Prison Empire Tycoon: How to Reset Game Progress

If you want to restart Prison Empire Tycoon, then there’s a way to reset all game progress.  

Please bear in mind that doing this will reset the entire game and not a particular prison, so if you have unlocked several prisons, you might have to think again before taking this step.  

Watch our tutorial to know how to reset or skip the video to read what we have written:  

The game always saves your progress because it signs you in to Google Play. When playing for the first time, the game must have allowed you to choose a Google account to sign you in.  One big advantage of this is that you can play the game on another Android device in case your current device is broken or lost.  

However, if you want an easy game reset, you should first disable the “Save Progress” option from the settings menu.  

Disabling save progress in Prison Empire Tycoon

Tap on the gear icon on the lower-right corner of the game screen. Under Save Progress, tap on the slider to move it to the left. The game will ask whether you want to sign out of Google Play. Tap on “Yes”.  

Close the app. On your Android device, go to Settings > Apps. Tap on “Prison Empire” and under “App Info” tap on “Storage”. Press the “Clear Data” button and then press OK to confirm deletion.  

Now open the app. The game will ask you to sign up for Google Play. DO NOT sign up. Tap anywhere outside the “Choose an Account” box to remove it.  

You will notice that Prison Empire Tycoon will begin right from the tutorial mode. Congratulations! You have reset your game progress.  

Last Updated on July 6, 2020 by Jude

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