Prison Empire Tycoon Tips: How to Avoid Riots

Riots are inevitable and you might witness one when you have opened the app after a gap of a day or two. However, you can avoid a riot while you are still playing Prison Empire Tycoon. Follow these tips and tricks:   

Getting Started  

High stress level is one of the prime reasons behind riots inside a prison. Stressed-out prisoners are impossible to control and they are ones who either fight with a fellow inmate inside a cell or start a riot.  

A riot scene in Prison Empire Tycoon

The “overall stress level” is the combined stress level of all prisoners. Since you can’t control an individual inmate, you will have to keep the combine stress level of all inmates low.  

Tap on the prisoner portrait. It can be found on the lower-right corner of the screen, just beside the employee portrait.  

Overall stress level (Green)

You can see the overall stress level gauge in the above screenshot. If the gauge is in the green zone, you don’t have to worry as it shows that all inmates and content with the facilities and food.  

Stress level (Orange)

But things can go awry when the gauge increases and moves to the orange zone. There is a high chance of a riot when it’s closer to the red zone or orange zone.  

TLDR; To keep the overall stress level gauge low in Prison Empire Tycoon, purchase items that increase their Need Gauges or levels and don’t forget to upgrade facilities.  

You can learn more about an individual inmate’s stress level from the color of the dot above him. It it’s a green dot, he is cheerful and happy, but if it’s orange, he is sad and angry.   

To avoid riots, you will have to make sure that the overall stress level is low or in the green zone and all prisoners have green dots above them. And to make this happen, you will have to improve their living conditions. 

The color of the dot and the combined stress level gauge of all inmates is based on “Needs”. When their needs are not met or are delayed, the inmates get angry and their dots change color. This color change also reflects in the stress level gauge if too many inmates have an orange dot above them.  

There are 6 different needs, each having a unique icon.

Inmates have 6 different needs, which is shown in the above screenshot. Note the icons beside each Need and the colored indicators or gauges. You will have to fulfill their needs to increase their indicators, which will help in lowering prisoners stress levels.  

The need indicator or gauge is displayed above an inmate when he is doing an activity related to that need. Let me explain this with an example:  

If the prisoner is taking a shower in “bathroom facilities”, the blue hygiene gauge with the shower icon will appear above him. Notice that the gauge will be filling up slowly when the inmate is taking a bath. A full gauge always means that an inmate’s needs are met completely. This also keeps the stress dot above him in the green zone.  For a clear picture or a need gauge, check the below image:

Upgrade bathroom facilities to imrpove hygiene

Need icons will also be shown above a prisoner when he requires them the most. When a loaf is seen above him, it means he is hungry and needs food. You will also notice that he will shake his head angrily and the color of the dot above him changing to orange. As he sits to eat his meal in the dining hall, you will also see the hunger gauge slowly filling up. If the gauge is full, he won’t complain and the hunger icon above him will disappear.  

Need icon above an inmate isn't good news.
Check the dots and need icons above prisoners

Different need icons will show up when the inmates require them the most. Pay attention to these icons.  

When only an icon appears above an inmate, it usually means trouble. The inmate is unhappy and he needs to do an activity that fills the relevant need gauge to change the stress level to green again. Unfortunately, you won’t have any control over his actions as the prison has a strict schedule, but make sure you purchase and upgrade all facilities so that whenever he performs an activity in one of these facilities his need indicator will increase faster.  

In the next few paragraphs, I will explain how to keep the overall stress level in the green zone, which will help you steer clear of riots while playing. We will start with cells.  

Purchase and Upgrade Items in Each Cell 

Purchase items and upgrade them in each cell. The more cells you build, the more prisoners will be put in them. Having higher-quality items in each cell improves the living conditions of inmates and keeps their entertainment (green emoji), comfort (feather icon) and hygiene (shower icon) indicators or gauges higher.   

Purchase the bookshelf and radio for each cell as soon as possible and don’t forget to upgrade them. If you have enough funds, just max out upgrades for the bookshelf and the radio. These two items can will increase the entertainment gauge of all inmates inside a cell.  

Upgrade the bed and toilet to increase comfort and hygiene gauges respectively. Purchase and upgrade the desk to raise comfort levels.  

Make sure you install “Light” to make cells more pleasant. Adding a lightbulb will require 1 energy point. Check the energy units on the top of the screen to see if you have enough energy. If you have used up all energy, head straight to “Electric Generator” room and purchase new batteries/upgrade them to obtain more energy points.  

To get more entertainment points and increase the gauge further up, you can install the TV. A TV uses two units of energy, so again make sure you have enough energy to build them. You will also have to ensure that energy points are still available after installing a TV as you will need them for other items. You can add a few batteries in the electric generator room or upgrade existing ones.  

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Upgrade Kitchen Items 

Inmates will always crave for food, which is one of the 6 basic needs. You will often notice the hunger icon, which is a loaf of bread, appearing above a prisoner when he is hungry.   

Meal time is available only two times and day and so you must ensure that inmates are fully fed. When an inmate gets his meal, you will notice the hunger gauge appearing above him and slowly filling up. The hunger gauge needs to be full to avoid further complains. You will need more hunger points.  

The best way to earn more hunger points and raise the hunger gauge to the fullest is to purchase stoves and other items and upgrade them in the Kitchen.  

Stoves will help you earn more hunger points when inmates eat food. Purchase and upgrade multiple stoves. This will also ensure that food is cooked faster.  

You can also purchase fryer appliances and upgrade them to increase hunger points.  Finally purchase and upgrade the fridge to improve health of all inmates.

Note: You will need to hire cooks to prepare food at the kitchen. Having 2 cooks in the first prison is enough. 

Improve Bathroom Facilities  

Hygiene is somehow connected to health and if prisoners have poor hygiene, then their health will deteriorate fast. Upgrade bathroom facilities by adding and upgrading showers to improve hygiene levels of all prisoners.   

The more cells you have the more inmates will arrive. This also means that you will have to add more showers so that all inmates can take a shower in the bathroom facility to avoid a big queue. Prisoners don’t like waiting in the queue to take a bath or have meals, which is why you should add more showers to avoid long queues.  

Showers increase hygiene points. Don’t forget to upgrade them to increase points. The higher the points, the faster the hygiene gauge fills up when inmates take a shower.  

Along with showers, you should also purchase toilets and washbasins in bathroom facilities to improve hygiene.  

Build the Laundry Room 

Construct the laundry room as soon as you earn 25K. It’s one of the most important rooms as it will improve hygiene and ultimately “health” of all prisoners. Make sure you have hired janitors to clean all inmates’ clothes in the laundry room.  

Purchase all washing machines in the laundry room if you want all prisoners to wear clean clothes in the bathroom facility after taking a shower. Don’t forget the detergent. It will reduce cleaning time and also add hygiene points.  

The cleaning staff or janitors will wash inmates’ uniform and then deliver the clean clothes from the laundry room to the shower between 4AM and 7AM in the morning. After taking shower, the prisoners will wear those clean clothes before heading to their cells.  

The laundry room is a big upgrade for health and hygiene of all inmates.  

Keep Premises and Cells Clean  

The dirtier your prison, the dirtier and less healthy all inmates will be. Hire janitors to make sure they clean every nook and corner of the prison and cell. Recruit enough janitors to clean the prison. The larger the prison, the more janitors you may need.  

Don’t forget to purchase cleaning products and equipment in the Maintenance Room. This will speed up cleaning of the entire prison.  

As you progress, you will unlock high security prisons and as the area will be larger, janitors need to clean all parts of the institution within the time limit stipulated as per the strict schedule. This is why it’s crucial to upgrade cleaning products and equipment in the Maintenace room to ensure faster cleaning.   

How to Improve Health of Inmates  

In Prison Empire Tycoon, health is the most crucial indicator. It has a red plus sign. It is this indicator that falls pretty quickly if proper care is not given to inmates. You will notice that the health indicator (Red Plus Symbol) in the overall stress level page will always be one of the first indicators to decrease. Lower health isn’t good news and often is the reason behind riots among inmates.  

A prisoner’s health is decreased because of the following reasons:  

A fight with a fellow prisoner in a cell. This brawl is not related to riot and will be a single isolated event.  

Eating low quality food in the dining hall. 

Dirty cells and premises. 

Unclean clothes. 

Low hygiene. 

Here’s how you can boost health of all prisoners:  

Install and upgrade gym items such as bench press and pull up bars in the prison yard. When inmates work out, their health gauge (red plus symbol) will increase.  

The gym improves inmates health

Purchase all three sinks (tap icon) in the Kitchen. This adds health +3 health points when prisoners eat their meals.  

Build the Infirmary. Costs 75K. Make sure you have at least 80K before building one. Add beds and medicine. Injured or sick prisoners will arrive at the infirmary.

Treating injured or ill prisoners in the Infirmary

Max out beds in case there are several prisoners. Install Defibrillators. You can also build an additional operating room for very sick inmates. It costs 12500 money.  

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