The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s is a different kind of an idle game. Created by East Side Games Studio, this game revolves around the life of three teenagers who want to be as cool and popular as their peers. One of them devises a plan to add friends in several hangouts. You will have to help them gain as many friends as possible, get to the top of the Cool List and earn rewards. These tips, tricks and strategies will help Adam, Barry and Erica Goldberg become the coolest kids on the block.  

Getting Started 

The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s’ core gameplay revolves around collecting cool points from hangouts and using those points to add friends. Cool points, symbolized by sunglasses, generate every few seconds. When ready, tap on the collect button in a hangout to obtain points.  

To add friends, tap on a hangout’s orange button. When you tap on the button, you will notice the friend bar above it filling up a bit. Continue tapping the orange button to fill the bar completely and you will get bonuses, such as character/hangout cards and tapes.  

Every time you tap on the orange button, you increase cool points. When the friends bar fully fills up, the number of cool points doubles.  

The main objective of this game is to reach the top ranks in the “Cool List” and the best way to do is to add more friends in each hangout. In each episode, your focus should be to add as many friends as possible using cool points. Besides that, don’t forget to complete your goals. At the end of each episode, the game shows how many steps you climbed up the list. Your rankings largely depend on the number of friends added at the end of an episode. The more friends you add, the higher your rankings.  

Hangouts are places where you collect cool points and add friends. You will unlock new hangouts in certain episodes. Make sure you finish episodes to unlock new hangouts.  

Levels are divided into episodes. Each episode has a set of goals or objectives displayed on the top of the screen. You will have to complete at least 10 goals to unlock a new episode. You will be given three goal options and you can start with any goal of your choice. When you finish that goal, a new one appears on the top of the screen. Multiple goal choices make it easier for players to pick the easiest goal and complete it. This way, they can complete all goals faster.  

When you finish a goal, you will get to see a cut-scene that helps in progressing the story. Cut-scenes will tickle your funny bone, so make sure you watch them to know what’s happening. Completing goals also grants card packs. These packs contain bonus cool points, tapes, character and hangout cards.  

Now that you know the basics in The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s game, let’s find out how to complete goals faster, reach higher rankings in the cool list, add more friends and get awesome rewards with the help of these tips, tricks and strategies.  

Automate Hangouts to Get offline Earnings 

Tapping on the collect button to get cool points in a hangout can be boring, especially when it’s an idle game. How about automating the hangout so that it keeps earning points for you even when you are not playing? You don’t even have to tap anything. Points keep accumulating and you will keep earn idle points even when you are away.   

Automating Earnings in The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s Game.

To automate a hangout, you will need certain characters that are connected to the hangout. You will unlock new characters after the end of each episode. Example: to automate earnings at the Gym, you will need Coach Mellor. When you have just started playing, you will be using Geoff Schwartz to automate all hangouts, but once you reach episode six, you might need certain characters that are connected to their respective hangouts.  

The automate button on each hangout turns green when you have the required number of cool points. When it turns green, just tap on the hangout and the game will choose the most relevant character that for that hangout.  

The Harder the Goal the Greater the Rewards  

You will have to complete 10 goals to reach a new episode. Three goals will be displayed on the top of the screen. You can focus on any one goal out of the three and start working on it. Goals range from the easiest to the hardest.  

You will get a bronze card pack for completing the first, the easiest goal, a silver card pack for completing the middle goal and a gold pack for completing the third goal. You can choose to work on any one out of three, but do remember that the higher the difficulty of the goal, the higher the card pack’s rank and in this case, the gold pack is the highest rarity pack which may contain more rewards and better-quality rewards than others.  

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Keep Adding Friends in each Episode  

Goals or no goals, you should continue tapping on the orange add friend button on each hangout to increase your friends count. This will ultimately help you rise up the ranks in the Cool List.

Add friends to reach the top of the cool list.

After completing all goals and finishing the Showdown mini-game, you will see all three kids reach higher ranks, but it all depends on the number of friends you have added throughout the episode. The higher the friend count in each episode, the higher will be the rankings.  

Get Perma Upgrades when a New Character Unlocks  

Like I said earlier, you must complete at least 10 goals to complete an episode in The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s game. You will then have to play a mini-game where you dodge objects thrown at you. Once you finish that mini-game, you might unlock a new character.

Permanent Upgrade when a new character unlocks

When unlocked, he/she is automatically placed on the hangout with which they are connected to. But that’s not all, the hangout will also get a permanent upgrade that doubles or even triples the number of cool points. This upgrade will permanently stay for future episodes. You will notice that the same hangout will earn more points right from the beginning as the perma upgrade stays for future episode.  

Upgrade Characters to Increase points Multiplier 

A character placed on a hangout affects its earnings. A character more relevant to a hangout is automatically placed on it. Example, when Leon Schimon is unlocked, the game will show you where he belongs. He will be automatically placed on the mall and this hangout will get a perma upgrade, which will permanently increase the number of points earned by the hangout in the current and future episodes. The perma upgrade multiplier will be x3 in the beginning, but you can increase this multiplier to rake in more points from a hangout if you upgrade a character of that hangout.  

Let’s take the example of Leon Schimon again. Wehn you unlock this character, the cool points earning from the mall will be tripled (x3). If you want to increase the multiplier from x3 to x9, you should have:  

– A certain number of duplicate Leon Schimon character cards 

– Tapes  

To know the requirements for upgrading a character and increasing the multiplier, tap on the tiny blue “i” button on a hangout. Next, tap on the “Characters” button on the hangout info screen (in this case the mall). Tap on “View” beside the first character. Now tap on upgrade. If you have the required number of Leon Schimon cards and tapes, he will be upgraded to level 2 and the multiplier will increase to x9, which means the mall will start earning 9 times more points in the current and future episodes.  

Level Up Hangouts to get Permanent Upgrades 

Like characters, you can also upgrade each hangout. You will need hangout cards and tapes to upgrade a hangout. You can permanently increase the points earnings through hangout upgrades for future episodes.     

How to get Tapes, Characters and Hangout Cards 

In The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s game, you will need cards to upgrade hangouts and duplicate character cards to upgrade characters. Tapes will be required to upgrade both hangouts and characters. Here are some ways to get them for free:  

Fill the friend’s meter above the orange “add friend” button in a hangout to get your rewards. Tap on the orange button until the meter fills up.  

Tap on the play button above media people outside Alvethorpe park, watch a video to get x25 tapes.  

Tap on the trio outside Alvethorpe park and exchange unwanted character cards with tapes.  

Free Card pack

From the Showdown Power mini-game, where you will be dodging objects thrown at you. Make sure you dodge objects maximum number of times before the timer runs out to get lots of tapes and cards. The showdown power mode appears once you have completed all goals in a particular episode.  

Complete goals to claim card packs, which contains character cards, hangout cards or tapes. You will also receive bonus cool points.  

From limited-time events. Tap the “Event” button on the right side of the screen. Events mimic the original gameplay but with a completely new theme. For example, the Arcade event is similar to the original, but you will be unlocking arcade machine hangouts, collect coins and add friends with those coins. Complete event goals shown on the top of the screen to get card packs, which may contain tapes and cards.  


From card packs. There are three types of card packs – Free, Gold and Legendary. Of these three, the free card pack can be opened every 60 minutes. It contains up to 410 tapes and up to 10 random cards. Both gold and legendary packs can be opened using gems.  

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