University Empire Tycoon Guide: How to Increase Tuition Fees

In University Empire Tycoon, you will need funds in the form of grants and tuition fees to expand and upgrade your university. Here are some tips to increase tuition fees:

Tap on a department building to see the summary. Noticed the “Tuition Bonus” section? Well, this is the tuition fee that each student will pay per when he/she is enrolled for the class. Improve (upgrade) the department using cash by pressing the “Build” button and you will gain additional tuition fees. The amount next to the + shows the bonus fees you will be earning when you will improve the department.  

Department Summary in University Empire Tycoon
Department Summary Card

However, you will need lots of cash to level up a department. If the “Build” button is grayed out when you click on a department, it means that you don’t have enough cash to level it up. So what you should do next to earn more money? Read on…

Like I said earlier, the tuition fees displayed in the department’s summary box shows the fees that each student pays per hour when he/she is enrolled in the university. The more students a classroom has, the higher will be the total hourly fee. The total hourly fee is calculated by multiplying the number of students by the hourly tuition fees.

For example: If the tuition bonus displayed in a particular department’s summary section is 44.50 and if the total number of students enrolled in that department is 30, then the total hourly tuition fees for that department would be 1335. But if two students drop out, reducing the number to 28 then the hourly total fees will decrease to 1246 (28×44.50).

To know how to stop students from abruptly leaving your university, read University Empire Tycoon: How to Avoid Student Dropouts.

Note: The total hourly income from all departments is displayed on the top-left corner of the screen. But this income is the aggregate of Grant (+) Tuition Fees from all departments (-) Hourly Wages to Staff/Salaries to Professors. To view only the tuition fees of all departments, tap on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top-right corner of the screen and then tap on the students stats.

You must have more students in each department to increase tuition fees. Let’s find out how to get more students in University Empire Tycoon:

Minimum Grade Required

The first thing you should do is keep the “Minimum Grade Required” minimum in the beginning. Tap on the hamburger menu on the top-right corner of the screen > Management.

Minimum grade required

Under “Admission”, keep the minimum grade slider to the left. Moving the slider to the extreme right would mean your university will accept only higher grade students. If you are more demanding, your university will receive less applications from students, which would ultimately result into lower students enrolling for a department.

Build Student Desks and Upgrade Them

Next is to have more students in a class room. Pay attention to the “Theoretical Class” rooms in a department. This where students will learn their new courses.

To accommodate more students, you will need several student desks. Tap on a department and then tap on the theoretical class to view the objects/furniture card that shows several objects such as desks, blackboard, bookshelf etc.

Build student desks
Check the +.50 tuition bonus

Tap on the chair/desk icon on the objects card and press the “Build” button. Max out student desks by building all of them in a particular class. You will notice the max students cap on the upper-left corner of the screen above the clock increase by 1 every time you add a new desk. A student desk can accommodate one student at a time.

Hire and Assign Professors

A class room is incomplete without a professor. Make sure you hire one and then assign it to a classroom, else students won’t be attending the class.

Tap on the Einstein icon on the lower-left corner of the screen. Under the “Hire Tab”, choose a professor whose knowledge about a particular subject or topic is higher. A professor’s knowledge about a particular subject is measured by a numeric value or points. The higher the value, the more expertise he/she has in that area of study/subject. For the humanities department, select a professor that has more points in the humanities subject (green book symbol).  

To assign a professor to a classroom, tap on a class and then tap on the professor tab. You will see a red exclamation mark on the tab indicating that it’s an inactive classroom. You will also see the Einstein icon floating above a classroom, suggesting that it needs a professor.

Tap on the purple assign button and then select a professor card in the “not assigned” section.

Note: Don’t forget to build the professor’s desk and the blackboard. These are crucial objects to complete a classroom.

How to Obtain Bonus Tuition Fees

Now that you have maxed out all student desks. It’s time to improve them to gain bonus tuition fees. Tap on a class room to bring up the object upgrades card and see whether there’s a green button under each chair/desk icon. A green button shows that you can improve a particular object inside the classroom.

Tap on a student desk icon. You will notice a +.50 or some other value under “Tuition Bonus”. Improving the desk will increase the tuition fee by 0.50 per student enrolled in that department. Tap on the Improve button to earn the bonus tuition fee. A bonus from a student desk also shows an increase in the “Tuition Bonus” section displayed on the summary of a Department. This will also show an increase in the total tuition fees for all students in the stats menu and the total income shown on the upper-left corner of the screen. Do remember that the tuition fees in the stats section is the total fees earned from all students.

Continue improving other objects as well, such as the professor’s desk and the blackboard. You will gain bonus tuition fee per student when you improve them.

Level Up Classrooms and the Department

If you can’t improve an object, such as the student desk, it means that you have maxed out upgrades for that object. To improve it further and raise the upgrade cap, you will have to level up that classroom. Tap on the brick wall icon on the object /upgrade card of a classroom and press the improve button to level it up.

If the classroom improve button is greyed out, it means you can’t upgrade it further unless you level up your department. Check the “Requirements” above the Theoretical Class card.

Close the card and tap on the department again to view the summary. This is where you will be upgrading a department. If you have enough cash, you can upgrade the department. Tap on the green “Build” button to level up/upgrade the department. Upgrading the department and then the classroom also grants bonus tuition fees.

Build More Departments

Lastly, build more departments to increase tuition fees. To build a new department, you will have to first research a faculty.

There are six faculties – Humanities Studies, Science Studies, Tech Studies, Art Studies, Social Studies and Sport Studies.

To research a faculty, tap on the purple beaker icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on each research icon to know the details, which also includes research conditions. You will also need in-game cash to complete research.

To know more about research, expenses, timetable and other features, check out these University Empire Tycoon Tips, Tricks and Strategies.

You will have to fulfil certain conditions to successfully research a faculty and only then will be able to build a department that teaches a subject under a particular faculty (For Example – Philosophy department under “Humanities Studies”, Math department under “Science Studies”). If you want a department that teaches math to students, you will have to research the “Science Studies” faculty first.

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