Immortal Reborn: How to Get Codes and Redeem Them

Immortal Reborn is an idle card battle RPG from LTGames. Although the game has minimal graphics, the gameplay and dark setting remind us of Diablo. You will choose a class, accept quests, traverse uncharted dungeons and fight deadly monsters for rewards and glory.  

Cards battles are automatic, and your character keeps fighting enemies when you are offline. You will receive idle rewards when you are back in the game.  Check out our Immortal Reborn tips, tricks and strategies to find out how to choose the best weapons.

Like other idle games, this game offers cool rewards when a player redeems certain alphanumeric or plain text codes in the settings menu. 

How to Find Codes 

The best place to find codes is the game’s official Facebook page. Admin will update with new gift codes every week. Make sure you Like and Follow this page to get the latest updates.  

In some occasions, codes won’t be shared with all players directly. They will be hidden in between paragraphs on general posts. Here’s an example:  

The gift code will be hidden, but quite distinct from normal text.
Find the hidden code between paragraphs.

The code “[paradise]” is between parenthesis in the above screenshot. In future, some codes will be hidden in paragraphs, but they can be easily discovered as they will look different from the rest of the text.  

How to Enter Gift Codes 

To enter a coupon code in Immortal: Reborn, go to “Character” and tap on settings (gear icon). Under “Redeem”, tap on the empty space and enter the code. That’s it!  

Enter the gift code in Immortal Reborn's settings menu.
Entering a gift code

In the YouTube video below, I entered all known codes shared by the page admin of Facebook. All, except “Halloween” worked.  

Upon entering them, I received gems, coins and torches, which is used to explore the treasure map in treasury. Please note that these codes may not work in the future. But don’t worry, new codes will be posted weekly on the game’s official Facebook Page.  

More Codes

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