Raising Archangel Guide: Tips and Strategies

Raising Archangel is a fully idle role-playing game from Super Planet, creators of super popular games like Evil Hunter Tycoon and Lucid Adventure.  

Your angel will keep fighting enemies, defeating monsters and bosses automatically. You don’t have to do anything, except make her more powerful by reinforcing her stats and equipment. There are other features, such as skills and relics, which need some focus once you start confronting tougher enemies and bosses.  

Raising Archangel Tips and Strategies

There are several game modes under “Battle” such as Dungeon and the Infinity Tower. There’s also a PvP “Arena” mode, where you can test your character’s skills against a random human opponent. The game provides over 50 different kinds of equipment. There are also relics that offer buffs to your character.  

Raising Archangel is very addictive. You can follow the in-game quests or read our beginner-level guide to know how to make your character super strong.   

Reinforce Crucial Stats 

You will need a powerful archangel to defeat monsters and bosses. To make your archangel stronger, go to stats and reinforce these stats – ATK, CRIT Damage and CRIT Rate. You will need lots of gold to reinforce (level up) CRIT DMG and CRIT rate, so you should also reinforce gold acquisition in the same menu. Gold can be easily acquired from defeated monsters.  

Your character keeps fighting monsters even when you are offline, accumulation lots of gold. Gold will be accumulated for max 480 mins. When you are back in the game, you can double the amount of gold by watching a 30-sec video.  

Play PvP matches to get lots of gold, even when you are defeated!  

“Pick” and Equip Weapon and Accessories  

As you progress, your archangel will need powerful weapons and accessories to defeat bosses. To equip weapon and accessories, you will first have to “pick” them.  

On the battle screen, tap on the “Pick” treasure chest icon and then purchase a weapon or accessory under “random pick”. You will need at least 100 diamonds/gems to pick at least 5 random weapons. You will also need 100 diamonds each to acquire 5 random rings, pendants or earrings. Accessories improve key stats, such as ATK and moving speed.  

Once you have picked weapons, tap on the “Bag” on the bottom of the screen and select the highest tier equipment from your inventory. Your inventory will list all items you have picked so far. You may also compare the stats of weapons, rings and other equipment in your inventory before equipping the strongest item to your character.  

How to get Diamonds 

In Raising Archangel, diamonds are required to purchase weapon and accessories from the “pick” menu. You will also need diamonds to acquire relic boxes. Here are some ways to get diamonds for free:  

Complete quests. Tap on the quest tab to find a series of quests. Claim diamonds for all completed quests. Pay attention to the exclamation mark on the quest tab on the bottom of the battle screen. A red exclamation mark suggests that a quest is completed. Don’t forget to claim your diamonds for each completed quest.  

Go to “Store” > Free Diamonds”. Tap on the watch ads to acquire them for free.  

Always check the gift box. You can find the red box on the top-right corner of the screen. I just received a whopping 5000 diamonds as newbie rewards via the gift box. You should also get the same. Make sure you claim all rewards as the storage period is limited.   

Login daily to get diamonds as rewards on certain days. The attendance rewards change every month. Play the game every day to claim your daily rewards via the calendar icon on the upper-right corner of the screen.  

You will get around 100 diamonds when you reach a new level. Keep battling monsters, earn XP and level up. Keep an eye on your current level, which is displayed on the top-right corner of the screen.  

Spin the daily roulette and you might get up to 1500 diamond if you are lucky. There are also other rewards, such as skull tickets for opening relic boxes and keys for battling monsters in dungeon levels. The roulette can be found in the upper-right corner of the screen.  

You might get diamonds, among other rewards if you reach level milestones under “Free Pass”. Tap on “Battle Pass” to access the free section and pay attention to the level milestones to claim your rewards. You will have to reach a certain level to reach free pass milestones.  

For example: You can claim x200 diamonds from the free pass, once you reach level 10.  

Keep battling enemies to acquire EXP and level up. Your current level is displayed on the top-left corner of the screen.  

How to Reinforce/Upgrade Weapons and Items  

Once you have picked a weapon or an accessory, it’s time to make it more powerful. You can reinforce/upgrade equipment using green crystals.  

To reinforce a weapon, tap on “Bag”, swipe the screen to move to the equipped weapon/accessory and press the purple button on the item card. You will need at least 100 green crystals if you are reinforcing an equipment for the first time. The crystal requirement will then increase by a certain amount every time you reinforce it. 

You will get green crystals from the following:  

When you “pick” random weapons or accessories using diamonds, you will get crystals as bonus reward along with your equipment.  

Fight monsters in dungeons in “Battle” mode to earn them. Or you can clear a floor in the infinity tower in the battle mode to get lots of those crystals.  

Upgrade Skills Using Red Crystals 

You can reinforce or level up your archangel’s existing skills using red crystals. To do this, go to “Stats” and tap on the “Skill” button.  

Tap on the “reinforce” button to upgrade a skill. The skill section shows both passive and active skills.  

You can acquire red crystals from dungeon levels in “Battle” mode. You may also get them from the infinity tower.  

Note: To use an active skill, tap on its icon on the left side of the battle screen. After using a skill, there will be a cooldown time of 60 seconds before you can use it again.  

Additional skills can be used, but you will have to watch a 30-sec video or spend 50 diamonds to unleash them.  

How to Get Keys for Infinity Tower and Dungeon Levels 

You will need keys to play a dungeon level or attempt the infinity tower floor in Raising Archangel. To get them, follow these steps:  

Spin the daily roulette to get a chance to acquire keys.  

Play the game daily to obtain attendance rewards. You will get keys on certain days.  

Don’t forget to check the gift box. It might contain keys as rewards for completing certain special quests. 

Reach a certain player level and earn milestone rewards, which includes keys, from the “Free Pass”. Tap on “Battle Pass” to access free pass to find out at what level you will obtain keys. 

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