you can also increase the total energy output when you are not playing. If you want more offline energy, just tap on the battery icon to gain extra offline output by a certain percentage. Make sure you upgrade the battery and timer symbol via the upgrade section regularly to increase the offline time and energy output.  

Increase Manual Energy Production 

In Idle Robot, there are two ways of producing energy to manufacture/upgrade mecha parts – tapping on the battery icon and automatic energy generation. Energy produced by clicking on the battery can be increased via the upgrades section – Tap on “Upgrade” and then tap on the “generate energy as 100%.” This will double the current per-click energy. For example, if the current per click energy production is 2.4K, tapping on this upgrade will double the units of energy generated by your taps – 4.8K. 

Increase Automatic Energy Production through “Strengthen Energy”   

Energy is not only produced the manual way, but also generated automatically. Auto-generated energy units of energy per-second is displayed under the total energy accumulated, on the top-right corner of the screen.  

You can increase automatic energy generation by tapping on “upgrade” and then tapping on “strengthened energy” upgrades for each unlocked part. You will need energy for these upgrades but at times, you may also have to watch adverts to level them up.  

Time Travel to get Bonus Energy 

From creating mecha parts to upgrades, everything depends on energy so naturally you would want more energy to assemble your robot. A unique “Time Travel” feature allows you to earn bonus energy instantly. All you have to do is watch a video to earn 24 hours’ worth of energy.

Time Travel

Your current energy will be multiplied by 300 and you will earn lots of free charge in seconds. You can get free energy multiple times in a day.  

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