Used Car Dealer Game Review: Not Your Average Idle Game

Used Car Dealer is a bit different from other idle tycoon games. Instead of allowing players to make easy idle cash, the game forces players to bargain, run profitable sidelines to supplement their business, hire salesmen to get rid of the inventory as soon as possible and buy super expensive special cars at dirt cheap … Read more

Idle Army Base Guide: Tips and Strategies

An idle game can’t be engaging if it doesn’t have an interesting theme. From fitness gyms to hotels and even Death, there have been a lot of addictive clicker games that have experimented with various themes! Take Neon Play’s Idle Army Base as an example. The game revolves around a military base and it hasn’t … Read more

Lucid Adventure Idle RPG Guide: Tips and Strategies

Lately, you may have noticed a few Android games based on popular Naver webtoons. Games such as Windbreaker, Noblesse and G.O.H are quite popular among mobile gamers. This suggests that fans just love webtoons and can’t stop gushing on their favorite webtoon character. The latest game “Lucid Adventure” is also based on the popular Naver webtoon of the same name. … Read more

How to Increase Happiness in Tap Civilization

One of your main responsibilities is to keep your villagers happy and content. This is measured by Happiness points in Tap Civilization.   Check if your villagers are “Happy” in the “Population” tab. Tap on the happy person’s portrait to check the happiness points required and the points owned by you currently.   Check out the above … Read more

Tap Civilization Guide and Strategies

Tap Civilization is a stripped-down “idle” version of Civilization. But I must say it’s very addictive. Once you know how to play and advance through different “eras”, you will love everything about this game. Your spaceship crash-lands in an unknown earth-like planet. As you explore more, you decide to play God and begin a new … Read more

Idle Robbery Guide: Tips for Beginners

Unlike other clicker games, Idle Robbery lets you spend quality time robbing banks, motels and mansions. The game gets pretty addictive once your crew starts looting bigger buildings. But robbers will be slow in stealing items, and you must make sure they are stronger, faster and assisted by specialists. This Idle Robbery guide will prepare … Read more

Idle Robbery Game Review: Be a Tap Burglar!

What do you do when you sit idle? You rob a bank! Well that’s what ZPlay and FlexiPixie have planned for you. Their latest clicker game Idle Robbery is all about helping a gang of burglars’ loot banks, mansions, cafes, farms and motels. Thankfully it’s just a game and a very addictive one!   The concept is very cool and the game graphics complement well with the theme. … Read more

DevTycoon 2: Best Combinations You Should Know

When making a game in DevTycoon 2, start by choosing thematics, genre and platform (PC, droid, playbox etc.). You will also have to enter the name of your new game before tapping the next button. Your initial spending for the game concept will depend on the platform you are using. For computer, it will be 1000 bucks, for XCase, the initial … Read more

DevTycoon 2 Review: Making Games Was Never This Easy!

DevTycoon 2 is a game about making games. Now how cool is that! It lets you peek into the boring life of game developers who work hard only to build the best (or worst) games for you.   Trust me, you won’t be bored playing DevTycoon 2 – Game Dev Simulator. The sequel to the hit game presents the … Read more

How to Deal with Angry Guests in Hotel Empire Tycoon

Guest become angry when they have to wait for a service. You will see a customer furiously going back to his room. There will be a call out above him with an exclamation mark. This usually happens when the customer waits in a line to eat food at the restaurant and does not get a seat.   Make sure … Read more