University Empire Tycoon: How to Avoid Student Dropouts

In University Empire Tycoon, if there are no new students in your campus or the pupil count is decreasing, then it means that they are not motivated enough and more importantly, they are exhausted. Make sure you don’t burden them with too many lectures (classes) once you have the option to modify the timetable.

You may have noticed battery icons above students. These indicate whether they are charged up or exhausted. A tired student will have a red battery level above him/her indicating low endurance. An unmotivated, tired student will leave your university. Your goal is to keep the battery levels aka “endurance” levels between yellow and green.

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You should also keep your students motivated. Unmotivated students give up studies. Motivation has a green smiley icon. You can see this icon on each student card when you tap on the hamburger icon menu (three horizontal lines) and go to the student tab. A highly motivated student also helps your university secure higher prizes in competitions.

Here are some tips to motivate students, increase their endurance levels and avoid dropouts:

1. Build the campus structure (statue) and benches in the garden. Students siting on benches will slowly charge up, increasing their endurance level (indicated by the battery icon).

Upgrade the Gardens to Improve Endurance
Improve the gardens, add more benches, structure and upgrade them

Make sure you upgrade the benches and the statue/structure from time to time to boost endurance levels of the students.

You will you will have to level up or improve the garden first and then you can upgrade the existing benches and the statue. You will notice that their battery icons filling up little by little, turning orange/yellow from red (in case they are exhausted) each time they sit on the benches. Orange or yellow battery levels are OK and there’s nothing to worry about but a student with endurance will have a green battery above him.

2. The cafeteria is also a great place to increase endurance levels and lower fatigue among students. Check the timetable (click on the + symbol next to time to access the timetable) and you will see lunch and dinner time marked on it.  Make sure students don’t have to leave the cafeteria empty-handed.  Here’s what you should to increase their endurance levels at the cafeteria:

As more and more students enrol for courses in your university, you will need more dining tables and kitchen stoves.

Place more dining tables inside the cafeteria so that all students can be comfortably seated while eating their food. Build more stoves to cook more food for them. You will also have to hire a cook every time you build a new stove. This will expedite faster cooking. Nobody likes to wait, so you will be needing more cooks if there are several students gathering at the cafeteria.

The Cafeteria in University Empire Tycoon
The cafeteria

Also, don’t forget to place additional food displays. Students stand in a queue next to the food display. Having an extra food display ensures shorter queues. It also adds additional endurance points to students overall endurance meter once built.

Note: The number beside the chicken piece icon inside the cafeteria shows the amount of food cooked so far. The food amount reduces as more and more students take food from the food display and start eating them on the dining table.

3. Want to increase motivation of all students in University Empire Tycoon? Build treadmills, bodybuilding machines and CrossFits at the GYM. This building is located next to the big philosophy department. When students use gym equipment, their motivation increases. Motivation has a green smiley icon. However, using the gym will decrease their endurance (displayed as the battery icon shown above a student). Students will be a bit tired.

The Gym
The gym is where students gain motivation but lose a little bit of endurance.

4. A dirty campus can surely demotivate students. Have enough janitors to clean all classrooms in all departments, clean the cafeteria, gym, the university premises and other buildings. To hire additional janitors, tap on the staff button (person icon) on the upper-right corner of the screen. Please note that wages to janitors and chefs are on an hourly basis.

5. Hire highly motivated professors. Tap on the Einstein icon on the lower-right corner of the screen and check the number beside the green smiley on each professor card. A highly motivated professor encourages students when he/she teaches them. At the end of the academic year, you will find more motivated students because you have assigned a professor to a classroom with high motivation points.

Course Difficulty Slider
Course Difficulty on the Lower

6. Make sure you keep the “Course Difficulty” on the lower side to decrease fatigue among students. Tap on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and under management, move the slider to the left side to lower course difficulty. Sliding to the right will increase the knowledge bonus, but will also increase the fatigue among students.

Those were some tips to increase endurance and motivation among students. Follow this University Empire Tycoon guide to increase tuition fees.

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