Idle Sports City Tycoon Guide: Tips and Strategies

Idle Sports City Tycoon is an excellent incremental game from Pixodust, creators of popular clicker/idle games like Rocket Star and Idle Museum Tycoon. It combines city management elements with idle game elements.  Your goal is to become the richest sports entrepreneur. To make this possible, you will have to construct an entire city only dedicated to sports fans. Build stadiums, such as the car racing track, a tennis court, swimming pool and a lot more. Host sports events, get the much-needed investment to expand your city from investors.  

Sports City Tycoon

Once you have enough money, you can start building a brand-new city complete with various new sports, events and lots of challenges. These Idle Sports City Tycoon tips and strategies will help you get boosts, increase earnings from stadiums, keep fans happy and expand your city. 

Manage the Entrance 

As you build more and more stadiums, you will attract lots of sports fans. To accommodate all of them in your sports city, you must manage the entrance efficiently. Tap on your city entrance to upgrade.  

City Entrance

Start by improving the wait time. Before entering the city, fans get to an entrance line to buy a ticket. It takes some time buying a ticket as shown by the icon on top of a fan. And with several more standing in a queue to enter the city, it will take more time to enter the city. If you want to speed up the time taken to buy tickets, you must improve wait time.  

You second-most important improvement should be to add more queues. When you start building two or more stadiums, fans will rush into the city to watch them. A single queue can’t handle several fans, most of them will leave the city angrily. In such circumstance, it’s important to building additional queues to accommodate more fans into the city.  

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Upgrade a Stadium’s Earnings, Seating and Queue Capacity 

Your goal in Idle Sports City Tycoon is to give the best sporting experience to fans and increase profits at the same time. Here are some ways to improve stadium quality and earn more profits:  

Tap on a stadium and tap on the “upgrade” button beside “Earnings”. This will increase profits each time fans watch your matches and leave.  

Stadium Upgrades

Fans don’t like to wait in a queue, which is why you should also increase seating so that a greater number of fans enter the stadium to watch a match. Tap upgrade beside “Increase Seating” to add more seats.  

You may have noticed that fans lining up in front of a stadium, but some leave angrily (check the angry emoji above them). This is because of less queue capacity of that stadium. If you want more fans to stand in a queue, you must upgrade “Improve Queue”.  

Example: if a sports stadium shows “8” under queue. It means that only eight people can stand in a queue, the rest will leave. To increase this number, you will have to upgrade queue capacity. 

Know Your Fans Mood and Feedback 

Your goal is to provide an excellent live sports viewing experience to fans, and this is why you should also know their feedback to check if you are managing your city well.  

Fan's Mood/Feedback
Tap on Emoji to know a fan’s mood

Many times, you will notice happy or angry emojis above a fan. Tap on the emoji to know their mood. They will provide valuable feedback, such as no more space available on the queue of a particular stadium, can’t watch the match or enter the stadium etc. This will give you a clear idea that the stadium queue capacity or whether seating needs to upgraded.  

Rank Up Stadium Earnings 

Max out a stadium’s earnings level to increase profits substantially. When the gauge above the earnings section is filled up, you rank up a stadium’s earnings and improve profits drastically, but by a certain percentage. 

Get These Boosts Fast to Earn Bonus Income 

Idle Sports City Tycoon is quite generous with its boosts. You can rake in lots of cash in a matter of minutes if you make the most of them:  

The first boost is the “VIP”. Having the appearance of a gold biscuit, it pops up on the right side of the screen. Tap on the VIP to get access to Investor Rewards. Watch an advert to get a lot of in-game cash from your investors. The VIP button appears at regular intervals, so keep an eye on it.  

The second boost is named “Advertisement Campaign”. It doubles earnings from all stadiums for up to six hours. If you have built a lot of stadiums and upgraded their “Earnings”, then this boost will be immensely useful for you.  

Tap on the loudspeaker on the bottom of the screen. Next, press the “Watch” button to increase earnings x2. If you watch a single video, the earnings increase will remain for an hour. You can increase the x2 boost time a maximum of 6 hours by watching six videos on a trot.  

Obtain Bonuses from Signboards and Stalls 

Signboards are scattered across the city, pointing to each stadium. Tap on a signboard (orange hand) when a dollar appears above it to get bonus cash.  

Stalls are usually placed close to the city entrance. Tap on the popcorn stall whenever a dollar appears above it to collect bonus cash.  

Complete the Easiest Quests First  

Another great way to get bonus cash for your city! 

Quests are in the form of “to-do lists”. Tap on the notepad icon on the bottom to get a list of quests.  

Finish the easiest ones first and tap on the notepad again to claim completion rewards. 

Pay Attention to Sports Events 

In Idle Sports City Tycoon, events give a temporary boost to ongoing matches in a stadium.  

Events are sport-based. So, there will be a special tennis event, a swimming event or an athletic event. New events are unlocked when you add a new stadium in your city.  

Sports Events

Tap on the calendar on the lower-right side of the screen to get a list of events. They usually last a few minutes and give temp bonuses, such as increase in earnings, faster matches so that fans don’t have to stand in a queue outside a stadium for long etc.  

To host a sport event, just tap on the calendar and tap on the “Host” button beside the top-most event. Please note that each event has a time limit and you will have to host one before time’s up. The countdown timer can be seen below the host button.  

Tip: Host all events in the list to get a bonus reward, which includes coins used for epic upgrades.  

Go for Epic Upgrades  

Epic upgrades are global upgrades that affect the entire city as against a single stadium or the entrance.  

Here are some of best epic upgrades:  

  • Extended work hours: Increases the max offline time by certain minutes. The max offline time (the time when you are not playing the game) to get idle profits is 2 hours. Upgrading this will extend the offline time by several minutes. Requires 25 coins.  
  • Angel Investors: Increase the investor rewards (VIP) bonus by a certain percentage. 40 coins.  
  • Improved Walkways: Increase fan’s movement speed by a certain percentage. Upgrading this will allow fans to move between stadiums faster. 75 coins  
  • Golden Tickets: Permanently increase all stadiums’ earnings by a certain percentage. 20 coins.  
  • Improved Facilities: Decrease match time by a certain percentage. Matches will finish faster, allowing lesser time on queues. 50 coins.  
  • Cheaper Materials: Decrease the upgrade costs of all stadiums by a certain percentage. 100 coins.  

Of these upgrades, purchase Golden Tickets upgrade and the Angel Investor upgrade first as they will increase income from your city.  

How to get Coins 

Like I said earlier, gold coins are used to purchase epic upgrades in Idle Sports City Tycoon. While they can be seen as premium currency, you can get them for free. Here are some of the ways to earn them:  

The game offers 25 gold coins for free after introducing epic upgrades.  

Finish certain quests to earn them.  

Login daily and you might get some coins on certain days.  

Complete all sports events in a day to get bonus rewards of 15 coins. 

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