Ultimate Dragonmaster Guide: Tips and Strategies

Ultimate Dragonmaster lets you collect adorable fire-breathing creatures, build a team of dragons and fight enemies for gold and glory. Developed by Studio Drill, this idle game has bright, cartoonish imagery, simple yet addictive gameplay and a whole lot of fun!  

Start off by hatching baby dragons, enhance their stats and evolve them into bigger, stronger creatures. You will have to take them to battle to fight various monsters, ghouls and deadly animals. Defeated enemies drop gold and gem, with which you can strengthen your wyvern squad.  

Ultimate Dragonmaster

Your dragon squad will keep fighting monsters through stages until they can’t clear one. Every time dragons take flight to battle monsters, their energy bar decreases. The energy bar is in green and is shown under each creature on the lower-left corner of the battle screen.   

The dragon party will have to defeat all enemies before their energy wears off. Even if one monster remains in a particular stage and all dragons’ energy decreases to zero, the battle ends. The game then shows results, includes the total gold/gem pieces earned from all stages and number of monsters defeated.  

Ultimate Dragonmaster gets more addictive and challenging once you complete the first 20 stages. There are several ways to make creatures stronger and these tips and strategies will help you create the ultimate dragon squad.   Watch our gameplay video below to know more:

Enhance to Increase Combat Power  

After hatching dragons in the tutorial mode, it’s time to enhance them. Enhancing will ultimately let you evolve these cute fire-breathing creatures and also unlock new dragon eggs.  

In the tutorial mode, you will be able to hatch 3 creatures using materials gathered from the field. You will need dragon fruits and bacon mushrooms to hatch them. Once a creature is hatched, you can start enhancing him using coins.  

Enhancing a dragon improves his Attack and MP. Higher stats will make a creature stronger. Tap on the “Dragon” button and then tap on the enhance button. You will need coins to enhance a creature.  Coins are dropped by enemies during combat.  

Enhancing all creatures increases the total combat power. The higher the combat power, the more efficient the dragon squad will be in defeating enemies during battle. The combat power will be displayed on the home screen, among other stats.  

Auto or Manual Sortie? 

To fight enemies, tap on “Battle”. Tap on all dragons on the bottom of the screen to deploy them. Like other idle games, Ultimate Dragonmaster offers auto-combat. All you have to do is wait for the red auto-sortie gauge on the left to fill up. Once full, the AI will deploy all creatures one by one and they will keep attacking enemies until all are defeated. Each creature’s takeoff will be slower compared to manual deployment, where all creatures can take off simultaneously once you tap on each dragon. 

For me, auto-sortie works best, especially when I want to grind for gold and gems from the very first stage.  Yes, you can go back to the first stage. In fact, you will unlock checkpoint stages, such as level 21, level 41 etc. And start from these checkpoints once you complete them in your initial attempt.  

Since I keep enhancing dragons at regular intervals, the dragons deployed in the battleground are already powerful and can take care of enemies for a long time.  I leave the game idle and those cute fire-breathing creatures do the job well. Enemies drop coins every time they are defeated and may also drop blue/green gems at random occasions.  

If my dragon squad can’t progress after a particular stage even after repeated attempts, I look for other options to make them powerful, such as enhancing their skills, buying new traits that increase CRIT DMG, ATK or Speed and equipping high-grade minerals to them.  

How to Evolve a Dragon 

Evolving a creature in Ultimate Dragonmaster makes him stronger. The stronger a dragon is, the longer he will survive battles.  

Just like hatching, you will need materials to evolve a dragon. A creature can be evolved every 10 levels. However, the level may increase for higher-grade creatures. Evolution not only turns your dragon into a completely new beast, but also increases his stats (ATK/MP) drastically.  

Go to the dragon menu and keep enhancing a creature using coins until he reaches the tenth level. You can then evolve him using materials harvested from the field.  

First check what material type and amount is required for evolution. It will be shown on the evolve button next to the creature.  

Now tap on the “Field” button and then tap on each field to harvest materials, such as dragon fruit, bacon mushroom, meteor popcorn etc. Depending on the creature type, the materials required for evolution may be different.  

You will need energy to collect materials from the field. The energy requirement varies from one material to another. The energy bar at the top-right corner of the field screen shows the number of units you currently have. 

Example: To harvest one Dragon Fruit, you will spend only 2 energy, but to harvest a single Meteor Popcorn, you will need 4 energy. Advanced materials used for hatching or evolving dragons will require more energy for harvesting.  

Hint: Field Energy refills automatically, but recovery rate will be slow. If you want to refill fast, tap the screen to increase the energy recovery rate. Tapping the screen rapidly will fill the energy refill bar faster and you will get energy quickly.  

Unlock and Improve Skills  

A skill is unlocked when a certain dragon type is evolved. You will have to follow the enhance and evolution guide in this article to know how to evolve a creature. 

Example: To unlock the third skill, “Ice Spear”, you will need to evolve any one dragon in your squad to “Slime Dragon” for the first time. Keep enhancing and evolving a dragon already in your team until you get the slime dragon.  

The skill tab is located just beside the dragon tab. Tap on it and then tap on an unlocked skill to know more about it.  

You won’t have any control over a skill as one of your dragons will cast the skill automatically.  

There are six skills in Ultimate Dragonmaster and each dragon casts a particular skill, which is based on his element. 

You can view a creature’s elemental color by tapping the book on the top-left corner of the screen. The element color is displayed just above his portrait.  

Red element dragons will cast the flame stone skill whereas green element creatures will cast poison field skill. Similarly, blue element creatures will cast the ice spear skill.  

You can enhance a skill using coins in the skill menu. However, you will need a lot of coins to do so once a skill reaches level 3. Enhancing a skill increases its attack, sub damage and active chance stats substantially.  

How to Hatch a Dragon Egg 

In the tutorial mode, it was easy to hatch an egg, but as you progress, hatching one would not only require unique materials, but also an evolved dragon.  

Under the locked egg, you will notice the evolution requirements.  

Let me explain this with a help of an example: To unlock the fifth dragon egg, you must first evolve any one creature to “Desert Dragon”. And to make this possible, you will have to keep enhancing a creature until it evolves into a desert dragon.  

Once unlocked, the egg can be hatched into a new creature. Note that the new creature will be first baby dragon and you will have to keep enhancing it to evolve into other dragon types, such as green, slime, desert etc.  

Acquire Traits to Increase Stats and Gold/Gem Drop Rate 

The Trait tab is next to the skill tab. There are various types of traits and each has a unique ability. For example: Enhance Claws increase ATK, Enhance Search increases gold dropped by enemies and Enhance gems increases chances of blue/green gem piece drop.  

You can buy most of the traits using coins. After purchase, you can enhance a trait further by leveling I up.  

Equip High-Grade Minerals to Boost Stats 

In Ultimate Dragonmaster, the Mine is unlocked once you reach battle stage 20. Tap the Mine on the home screen and then tap on the cave to obtain mineral. You will need energy to extract minerals from the cave. The energy gauge refills slowly. To recover energy at a faster rate, tap on the screen rapidly.  

Combine two minerals of the same color to create a higher-grade mineral. After combining two minerals, tap on any one creature’s portrait on the bottom of the screen and drag the mineral onto the empty slot beside the dragon’s portrait. You will see an increase in his stats.  

The higher the grade, the higher will be the stats increase. Tap on the small green button in the mine to access a complete list of minerals. You will only see those that have been created through combination of lesser minerals so far.  

Each mineral provides a bonus stat increase that’s higher than the previous. When equipped to a creature, Gold increases bonus ATK by +6% and CRIT damage rate by +0.5% than Silver, which increases ATK by only 3% and CRIT rate by 0.3%. Enhancing stats, such as CRIT rate will help you defeat bosses.  

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    • The last skills are unlocked by “ascending”. Once you unlock the last dragon and fully upgrade him, you can evolve him and he will return to the First dragon, maintaning the stats.

  1. What are the monster coins for?
    I see them each time I’m in battle but did not see where they are accumulated and what to do with them

    • The monster coins are used when you unlock the dragon puzzle. They are used to spin the wheel and potentially unlock each piece of the puzzle. The more pieces you unlock, the higher stat bonus you get. Each day you can reset the board completely if you don’t want to spend gems to reroll individual pieces.

  2. Anyone know what the Gold Slab trait is under the Treasure tab? It’s upgraded with gems. I think it may increase the likelihood of getting a double upgrade on your dragons but I’m not sure. The description just says “enhancing great success” lol.


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