Used Car Dealer Game Review: Not Your Average Idle Game

Used Car Dealer is a bit different from other idle tycoon games. Instead of allowing players to make easy idle cash, the game forces players to bargain, run profitable sidelines to supplement their business, hire salesmen to get rid of the inventory as soon as possible and buy super expensive special cars at dirt cheap prices through a mini-game.  

Used Car Dealer Game

Impatient customers will be angry if salesmen do not attend them on time. Bargain too much and car sellers will reject your offer. It’s not easy to earn quick profits in this game. So, don’t sit back, relax and enjoy your idle money if you want to earn max income from your car dealership as you will have a lot to do to earn profits in this clicker game.  

Deal or No Deal 

One of the most engaging gameplay features of Used Car Dealer is bargaining. Used cars stop at the acquisition point (the tiny building with a “Buy” banner) and tapping on a car will bring the “Buy” screen. This is where you can haggle for the best deal with the car owner.  

Bargaining for the right price.

Tap on the green “Bargain” button to lower the price. Tap the button again and the price will be decreased further. But notice the color of the button? It will turn from green to red, indicating that the price you are quoting is the lowest. Tap the button once more and the buyer will zoom past the acquisition point yelling “Are you crazy”? The price at which the bargain button changes to red is the least they will offer and they may not go lower any more. Some owners might accept a much lower price beyond the red bargain button, but I guess it would be too risky as most owners will never accept a very low price.  

Bargaining is not automatic, so it’s futile to expect the animated buyer to negotiate prices on behalf of you. You will have to bargain manually if you want to buy a used car at an extremely cheap price and this is where you can gain maximum profits from selling the same cars if you negotiate their prices with every buyer that stops at the acquisition point. Buying at dirt cheap prices and then raising the “Sales Price” at a vehicle lot will surely increase profits.  

Once you buy a car, it moves to the sales lot or gallery where customers arrive to buy second-hand cars. This is where the fun begins as your car is ready to be sold to prospective buyers. You can hire salesmen who will do the job for you and even raise the sales profit (in percentage). The sales price of the used car will always be higher than its market price, so make sure you increase the sales profit by tapping on a vehicle lot.  

You can also expand your business by building more sales lots for each vehicle type. But you will need a lot of money for that. There are separate lots for Trucks, Sedans, SUVs and Sports Cars. In each lot, you can hire salesmen, increase profits, add more space and boost sales speed. And since each vehicle type has a market price different from the other, your profits will soar once you add different lots. The market price of a sports car will obviously be higher than that of a truck, so you can easily increase sales profit and earn more income from a sportscar lot.  

Customers are an impatient lot and you might see angry smileys over them if they are not attended by your sales team. They will leave a lot if there’s a slight delay, which is why you should hire more salesmen to attend to every customer.  

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Don’t Expect a Lot of Offline Earnings 

Unlike most idle games, Used Car Dealer puts a cap on idle earnings, i.e. money or rewards earned when you are not playing the game. Unless you hire a manager, you will receive offline earnings for only two hours of inactivity. When you hire a general manager, the cap is lifted and you will get 10 hours earnings while not playing.  

Limited Idle Earnings

There’s a one-time payment for this permanent upgrade. This is one of the few in-app purchases offered by the game. The others are gems. These golden trinkets are used to upgrade sidelines. These are small profitable businesses you can run alongside your car dealership. To build them, you will need cash earned from your dealership, but to upgrade them you will need gems. Various sidelines, such as Car Wash, Repair Garage and Gas Station earn and accumulate income automatically, but you will have to tap on them to collect earnings. 

Refurbishing a Sales Lot can be tough. Well, not anymore!

Can You Play It Without an Internet Connection?  

Yes, you can play Used Car Dealer offline. We had no problem playing it on airplane mode. However, you won’t be able to avail certain perks, such as “Cars from Above”, which airdrops extra vehicles to a lot, Unexpected Visitors, where a UFO hovers around the market and buys 8 cars at a high price. Perks like these two require players to watch a video, which needs an Internet connection. You also won’t be able to purchase any upgrades or gems when you are playing it offline.  

Used Car Dealer is an extremely addictive idle game for Android. It nicely simulates the ins and outs of a car dealership business without being too complicated. The buying, selling and bargaining part is where the game really shines.

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