Idle Scream Park Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Welcome to Idle Scream Park – the spookiest theme park you will ever see. And guess what? You will be managing it to scare the daylights out of visitors for fun and profit.  

There will be creepy rides, graveyard exploration, ghost ships, zombie cities, alien spaceships and many more facilities.  

You will upgrade facilities to increase ticket sales, place props to make them look scarier and improve the overall development rate to attract more visitors to your theme park. These Idle Scream Park tips, tricks and strategies will help manage and grow the biggest horror-themed park.  

Increase Ticket Price of Every Facility 

Want more profits? Just tap a spooky facility and tap on the “upgrade” button below “price” to increase the ticket price. When you increase ticket price, you also increase the facilities earnings per minute. You can check this on the management menu. Tap the loudspeaker icon on the bottom of the screen and go to stats to see your current earnings.  

Idle Scream Park

You will need cash to upgrade price. You will keep earning cash from the entrance ticket sale and the facility ticket sales as visitors will keep arriving at your scream park regularly. Once you have accumulated enough cash, tap on a facility and tap on upgrade under price.  

Have More Seats  

In the beginning, only 3 visitors can visit a creepy facility at a time. The rest will have to stand in the queue and wait for their turn.  

You can increase the number of visitors entering a facility by increasing “seats”. Tap on a facility and tap on “upgrade” to increase seats.  

You should have more seats if you don’t want a long queue. A queue can hold only a certain number of visitors. Any visitors above the queue limit will go away from the facility and may even leave your scream park angrily. Your goal is to earn more money and earn fast, so having more seats will ensure more visitors enter a facility leaving behind a small queue. This will also lead to faster ticket sales.  

Increase Queue Limit 

Like I said earlier, a queue can hold only a certain number of visitors. If the max queue limit is 12, then only twelve visitors can stand in a queue and wait for their turn to enter the facility. The rest will leave the facility and will be quite angry. You will see angry emojis above them.  

You can increase the queue limit from the upgrades section to have more people standing in a queue. Tap on a facility to bring up the queue upgrades and increase the limit.  

Reach Level Goals to get Perma Earnings Boost 

By now you know how to increase ticket price. Just tap on a facility and then tap on “upgrade” under “Price”. When you do this, you will notice that the development gauge fills up a bit. The development gauge is displayed above the upgrade.  

Keep upgrading ticket price of a facility to fill the development bar completely. This will give you a permanent earnings boost for that facility. The development bar shows what’s the next level goal to get this earnings boost.  

For example: If you have just started upgrading the graveyard, then you will get a 20 percent ticket earnings boost when you reach level 25. You will again increase ticket earnings by another 20 percent when you reach level 50. Reaching level goals or filling the development bar surely will unlock various new developments, giving a big boost to your profits.   

Unlock Spooky Props When You Reach Level Goals 

When you reach a level goal (i.e., by filling the development gauge), you will also unlock props. These props will be placed on the facility, making it look creepier than before. You can see the prop icon just above the development bar, when you tap on a facility.  

To get a list of props and earnings boost tap on the exclamation mark (!) beside the prop icon.  

How to Earn Stars 

In Idle Scream Park, the more props you will unlock, the closer you will get to achieve development stars. More developments stars of a facility lead to higher visitor rate and also increases the time limit for offline gains. You can check the stars earned in each facility when you tap on it.  

Launch the VIP Campaign ASAP                          

Once you have started earning from your facilities, tap on the television icon on the bottom of the screen to launch the VIP campaign. You will get to increase your revenue x2 for an hour.  Watch a video to double your earnings from all facilities.  

You can increase the x2 revenue boost for six hours if you watch 6 videos.  

Collect Fear of Visitors to Summon Scary Servants 

Idle Scream Park’s fear value factor is very unique and adds more value to the game. 

Spooky facilities can be so scary at times, that visitors will faint. Unconscious visitors will be taken on a stretcher to the “Shock Room”, where they can recover.  

The Scream Room

A recovered visitor will release “fear”, which is collected in a green beaker. The green beaker is located on the upper-right corner of the screen. Fear will be collected automatically from each visitor taken to the shock room.  

You will need 25 fear from visitors to fill the beaker. Once full, tap the beaker to summon powerful servants. Each servant or special prop provides certain boosts, such as reducing upgrade costs for a particular facility by a certain percentage, increasing facility profits, boosting speed of facilities for faster check ins and many more. You can see a collection of these scary servants by tapping on the star icon on the lower-right corner of the screen.  

When you tap a full green beaker, you will get fragments of these servants. The more the number of fragments, the higher the percentage profits/upgrade reduction costs of facilities.  

Sometimes, you will see a spooky ghost icon above a normal visitor. Tap on him to collect fear. This is another way to collect them, although rarely available.  

Tip: Upgrade the shock room to lessen the duration of treatment and increase the number of seats to accumulate more visitors. Tap on the shock room to find these upgrades.  

Get More Fear Value 

So, you want to extract more fear from recovered visitors at the shock room? Fear not! There’s a blue-colored boost that pops up above the shock room. Tap it and watch an ad to double the fear value from visitors for an hour.  

The higher the amount of fear value from a visitor, the faster the green beaker will fill. Make sure you get this blue boost whenever it appears above the shock room.  

Fire up Marketing Campaigns to Invite More visitors to your park 

The more people visit your scream park, the more tickets you will sell. The best way to attract a lot of people to your park is to activate a marketing campaign.  

Tap the loudspeaker icon and go to the marketing menu. Select the cheapest campaign from the list of four campaigns. If you have just started playing, then choose the radio campaign. You will get 40 percent more visitors for straight 30 minutes when you activate the radio campaign. 

If you don’t want to spend any in-game money, then look for free marketing campaigns – they will only require you to watch a video for activation.  

The mobile networks campaign does have the video offer from time to time. Watch a video to get 100 percent more visitors for 30 minutes.   

Buy a Bigger Idle Scream Park  

The first island can hold only a limited number of facilities. If you want to build a greater number of scarier facilities than the current lot, you will have to expand your park.  

With all the money you have earned, you can purchase a larger island where you can place various other facilities. Your new scram park will be way more attractive, plus it will allow you to earn three times your current earnings.  

Buying a bigger scream park is this game’s ascension system. When you purchase a new park, you will have to build it from scratch, i.e., from the very beginning. However, you will be building your new park faster than the previous one and also earn much much more than before.  

Once you have accumulated 950,000, you will be able to buy the “Ghost Sea” island. You will have to build everything from scratch, but the profits will be +200% more than before.  

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