The 10 Best Games like AFK Arena

There are quite a few idle games available on the Google Play Store. The popular old-school acronym “AFK” or “Away from Keyboard is used extensively for such games. This is because characters in an AFK game just won’t stop even when you are not playing. They will keep fighting enemies, exploring unchartered locations and earning gear, coins, crafting materials and EXP when you are not active or away from your smartphone. Once you are back into the game, you can claim all those rewards, witch which you can make your characters more powerful.  

Best idle games like AFK Arena

AFK Arena is one such popular away from keyboard game. With graphics straight out of a pop-up fairy tale book, this hero-collecting Gacha RPG has auto-combat. However, players will have to unleash devastating skills by tapping on the screen. The game lets you build a team of heroes and experiment with various squad formations and strategies. You can idle away after 10-15 minutes of play. The game keeps churning abundant items and rewards when you are not playing.  

There are so many games like AFK Arena on Android that it can be difficult to find a good “idler”. We have done all the hard work for you. Here’s a rundown of some of the best games that offer rewards for your inactivity: 

Ode to Heroes 

Ode to Heroes is an easy to play idle game! Wherever you are, you can enjoy the adventure as you explore the in-game world even when you are not playing.  

Ode to Heroes

But guess what, it’s not a complete AFK game. Strike a balance between attacking, controlling and healing your characters when in battle. Use your items wisely to create the most synergetic team as possible. And while you are offline, the game never will be. 

Play cooperatively with other players around the world to build the fiercest guild in the world. Work together to take down powerful enemies. Compete for glory, compete for your guild makes, compete for yourself.  

With Heroes – Idle RPG 

Become part of the fight, but not just any fight. See the heroes and villains from history and fantasy alike come alive! Form your team of unique characters and sit back and relax as they battle on.  

With Heroes

Build a team of warriors, supporters, mages, assassins and rangers and send them on quests, into dangerous dungeons and push into the colosseum to compete for honor. Team up with players from around the world to create the strongest guild and strive for victory on the battlefield. 

Evolve your characters, upgrade your equipment and work your way to victory. Increase your team’s combat power to take down Bosses and other players, as you compete to be the best in the world. Read our With Heroes Guide to know how to create the strongest team and defeat enemies.  

Ulala: Idle Adventure 

Ulala: Idle Adventure is one of the best games like AFK Arena for the Android device. Set in the Stoneage world, this idle role-laying game lets you build a team of cavemen or women, fight prehistoric monsters and even capture pets.  

When you are not playing, your team keeps hunting animals for shells, food, gems and gear. You can claim them all when you are back into the game. If you remain inactive for a long time, you will get better offline rewards.  

Ulala Idle Adventure

Ulala has bright, anime-like graphics. Prehistoric monsters, animals and characters are extremely well designed. Despite being an idle game, there are lots of things to do when you are active, such as creating team strategies against boss monsters, cooking foods for capturing pets and playing various game modes. If you haven’t downloaded this game, you should do it immediately!  

More Clicker Games:

Summoners Era  

The forces of evil are once again gathering so summon your gods, demons, orcs, elves and titans to do battle. Build your team to fight in the arena even when you aren’t there. Let them train without your watchful eye.  

Summoner's Era

Summon new characters to fight for you. With 6 different factions of characters who have unique abilities and skill sets, create your strategy and find the best way to win. Concur the realm from dungeons to towers, to arena raids.  

Work cooperatively with players from around the world to win Global Awards. Become a distinguished member of the gaming society as you reach for the top! Defeat your enemies in the arena and plan your strategy wisely, so the game works hard while you hardly work. 

Get to know about this game in our Summoner’s Era Guide.  

Idle Master 3D

When the heroes fail you are called in to defeat the Demon Lord and save the princess. Gather your forces and work together to defeat the Demon Lord in this epic, but casual AFK game, using unique 3D heroes in combination with your own ingenuity to battle through this turn-based adventure.  

Idle Master

The great part about Android AFK games is that you can be battling while offline, collecting valuable resources and gaining experience points. Adjust your strategy as you play to find the best combination of characters.    

AFK Cats 

Meow! Ever wondered what a cat would be like in a steampunk universe? No? Well you’re looking at it anyway! These cute but ferocious felines must get together to take down the evil, the sinister, the ‘bad guy’…DOOMBA! The vacuum cleaner…  

AFK Cats

This devious machine could lead to the extinction of felines everywhere and is looking for complete world domination. Battle with your cats to grow stronger, develop your skills and create a pack of furry creatures to defeat the evil of the world.  

Farm resources nonstop with this idle game and upgrade your kitties as they continue to grow. Play either PvE with thousands of battle stages to work through or play PvP in the arena and be prepared to meet ‘the cat’s meow’. If you are looking for a game like AFK Arena, but want something unique, then this cat-themed game is for you.  


Urrgg… Urrrrrgg… Watch out as you try to survive Zombieland where the dead walk again. Crack your jokes as long as you’re also cracking skulls as you lead your squad against the undead. Build your squad of quirky characters and equip them with destructive weapons to wipe out the ever-growing zombie population. 


In Zombieland, you can collect some of your favorite characters from the film, but don’t sleep on the new players added to the post-apocalyptic world. Send out your teams to go looting because it’s the only way to survive in this dead world. Take to the road to visit Las Vegas, Atlanta and more in your journey to stay alive. 

Remember to shoot first and ask questions later. Don’t forget to double tap cause those suckers are hard to put down and keep down. They’ve already survived one death sentence and you’re here to give them their second and hopefully last one. 

Idle Mania 

If you are looking for a game like AFK Arena, then look no further. Idle Mania, with its unique 3D low-poly graphics is here to win the hearts of idle gamers.  

With over 150 characters and 6 different factions, unlock a world that has fallen into chaos and bring back peace and order. With the ability to still hunt for treasure for 24 hours while you are away from your device, you can rack up some great rewards in what feels like no time at all!  

Idle Mania

Unlock the 6 different factions made up of Lawful, Chaotic, Savage, Civilized, Harmonic and the Undead to create unique battle sets and combos. Use factions’ abilities and battle styles to create a synergetic team that can take down powerful enemies whether you are there or not. 

Be prepared to take on the challenge of worldly players in the 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5 gaming style. Work towards creating a steady balance between order and chaos, the world may depend on it. Join the fray and compete in high level tournaments against powerful enemies and climb your way to the top. 

If you have just started playing Idle Mania, check out what we have written:  

Crush Them All 

The less you play, the stronger you become. Say what? In Crush Them all, your job is to storm the evil throughout the land, crush your enemies and save the princess! With a click of your finger you can collect your heroes, level them up, find powerful gear and artifacts and traverse through this magical world. 

Be ready to explore through thousands of stages, join a guild and lead them to victory. Craft powerful weapons to use in raids and boost your hero’s powers.  

Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG 

If you are looking for team-based idle games like AFK arena, then you should definitely play Lucid Adventure: Idle RPG.   

After being ranked down, after losing everything you must train your characters to being number 1 again.  

Lucid Adventure Idle RPG

Recruit and utilize Warrior, Dark, Sora, Heart Healer and the cute Hohoians to battle in the arena.  Jump right into the idle world and enjoy the endless fun! Level up while idle, collect rewards just for logging in and watch as your characters grow stronger and stronger. 

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3 thoughts on “The 10 Best Games like AFK Arena”

  1. It’s time for you to remove Idle Mania from your list (and add X-Hero: Idle Avengers). I actually started playing Idle Mania based on your review above but found out after wasting 2 months playing that the Devs have abandoned it, followed by most of the active players. They continue to open new servers about once a month to entice new players to join, but each of those servers lose players rapidly and become stagnant. Literally within 2 months of playing, the new server I joined was down to 2 strong Clans and 1 weak one, with zero players to refill the openings.

    I have quit playing Idle Mania and am now playing X-Hero (which opened in Dec, 2020 and has over 1 million downloads already).

  2. Sad, you didn’t mention Auto Heroes, Mobile Legend: Adventure & Disney Wars (forgot the name).
    Those game exactly like AFK Arena, which is not turn based but actually brawl with more than one skill (like turn based game above).

  3. This list needs to be updated and optimized. First, if you really want to present games in the same style as AFK Arena, you need to review the concepts that they are not turn-based. The best AFK Arena games are: Mobile Legends Adventure, Mythic Heroes, TapTap Universe, Undead World, Order or Origin, and some with less hype… Like Panilla Saga having a more minimalist style but keeping the 5vs5 mode simultaneously unfortunately the latter has not been translated.


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