Used Car Dealer Game Guide: Tips and Strategies

There’s probably not a single subject left on earth that hasn’t been made into an idle game. The list is endless. Right now, one of the newest clicker games on the Google Play Store is Used Car Dealer. It revolves around the business of buying and selling pre-owned or “second hand” vehicles. Sounds boring? Not at all. It’s very addictive, especially the bargaining bit which really immerses a player into this whole trading business.  

Used Car Dealer Game

You might want to read our Used Car Dealer Game review to know more about this game if you are too curious about gameplay. And if you want to earn huge profits, unlock and collect rare and unique vehicles and expand your dealership, read these useful tips and strategies:  

Bargain or Get Help from the Bunny Girl Buyer  

Bargaining is the best way to buy used cars at dirt cheap prices, but it’s a manual task. The game does provide a buyer who automatically acquires pre-owned cars for you, but you will need to upgrade cost control and the buyer to a very high level in order to purchase cars at a faster rate and a very cheap price automatically. Tapping the “Buy” building will give you access to these two upgrades. If you want to bargain manually, read on.  

Bargaining to buy a vehicle at a very cheap price

Tap on a car waiting at the purchase point. The bargain box will pop on the screen. It will show the market price of the car and the current buy price. Tap the green button to bargain. Keep tapping until the button turns red. The price shown on the screen will be the lowest the seller would want to offer when the button turns red. You can tap the button again to bargain more, but there are high chances of rejection. However, very few owners may accept the lowest of the lowest price if you negotiate lower than the final bargain offer.  

Besides bargaining, you can also use the “Bunny Girl Buyer” boost for faster Acquistion at a cost as low as $1! You will have to activate this boost from the Acquisition screen (Tap the yellow “Buy” building to do this). To activate, you must watch a video. Once activated, an attractive girl will purchase cars almost instantly at just $1. This boost remains active only for 2 minutes.  

Boost Sales Profits of a Used Car 

Once the purchased car enters a sales lot, it’s time to sell it to prospective buyers. But you would want to increase the selling price of each car and the best way to do is to boost the “Sale Price” of a lot. Just tap on a lot and hit the first upgrade.

Doing this will increase “Lot Profit” by a certain percentage. You can see the Lot Profit bar increasing when you upgrade the Sale Price. Do this for each lot to earn more money from each used car sale.  

Increase the Frequency of Customers by Upgrading Sales Speed  

If you want more and more buyers or increase the frequency of customers in Used Car Dealer game, you will have to upgrade a vehicle lot’s “sales speed”. The sales lot is where cars are parked and customers arrive to buy them. Tap on a lot and then tap on the “Upgrade” button beside sales speed. Doing this will increase the working efficiency of your salesmen by a certain percentage.  

Increase Sale Sped and Hire Salemen
Upgrade Sales Speed and Hire Salesmen to Increase Customers Served Per Minute

Increasing the sales speed ultimately boosts the frequency of buyers in a certain lot. This is because your salesmen sell the car to them quickly and no buyers will have to wait in the queue. Buyers will keep assembling near the lot, purchase and and drive off from the lot.  

Along with sale speed, make sure you also hire more salesmen. Doing this will also increase the “customers served” per minute (you can see this section just under “Lot Profit” when you tap on a lot), thereby increasing the number of buyers visiting the lot. The lower the number, the fewer buyers a vehicle sales lot will attract.  

Buy Special Vehicles at Extremely Low Prices 

From the Bigfoot monster truck to the famous and futuristic “Back to the Future” car, this game lets you buy ’em all! These special vehicles have a very high market value than normal cars and can be purchased at an extremely low price through a fun mini-game. These vehicles stop at a “VIP” parking space for a few minutes. 

Play the mini-game to purchase special vehicles

Tap on a special vehicle when it stops on the VIP area and then tap on the “Start” button to begin the mini-game.  

Tap the button repeatedly until the red bar slides to the lowest price on the left side of the gauge. You will have only a few seconds to do this.  

Next, tap on the buy button to purchase the special vehicle at that price. The vehicle will move to on the sales lot. If there’s no space available it will drive off. Special vehicles keep arriving at the VIP parking spot. So, don’t worry if you lose one.  

Can’t Refurbish a Car Lot? You might be interested in reading this helpful guide:  

Pay Attention to Boosts 

Temporary boosts appear on the screen from time to time. For example, a UFO hovers around buildings. Just tap on it, watch a video ad and aliens will instantly buy up to six cars. There’s more:  

Boosts appear on the right side of the screen

Bus: Tap on the bus icon (Big Promotion) and then watch an ad, you will quickly gain bonus 10 costumers.  

Ninja Sales: A Naruto-look alike will be displayed on the screen. Tap on him to discover “Ninja Sales”. Six super-fast “ninja” salesmen will arrive at a sales lot. They will sell cars to customers at a much faster rate than normal salesmen.  

Express Checkout: Another great boost with a credit card symbol, Express Checkout ensures fasts ales in 120 seconds. Your normal salesmen will be supercharged and will sell used cars in a hurry.  

Cars from Above: A crate symbol might pop up anywhere on the screen. Tap on it and then watch a video to fill all empty parking spaces on each sales lot. An aircraft airdrops vehicle to your market. 

How to Unlock New Models 

In Used Car Dealer, new vehicle models not only adorn your used car collection, but also grant bonus gems. Plus, each new model has a unique or maybe a higher market price than others. As you unlock more and more sales lot for each vehicle type, you will also need to unlock new kinds of vehicles so that these cars can be displayed in the lot gallery. To unlock a new vehicle model, you will have to reach a sales lot level target. 

Unlock new vehicle models to expand your collection

Tap on a sales lot and then and the upgrade any one or all options, such as sale price, hire salesmen, sales spend etc. Under “The Next Model”, you will the bar slowly filling up. When it fills up completely, you unlock a new car model. Once you unlock a new model, tap on the book icon on the top-right corner of the screen and tap on a diamond over a locked vehicle. You will acquire a gem.  

Collect Epic Upgrade Cards from Boxes 

Epic Upgrade Cards are perks that can increase your income in one way or the other. There are 16 cards and each card provide a unique perk. For example: The “Auto-Service” card will increase sideline income by a certain percentage, whereas the “Unlimited Storage” card will increase the truck sale price by a certain percentage. Here’s a list of 15 epic cards collected so far:  

Epic card upgrades

You can obtain these cards from boxes. Go to your collection by tapping on the card symbol on the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap on “Boxes”. There are three types of boxes:  

Daily Box: You can get 5 boxes daily by watching videos.  

Gems Box: Can open boxes using gems 

Golden box: Contains rare cards. Make sure you have 200 gems to open this one.  

Invest to get In-Game Money, Gems and Boxes 

This super addictive idle game has a unique “Investment” option that lets players watch ads to get a lot of cash, gems and boxes.

Investments Menu

Each time a player watches an ad, he gets a reward. But he won’t get it instantly. He will get it after 15-20 hours. The more ads a player watches, the more rewards he earns. But the time left to get all investments will be the same, so don’t worry if you have collected multiple rewards.  

Double Your Income and Get Bonus Money 

Like other incremental games, Used Car Dealer allows players to double their income for a short period of time. You will have to watch a short ad to boost income which will last for an hour. But you can extend the timing by watching up to six ads.

This will let you earn x2 profits for straight 6 hours! But that’s not all – you will also get bonus money which could be more than $10K. You will get this reward once you finish watching the sixth video.  

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