Guide to TV Empire Tycoon: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

From running a small TV station to becoming a big media conglomerate, TV Empire Tycoon gives you the opportunity to be the next big Media Moghul. Codigames’ latest idle game lets you manage a television studio, where you will be running shows of all kinds, from newscasts and cooking shows to reality shows.   You will be … Read more

TV Empire Tycoon Review: Lights, Camera, Action!

They have done it again! They have created another awesome idle game. Developers at Codigames are known for their engaging and often unique tycoon games, such as Hotel Empire Tycoon and Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon. Any concept – you name them – and they will come up with an interesting tycoon game that simulates real-world scenarios as … Read more

Idle Restaurant Tycoon Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Idle Restaurant Tycoon is an excellent restaurant-themed game from Kolibri. Since it focuses mainly on eateries, managing won’t be that tough, but maintaining daily profits could be a challenge, especially when you open a bigger chain of restaurants.   You will be placing tables, hiring additional employees, (if needed) and expanding your restaurant by unlocking more … Read more

Idle Restaurant Tycoon Review: Perfect Restaurant-themed Idle Game

Idle Restaurant Tycoon’s gameplay is somewhat similar to Hotel Empire Tycoon, but it’s very engaging. And with a restaurant theme, the game surely gets interesting once you have placed 3-4 tables for your customers.   The game begins with a small tutorial where the host explains the basics. Customers enter the restaurant lobby, take a seat, … Read more

Idle Death Knight Guide – How to Transcend a Weapon

Transcending a weapon unlocks certain bonuses, such as increase in battery and gold loot drops from bosses and minions, reduction in quest time, increase in death knight’s level, quest reward bonuses etc. Follow these steps to transcend weapons in Idle Death Knight:   1. Upgrade your weapon to level 100. You will need lots of those green … Read more

Guitar Girl Guide – How to Get More Likes

Getting likes and followers for a social media channel can be tough in beginning. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get them in the first year. Even our first-timer Guitar Girl knows this, and that’s why she is nervous. But thanks to her friend Joy, getting likes and followers is just a tap away. Follow … Read more

Immortal Reborn: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Immortal Reborn is a stunning idle card battle game from LTGames Global. Fans of old-school RPGs will love everything about this game.   With more than forty classes and several skills to choose from, the game lets you experiment with various skill combos and weapons to get the optimal character build. Our Immortal Reborn guide will help you … Read more

Immortal Reborn: How to Get Codes and Redeem Them

Immortal Reborn is an idle card battle RPG from LTGames. Although the game has minimal graphics, the gameplay and dark setting remind us of Diablo. You will choose a class, accept quests, traverse uncharted dungeons and fight deadly monsters for rewards and glory.   Cards battles are automatic, and your character keeps fighting enemies when you are … Read more

Dear My Cat Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Dear My Cat is one of those super “chill games” made for lazy Sunday afternoons. It lets you manage a floating island where cute feline character live peacefully. You will be inviting new kitty characters, placing charming décor, known as “destinations” on the island and hunt for treasure chests.   There are lots of things to … Read more

Dear My Cat Review: A Beautiful Idle Game

Dear My Cat has a surreal atmosphere. Very dream-like! There’s no particular objective as there’s nothing to win here. It’s basically a cat collecting game and fans of Neko Atsume-like games will love to have Dear My Cat on their phones.   The floating island is home to charming kitties and other animals. You can invite new … Read more