EZ Knight: How to Get Exchange Codes and Redeem Them

EZ Knight is a team-based idle role-playing game. Play as a rookie knight in a shining armor and recruit able heroes to battle monsters and dragons. Use special skills, unleash magic or let the AI do the dirty work for you. Pressing the “Auto” button during combat automates the entire battle.

Ez Knight Codes

In EZ Knight, you can get rewards in exchange of alphanumeric codes. Here’s how you can get them. You will also find a list of codes that you need to redeem ASAP before they expire:

List of Exchange Codes

Redeem them before they expire:

EZ2021 – Enter to obtain x10 hero scrolls. Hero scrolls are used to summon new high-tier characters in the tavern. Complete level 1-8 to unlock the tavern. You can also get hero scrolls from treasure hunt game mode, market, deluxe lucky draw and by watching 3-second ads.

Note: You will have to reach a certain level before you can get rewards from EZ2021. I guess you will have to reach player level 30 to redeem this code. Keep battling enemies in EZ Knight to earn XP and reach level 30 fast.

EZ999 – You will obtain x1 hero scrolls, x1 deluxe tokens and x100 diamonds. The deluxe token can be used for deluxe lucky draws. Along with obtaining tokens from exchange codes, you can get them from the market and premium packages. Diamonds are rare in-game currency.

EK123 – Get x200 diamonds after entering this code

Rewards earned from exchange codes are stored in your “Bag”. Tap on the bag on the bottom of the screen to access them.  

How to Redeem a Code

Tap the player avatar, which is located on the top-left corner of the screen. You can find this on the left of your current level.

Under “player info”, press the “Exchange” button.

Tap on the empty space under exchange and enter your code. Next, press the confirm button.

How to Obtain Codes

Go to Ez Knight’s official Facebook page. Like and follow this page to get the latest updates, including new codes.

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