University Empire Tycoon: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Codigames have done it again! They have created an idle game that revolves around the college campus. Ah! Reminds me of the good old college days. But you won’t be playing as a student. University Empire Tycoon puts you into the shoes of a Dean. This time you will be holding the reins of an educational institution, providing the best courses to students from all over the world, developing world class facilities, upgraded classrooms and hiring the best professors to teach math, humanities, literature, chemistry, engineering and several other subjects to students.

University Empire Tycoon

You will also be managing employees, improving the admission process, making sure courses aren’t too complex, avoiding student dropouts and compete with other universities through competitions. It’s a tough ask and you will have to juggle several things all at once to transform a small educational institution to a renowned varsity! Check out our beginner-level University Empire Tycoon tips, tricks and strategies to increase income, conserve energy and manage expenses.

Get Instant Grants

Along with tuition fees, you may also need quick funds to expand and improve your university. You will acquire state grants from time to time. Just tap on stacks of cash on the right side of the screen, watch a 30-second ad and get your rewards immediately.

Increase Tuition Fees

It won’t be easy at first. Once you have built at least two departments and improved all theoretical class rooms in each department, you will start seeing an increase in fees. You must have more students, desks, keep the minimum grade requirement low and pay attention to students’ stats to get a clear idea about the total fees from all departments. Do read our in-depth University Empire Tycoon guide to increase tuition fees.

Use the Earnings Multiplier

Do this once you have increased tuition fees in each department. Tap on the purple play icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen, beside the shopping cart icon. A “Multiply Earnings” box will appear on the screen. Tap on the boost button to increase your earnings by 50 percent!

Earnings boost will be only last for 10 minutes. You can increase this to 1 hour by watching 6 back-to-back videos. 

Increase the Safety Deposit Box Capacity

In University Empire Tycoon, there will always be a limit to the total income earned from the university. When the green earnings bar on the top-left corner of the screen is full, it means you have earned max money and you can’t earn more! To remove this limit, you will have to increase the safety deposit box capacity.

Tap on the “Dean’s Building” next to the university front gates and the press the build button to upgrade it. You will need cash and energy to level up this building. It will take a few seconds to upgrade it. Make sure you have enough cash and increase the energy cap before doing this.

On levelling up the Dean’s building, the safety deposit box capacity will be increased.

Research Studies, Economy and Employees

Codigames has introduced Research in University Empire Tycoon. With this new feature, you will be researching new faculties and buffs that will reduce costs and time.

Research is divided into three categories: Studies, Economy and Employees. Under Studies, you will be researching new areas of study /faculties such as Arts, Sport, and Humanities etc., which will help you unlock and build new, bigger departments.

Under Economy, you will be researching various new features that will increase your income/tuition fees. In the Employees section, you will be researching features that will improve your employees work, get all work done fast, improve student speed, and increase the capacity of staff if you need more janitors.

There are certain requirements to complete a research. One of them is cash. You will need lots of cash to research a new feature. Along with cash, you also need to fulfil other requirements, such as researching a particular feature beforehand.

To access research, tap on the purple beaker icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Next tap on a tab – Studies/Employee/Economy and then tap on each research icon to know more about it, including the cost, prerequisites and the research benefits. 

There’s a new game by developers at Codigames. Read our Idle Barber Shop Tycoon Guide to know more.

How to Edit the Timetable

The university timetable can be accessed by tapping the “+” icon beside the in-game clock on the upper-left corner of the screen.

Under current timetable, you will see something like this:

Standard Timetable

The standard timetable is divided into classes, leisure time, eat and sleep. Students sleep between 11 PM to 6 AM, enter university premises at 7AM, take a stroll or sit on park benches (leisure time). Classes begin sharp at 8AM until 11 AM. Lunch time is between 12PM and 2 PM. Students visit the nearest canteen to have lunch.

Classes resume from 3PM but last only for an hour. Between 5PM and 6PM is leisure time. Last class will begin at 6PM for only 1 hour. Dinner is between is 8PM and 10 PM. Finally students board the train to go home and sleep.

The best part about University Empire Tycoon is that it allows players to edit the timetable. Once you progress to a certain point, you will be able to research “Master of Time”.  

Tap on the purple beaker icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Under “Research > Studies” you will see “Master of Time” on the second row. You will need a whopping 1000000 cash to research this.

Master of Time in the Research menu

Once you have done this, a mini-tutorial will pop on the screen. Pay attention to Philippe’s tutorial and then you can start modifying your current timetable.

Here are some tips to edit the timetable:

 – While modifying the timetable, try to create a balance between studies and work.

 – Having too many slots for studies (classes)/increasing the study time will make students tired and bored. The battery icon above them will decrease faster. To know how to increase motivation and endurance, read University Empire Tycoon: How to Avoid Student Dropout.

– Increasing the leisure and eating time might benefit students as it will increase the student’s energy displayed by the battery icon above them. Students will go to the gym, which will ultimately motivate them. High motivation will help you secure higher prizes in competitions.

How to Manage Expenses

You will earn tuition fees and grants per hour, but you will also have to pay salaries to professors and wages to janitors and cooks.

The hourly income shown on the top-left corner of the screen (displayed just below your university’s total income) is actually (tuition fees + grants) – (wages + energy (electricity)). If you exceed energy units, then penalty will be charged per hour.

Wages to janitors, cooks and your professors are on a per-hour basis.  They are deducted from your total hourly income (tuition fees + grants) every hour.

 – Make sure you don’t hire more than the required staff. If there are more students thronging the canteen/cafeteria, then you can hire an extra cook. You will also need to build a kitchen stove before hiring a cook.

 – In the beginning, 2 janitors are more than enough to clean the department and cafeteria. But as you build more departments, you may have to hire more. The first thing you should do is increase tuition fees for all departments and then start hiring janitors and other staff, such as cooks. To hire janitors and cooks tap on the people icon on the top-right corner of the screen. This icon can be found next to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines)

 – Fire any unassigned professor from the university. You will need to hire highly motivated professors that have more stars and are expert in a particular subject from time to time so that your university produces the best students in each academic year. So it’s obvious that you will have to hire better professors and fire the ones you won’t need.

Lower Energy Consumption

Keep an eye on the energy counter located at the top of the screen. It shouldn’t exceed by a certain amount. Certain objects in the department and cafeteria require energy. Upgrading/improving buildings will also require energy. While improving departments, you may exceed maximum energy value. The more you exceed the energy limit the higher will be the bill and this will be deducted from your total hourly income every hour. Here’s the chart that shows the overrun level and the penalty for exceeding the energy limit:

Energy Penalty Chart

For example – Your current energy limit is 125. You keep upgrading objects, improving buildings or adding new objects in the department or cafeteria. Some of these objects will require energy, so it’s obvious that the energy count will be higher. If the energy limit exceeds more than 125 to, let’s say 135, it means that your university has consumed +10 extra energy. The penalty for +10 energy will be 100 cash per hour. The penalty will be deducted from your total hourly income every hour.

Make sure you improve energy generators from time to time. Tap on the “+” symbol next to the energy counter and then tap on the improve button to increase the energy capacity. This way, your university won’t exceed energy consumption and you will be charged with an hourly penalty.

Unlock More Builders

Building any new department or upgrading the current one takes time. This is when you would want to speed up things by building or upgrading two departments simultaneously. However, with only one builder, you can only build one building at a time.

You will need more than one builders to do this. But how to acquire additional builders in University Empire Tycoon? Well, all you have to do is tap on the shopping cart icon on the lower-left corner of the screen and tap on the hammer icon. You can purchase up to four builders. This will allow you to unlock more construction teams to construct more buildings at a time.

Complete Missions

Mission are a great way to earn additional cash and bonus diamonds. Tap on the checkmark icon on the lower-right corner of the screen to check a list of missions. The checkmark icon is above the trophy icon. Complete them one by one to earn bonus cash.

Missions are divided into categories. Complete all three missions in a particular category to earn bonus diamonds. Don’t forget to claim your rewards.

Pay Attention to Recommended Enhancements

The game provides useful hints from time to time. Tap on the lightbulb icon on the upper-right corner of the screen, below the purple beaker icon.

Check the hints under Recommended Enhancements and complete them one by one to expand your university.

How to Assign and Fire a Professor

At some point of time, you may not require the services of the current professor once you acquire a better one. Here are the steps to fire a professor.

Tap on a department and then tap again on a theoretical class.

A card will pop up on the screen. Tap on the “Professor” tab on the card. Press the “remove” button.

Next, tap on the Einstein icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. Go to the “Staff” tab.

Tap on the professor card under “not assigned” and then tap on the “Fire” button.

Steps to assign a professor:

You will have to hire a professor first. Tap on the Einstein icon on the lower-right corner of the screen.

Under “Hire”, tap on the “Make Offer” button. Check hourly salary of the professor. If the professor’s stars are higher than your university stars, he/she will demand more salary.

Tap on a classroom and then tap on the professor tab again. Tap on the purple assign button

Under not assigned, tap on the professor card that you just hired and tap on the “Assign” button.

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