Summoner’s Era Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Summoner’s Era is one of the best idle role-playing games like AFK Arena. Fans of role-playing games will love auto-battles, AFK rewards, weapon tier system and a plethora of battle-ready heroes. Much of gameplay revolves around campaign battles, but there are other modes, such as Dragon tower that grants higher quality rewards as you advance to higher floors, a PvP auto-battle arena mode and a dungeon mode.  

Summoner's Era

Battles are automatic, but there is some strategy involved. You must select the right heroes for the front and back slots, make the most of companion buffs and faction restrain to vanquish enemies. These are many other features are explained in our Summoner’s Era guide. You will also find a few tips and strategies that will help you defeat tougher monsters, craft high quality weapons and armor and summon heroes.  

Team Formation Plays an Important Role During Combat 

Auto-battles against AI monsters takes place in the campaign mode.  

Tap on “campaign” and then tap on “Battle”. You will be taken to the team formation screen where you can place your heroes on empty slots in the front and back row.  

Team formation screen

Before placing heroes on the front and back row, decide which hero class should be placed on the empty slots.  

Always place high-armor, high-HP warrior units on the front. Enemies will launch basic attacks on the front row units and then attack back units once the front row units are vanquished, so a more powerful front row army can absorb more damage than weaker ranger or priest units.  

Warriors should be the preferred choice, followed by assassins. Note that warriors’ stats, especially HP and Armor will always be a tad higher than Assassin’s HP and armor stats.  

You can place high damage-dealing rangers and mages on the back row. Support units, such as priests should always be placed on the back row.  

Place your Best Heroes on the Front and Back Row to Take Advantage of Stats Boost 

Choosing stronger heroes for your team formation is the best way to augment their stats. As you already know, ATK stats will increase for heroes that are placed in the back row and HP will increase for those placed on the front row.  

Choosing higher-ranked (4-stars and above) and higher-class character on the front and back row will further boost their damage-dealing and helth stats.   

Delay Idle Rewards to Gain More Items  

On the idle battle screen, you will notice heroes fighting enemies on their own. They will keep fighting in this area to gain more resources over time. If you tap on the treasure chest every few minutes, you will only receive coins, summoner’s XP and hero XP. These three resources are crucial to level up heroes and summoner.  

Idle Earnings
Max AFK earnings

You will gain summoner EXP only from the treasure chest and if you need to level up faster to unlock new features, you should tap on the chest every 15-30 minutes to gain player EXP. Summoners’ level or player level can be found on the top-left corner of the home screen. You will unlock new features when you reach certain summoner level.  

However, if you want to get weapons, armor and other items as well as very higher amount of gold and XP, you should wait for some hours. Please note that the idle treasure chest keeps accumulating up to eight hours of idle rewards. So, if you wait for 8 hours, you will get maximum amount of resources, plus weapons, armor and accessories.  

How to get Companion Buffs 

You will activate “companion buffs” in Summoner’s Era when you deploy 3 or more heroes of the same faction. Factions are color-coded. There are six factions and each hero belong to a particular faction. These factions are Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Aqua.  

On the team formation screen, pay attention to the companion tree on the bottom-left corner of the screen. If it lights up, then you have successfully activated a companion boost. There are four conditions for activating companion buffs. Check out the conditions in the chart below:  

Companion Buff

Example: If you have deployed 3 heroes of the red faction and 2 heroes of the blue action, you will unlock companion buff as shown in the above chart. This buff grants +15 percent Armor, +15 percent HP and +15 percent ATK to all heroes in the team.  

Take Advantage of Faction Restrain 

“Faction Restrain” is just another word for elemental advantage. Like I said before, each hero belongs to a certain color-coded faction (Red, Blue, Purple etc.). Monsters also belong to a particular faction. There are six factions in this game.  

A hero’s faction is stronger/weaker than enemy’s faction. If you have deployed heroes of the red faction and if the enemies deployed on the battlefield are of green faction, then your heroes will deal 30 percent more damage and their accuracy in attacking enemies will increase by 15 percent. The faction color is shown just above a hero or monster.  

The chart below explains faction restrain is a clear manner: 

Faction Restrain

You can take advantage of faction restrain in Summoners’ Era even before attempting a battle level. Just make sure you have collected lots of heroes and the strongest of them belong to all factions:  

Tap on campaign and then tap on the green battle button.  

On the team formation screen, tap on the “Enemy” arrow button. It’s located on the extreme right side of the screen.  

You will see all enemies on the right side of the screen. It shows all enemies you will be facing in the next battle. Check their level above them. You will notice that their level is colored. The color is their faction color. So, if there’s red color above all enemies, it means they belong to the red faction and the best way to deal more damage to them is to deploy heroes that belong to the blue faction because blue > red (check the above chart). 

Upgrade Heroes and Equip Weapon/Armor to Them 

Upgrading heroes increases their main stats – ATK, Armor and HP. You will need Hero XP to level up characters. Obtain hero EXP from campaign mode and the idle treasure chest.  

Equip weapon, armor and accessories to your heroes. Tap on “Heroes” on the bottom right corner of the screen and then tap on a hero portrait. Next, tap on the sword tab beside “info”. You will notice several empty spaces where you can equip gear to increase hero stats. These empty spaces have a green “+” sign when an equipment is available.  

Equip high-tier weapons to heroes

When you equip a new weapon to a hero, you will increase his/her ATK. The higher the ATK, the higher damage you deal to monsters.  

When an armor is equipped to a hero, it increases HP and Damage Reduction. Your heroes will become tougher.  

Equip helmet to a hero to increase Armor and HP. Your hero will absorb more damage and his health will increase. The greater number of stars in a helmet, the higher will be the HP and armor points gained from it.  

Jewelries, such as rings, increases accuracy and dodge. You will gain more CRIT damage and chances of dodging attacks will be higher for high tier jewelry (high tier = more stars).  

Forge High Tier Equipment 

In Summoner’s Era, you can forge high tier equipment by using low tier equipment and gold. Go to the blacksmith to craft high tier weapons. Low tier weapons have fewer stars. If you want to forge a 2-star “Sharp Spear” weapon, you will need 1000 gold and three 1-star longish spear weapon.  

Find low tier weapons in campaign stages and idle treasure chest. You can also get them from “Check-in” rewards so don’t forget to play this game every day to claim daily login rewards.  

Summon Heroes 

You can get powerful heroes through the “Summon” portal. Tap on it to get your free summons under Basic and Premium summon. You will get 1 free basic and premium summon each day.  

Summon Heroes

Under basic summon, you can get a 1-5-star hero, although chances of obtaining a 5-star hero is less.  

Under premium summon, you can obtain 3-5-star heroes. There is a guaranteed chance of getting a 3-star hero.  

Under friendship summon, you can obtain a random 2-5-star hero, with a high chance of obtaining 3-star heroes followed by 2-star heroes.  

Once you have used the free options, you will need basic summon scrolls for the basic summon, premium summon scrolls for premium summon and hearts for friendship summons.  

Complete daily quests (bound book), certain achievements (trophy) to get basic summon scrolls.  

To get premium summon scrolls, play the “Dragon Tower” and reach certain floors to get those purple premium scrolls. For example, defeat all enemies in floor 10 in the dragon tower to get premium scrolls. 

If you have pre-registered for this game, just open “Mail” to claim 5 premium summon scrolls.  

Purchase premium scrolls using gems at the black market.  

Get Heroes from Fragments

Besides summoning heroes from the portal, you can get heroes from fragments. Certain boss stages in the campaign mode grant hero fragments, which can be used to unlock a new hero. to gain a new hero from a fragment, tap on “Bag” and then tap on “Fragment” to unlock a new hero.  

How to Earn Gems for Free 

Gems are used to purchase some of the most important items in the Black Market. These are premium scrolls used to summon new heroes, ancient potions used to evolve heroes and 4-star hero fragments to unlock new heroes. The black market refreshes every 24 hours, so check daily to find new items. Gems are also used to reset character. Resetting a character returns the total amount of resources like gold and hero XP used to upgrade your hero.  

Here are some ways to get gems for free in Summoner’s Era:  

Some daily quests grant gems. Complete them to claim your rewards. To access quests, tap on the hardbound book. It is located on the bottom-left corner of your home screen.  

You can also watch videos to earn free gems. This option is available just beside the “Quest” book located on the lower-left corner of the screen. You will get 20 gems if you watch an ad. Keep watching ads to get 20 gems per video until there are no video options for the day.  

Tap on “Check-in” on the upper left side of the screen. Under this option, you will get a list of daily rewards. You will obtain a whopping 125 gems on certain days (day 1, day 5, day 7, day 9) under check-in rewards. Make sure you play the game every day to claim your rewards.    

Pre-registration rewards

If you have pre-registered for Summoner’s War, then you can claim your pre-reg rewards, which contains 200 gems and 5 premium scrolls. Just tap on “Mail” to claim your rewards.  

Level up to obtain gems. Earn EXP from offline earnings to level up. Go to campaign and then tap on the treasure chest to claim idle earnings. Make sure you delay claiming the offline earning chest for a couple of hours to get more EXP and other rewards.  

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