Ragnarok Labyrinth: Guide to All Classes and Skills

In Ragnarok Labyrinth, a player begins his/her adventure with a novice character class.  Having only two skills – First Aid (Active skill – Restores HP instantly) and Combat mastery (passive skill – Increases attack power), it won’t be easy to survive the onslaught of several enemies. However, it would be easy to beat enemies in the beginning with the novice class.

Once you reach job level 5 in Ragnarok Labyrinth, there will be an opportunity for a class change.  This will be your first job change. Keep fighting enemies and boss monsters on the fields in adventure mode to earn Job EXP and you will reach job level 5 in no time.

In Ragnarok Labyrinth, there are four classes in the first job change. Here’s a detailed description of each class along with their skills. Active skills have a cool down time. During manual combat, you can use an active skill again once the cool down time is over.

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High STR melee fighter. Has an excellent offensive and defensive power.

Active Skills

Bash: Unleashes a powerful attack to deal max physical damage to enemy. Has a chance to inflict stun (Status Effect). When stun is inflicted to an enemy, his movement is restricted.

Magnum Break: Dash at the enemy at full speed and unleash fire explosion. Enemies hit by the explosion will receive mixed DMG. Cooldown time – 10.5 seconds.

Passive Skills

Energy HP Regen: Increases HP regeneration by improving natural healing ability. Will slowly heal at a certain rate. The higher the level the faster the regen rate.

Endure: Increases magic defense and status effect (Stun).


Unleashes magic attack. His skills are based on four elements of nature – Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. A Magician possesses only active skills.

Active Skills

Fire Bolt: Shoots fire element magic orbs towards enemies. Has the chance to inflict burning (Status Effect). If burning is inflicted, then the enemy will keep receiving damage proportional to his max HP.

Cold Bolt: Shoots water element magic orbs at enemies. Has the chance to inflict freeze (Status effect). When freeze is inflicted, it slows down enemy movement and attack speed.

Lightning Bolt: Shoots wind element magic orbs to deal magic damage to enemies. . Has a chance to inflict stun (status effect).

Stone Bolt: Shoots earth element magic orbs to deal damage to enemies. Chance to inflict stun.


Known for his fast attacks and agility, the Thief attacks enemies at extreme speed. The Thief class is strong in Agility and Luck attributes.

Active Skills

Envenom: Deals physical damage using poison. Chances to inflict poison (status effect) during combat if this skill is activated. When an enemy is inflicted with poison, his magic damage is reduced and he receives damage over a period of time proportional to his max HP.

Sightless Mind: Dashes towards enemies to deal physical and magic damage (Mixed damage).

Double Attack: This passive skill is activated when you equip a dagger to your character. There’s a very high chance of multi-hit attack.

Passive Skill

Increase Luk: Increases LUK (Luck) but also decreases Flee rate.


Specializes in long ranged attacks. One of her skills deal area of effect damage to enemies.

Active Skills

Double Strafe: Deal physical and magic damage to an enemy by shooting two arrows at the same time.

Arrow Shower: Deal physical area of effect damage by raining down arrows at the enemy.

The archer needs to be equipped with bow to use the above skills.

Passive Skills

Improves concentration: Increases attack speed.

Owl’s Eye: Increases physical attack damage and hit rate.

Second Job

You can go for another class change in Ragnarok Labyrinth when you reach job level 30. You will get to choose a class from eight classes. Here’s everything you need to know about all jobs and their skills:


High STR/AGI class. Excellent frontline warrior.


Charge attack: Dashes into enemy to deal high physical and magic damage.

Concentration: Increases attack power, but reduces physical damage until this skill is active.


Two Hand Quicken: You will need a two-hand sword to activate this passive skill. Once active, the attack speed increases.

Berserk: Increases movement speed and attack power but there’s a decrease in evasion rate.


Tank class. Highly defensive. Can take damage inflicted to allies and block enemy attacks.

Active Skills

Holy Cross: Unleashes “Holy Cross” attack to deal physical damage to enemies. Has a chance to inflict Silence (status effect). When “Silence” is inflicted, enemy’s skill use is disabled.

Sacrifice: Boosts attack power for a certain period and take damage unleashed by enemies on allies.


Spear Quicken: Equip two-handed spear to your character to increase attack speed.
Auto Guard: Increases the chances to block enemy attacks.


Support class that restores HP of allies and increases their combat speed by dancing and singing. High dexterity class. Ranged character.

Active Skills

Arrow Vulcan: Continuously shoots at enemies dealing physical and magic damage to enemies.

Acoustic Rhythm: Plays the courage hymn to restore ally’s HP. Restored HP is proportionate to Intelligence attribute of the ally.

Impressive Riff: Plays the tune of assassin to increase ally’s attack speed over a period of time.

Passive Skill

Focus Ballet: Increases critical attack rate and hit rate by getting into rhythm of battle.


Specializes in long-range combat and is the perfect character to choose if you are serious about winning boss battles, especially the tougher ones.


Phantasmic Arrow: Equip a bow to activate this skill. Deal massive physical damage to enemies when your character shoots a phantasmic arrow. Also has a greater chance to inflict stun (status effect). When stun in inflicted, all movement is restricted.

Arrow Repel: Fire a powerful arrow through enemies to deal max physical damage.


Beast Bane: Increase damage dealt to big monsters

Vulture’s Eye: Increase your ranged weapon’s range so that your character can shoot from a fair distance.


This class provides the best of both worlds – physical and magic! You will have access to six skills if you choose this class.


Earth Spike: Casts a spell where spikes crop up from the ground, where the enemy is standing. Deals magic damage. There’s also a chance of inflicting stun.

Heaven’s Drive: The ground surrounding the enemy explodes, dealing magic damage to enemies. Has a chance to inflict stun.

Endow Quake: Increases your magician class ally’s fire, water, earth element attack power.


Advanced Staff: You will have to equip a staff to your character to activate this passive skill. Once you do this, it will increase attack speed and physical attack power.

Magic Rod: Equip staff to reduce damage taken from enemies.

Free Cast: Boosts movement speed and increases magic attack power.


Expert in both short and long range combat. Has excellent melee combat skills.


Sand Attack: Deals both physical and magic damage to enemies by throwing sand at them. There’s also a chance to inflict stun.

Double Strafe: Shoots two arrows at the same time, dealing physical and magic damage.


Snatcher: Utilizes thief’s skills to increase item drop rate from defeated enemies.

Intimidate: Uses the stealing skill to employ a skill from the first job change.


Uses poisoned weapons to deal deadly damage to enemies. Has the ability to penetrate, inflicting deep wounds.


Sonic Blow: Fast-paced attack to enemies. Deals physical damage. Has a chance to inflict stun.

Grimtooth: Dashes into enemies to deal grave physical damage. Chance to inflict poison damage.


Train Lefthand: Equip a dagger to your character to increase critical attack and attack speed.

Train Righthand: Equip a dagger to augment physical attack power.

Equipping Skills

You will need to equip active and passive skills to use them. Active skills are automatically used I adventure mode. You will have to manually use active skills while fighting bosses in Labyrinth Island.  

Once you choose a class, it’s time to equip skills:

Tap on Menu > Skill

You will notice locked skills beside your class name.

Tap on a locked skill to level it up. Leveling up a skill for the first time will unlock it. You will need a skill point to level up a skill. Level up to obtain skill points. You can then spend these points to level up. Earn Job and base EXP in the adventure mode during combat and boss battles. Defeat enemies to earn them.

You will have to move the unlocked skill to the skill slot to use it.

Tap on the skill under your current class on the top and then tap on “+” on the bottom, beside “Skill Preset” to equip it.

You can equip up to 4 skills. To unlock additional slots under “Skill Preset”, you will need “Nyangvine”. This is a premium currency. You might earn it from the wheel of fortune (requires poring coins).

Another way to earn Nyangvine in Ragnarok Labyrinth is by completing certain event tasks. Tap on Event > Tree to claim them as rewards. You will have to stay online for several minutes to earn them. The highest you can get is 35 Nyangvine if you play this game for straight 360 minutes.

Endless tower is also another event mode that lets you earn Nyangvine.

Delete Character/Start Again

In Ragnarok Labyrinth, you can start right from the beginning or delete your current character. Here’s how to do this:

Tap on Share on the lower-left corner of the screen.

Go to “Share registration” and press the “register share” button.

Press the change button next to “stop share for rewards”.

You can add a new character on the open slots or delete the current character.

To unlock more character slots, you will have to move to a new field after defeating all bosses in the current field.

To get a list of fields and a list of bosses/rewards in each field, tap on “Adventure” on the upper-right corner of the screen.

How to Choose the Best Class

In Ragnarok Labyrinth, each class has six attributes: Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), Vitality (VIT), Intelligence (INT), Dexterity (DEX) and Luck (LUK).

STR affects melee attack. High STR means high attack rate.

AGI affects attack speed. How quick your character will attack an enemy.

VIT affects HP and Regen.

INT affects magic attacks. Higher In, higher magic attack.

DEX affects ranged attack and hit rate. You will notice high DEX for ranged classes.

LUK affects stat-related CRIT rate. Higher the luck, higher the crit. rate chance.

When choosing a character, pay attention to the spider web chart on the top-left corner of the class selection screen. All 6 attributes are plotted on the spider web chart.

The blue spokes inside the chart display the strengths and weaknesses of a particular character. A spoke stretched and pointed close to a particular attribute shows the class’s strength of the attribute:

Take the example of the Swordman class. The spoke is pointed at STR. This displays that this character class has high ATK and damage when he attacks enemies.

Attributes also affect a character skill. Always keep an eye on to the attribute spider web chart before choosing a job.

Those were a list of classes and class skills in Ragnarok Labyrinth (until 2nd Job). Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Before choosing a class, always pay attention to the accompanying skills and the spider web chart.

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