TV Empire Tycoon Guide: How to Avoid Strikes

In some big businesses, employee strikes are inevitable, but the employer has to seek certain measures to prevent their workers from going on strike.  

In TV Empire Tycoon, employees can be on strike if their happiness level is very low. They won’t return to the show unless you pay them a bonus.  

An employee on a strike will be very animated. He will protest on the streets, outside your television network building. There will be a red exclamation mark above him.  

Employees on strike in TV Empire Tycoon
A “striking” image of an employee on strike

If you don’t pay bonus to a striking employee on time, he will pause any ongoing show, which will lead to a “show delay” penalty and some amount will be deducted from the total income of your show.  

The employee (people icon) button on the bottom of the screen will turn red. Tap it and then tap on the “pay” button under the glowing red “TV show” tab to pay him/her bonus and bring them back to your show.  

Pay bonus to an employee
Pay bonus to an employee with zero happiness level to bring him back to the show

Pay Attention to the Employee Happiness Level 

Happiness levels of an employee play a crucial role in this game. A person with a very low level of happiness tends to go on a strike.  

To know the happiness level of an employee, tap the people tab on the lower-right corner of the screen. You will see a list of currently employed individuals and colored emojis next to them.  

A 100 percent level is max happiness and the emoji is in green. Whereas a “0 happiness level” is the lowest and this is when an employee goes on a strike. Sometimes, people go on a strike when their happiness level is very low but still hasn’t reached zero levels.  

Achieve a 100 percent happiness level.
Happiness levels of all employees.

In the above screenshot, you can see happiness levels of all employees. The one with 0 percentage will go on strike. Others with 25 percent or less happiness level will drag the show’s income through the “unhappy employees” penalty.

In TV Empire Tycoon, certain factors can decrease the happiness level. For example: If employees can’t use objects in the break room, or if they have to wait in a queue. They will be angry and their happiness level will decrease. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure their happiness level never decreases to zero level. This way, you will be able to avoid strikes:  

The Break Room  

First things first. You must build and upgrade these in the Break Room:  

Break Room

When you upgrade or improve these objects in the Break room, you reduce their preparation/cooking/dispensing time:  

Vending Machine: If a vending machine has a long queue and if it’s not dispensing healthy food quickly, then the last person standing in the queue will be angry and his happiness level will be zero. You will see a comic book-like anger symbol above him.  

Upgrade the vending machine to dispense healthy food items fast so that employees will get the favorite food faster and the queues will be shorter.   

The vending machine will be damaged or become empty at regular intervals. If it stays that way, then employees will be angry since they won’t have access to food from a damaged machine. You will need a maintenance worker or “Janitor” to repair the damaged machine.  

Hire more than one janitor in the “Electricity and Maintenance” room. A janitor will come and repair the vending machine whenever it’s damaged. He/she will also fill the machine with healthy food when it’s empty.  

Having more than one janitor helps as one may be busy fixing the cameras, so the other will automatically move to the break room to repair any machines and fill them with food/coffee.  

Coffee Machine and Microwave: Improve these two to ensure an employee gets coffee and uses the microwave to warm his/her food fast. If an employee can’t get coffee or can’t warm his food, he will be angry. Also, these machines might get damaged over time, so hire a janitor to repair them.  

Water Dispenser: Employees need to drink water. They will be furious if the water dispenser is empty. Janitors will come and fill the water dispenser from time to time. Improving the water dispenser improves the wait time, so an employee will drink water quicker and this way the queue in front of the water dispenser will be shorter.  

Table: Used to sit around in the break room. 3-4 employees can sit on a table at a time. If a person does not get a seat, he will be angry and his happiness level will go down.  

Employees will first move to the vending machine/coffee machine and then move to their tables to eat food. A person leaves the table when the circle above him fills up. You will also see green happiness emojis above an employee soon after he finishes his lunch. It indicates he is happy.  

An employee gets angry when he doesn’t get to sit next to the table. This happens when there are no seats left as other employees have occupied it. Plus, the time taken to eat food is slow (indicated by a circle).  

As you hire more employees, you will need to place more tables in the break room. Also, max out all table upgrades to speed up eating time, so that a standing employee won’t have to wait for long.  

The Break Room is the most crucial room. You will have to pay attention to each object in this room, maxing out upgrades and hiring more janitors to repair/fix the vending machine, coffee machine and the microwave.  

The Makeup Room 

The Makeup room is another room that can be a bit problematic if anchors have to wait to get their makeup done.  

Have more makeup tables and artists so that anchors/presenters do not have to wait outside if all tables are occupied.  

Presenters hate waiting, especially when it’s only a few minutes remaining for the show to go live. It won’t take much time for them to get furious if they don’t get seats in the makeup room.  

Max out upgrades of each makeup table so that artists work faster. This will also avoid any show delays or wait times outside the room. Our TV Empire Tycoon Guide will help you find a way to avoid delays in broadcasting a show.  

Keep all Rooms Squeaky Clean 

Untidy rooms, especially the Break room, are a big turn off and employees will hate a dirty room where they eat, chat and gossip.  

Anchors and camera operators hate slow progress and a room kept untidy for a long time will lower their happiness levels.  

To keep all rooms spotless, hire a cleaner in the “Cleaning Room”. You will have to build a cleaning cart first to hire one. The cleaner will move to a dirty room automatically and start tidying things.  

The cleaning room

Always upgrade the cleaning cart to ensure cleaners work faster. The circle above a cleaner will fill up much faster when a cleaning cart upgrade is maxed out. Quick cleaning ensures employees don’t get to complain and get angry fast. Having more cleaners will also ensure all rooms, and not just the break room, are kept spick and span.  

Note that all rooms, including the break room, become dirty and if any room is kept dirty for long, it will lead to dissatisfied employees and their happiness level will be lower than before. 

High happiness levels are crucial to avoid strikes in TV Empire Tycoon. The above tips will surely help you keep employees chirpy and satisfied.   

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