EZ Knight: How to Get Exchange Codes and Redeem Them

EZ Knight is a team-based idle role-playing game. Play as a rookie knight in a shining armor and recruit able heroes to battle monsters and dragons. Use special skills, unleash magic or let the AI do the dirty work for you. Pressing the “Auto” button during combat automates the entire battle. In EZ Knight, you … Read more

Idle Legend Gift Codes (April 2021)

Idle Legend is an excellent auto-battler from DroidHen. If you have played auto chess-like games, then you will be familiar with its gameplay. You will have to deploy various heroes on a chessboard-like battlefield to fight enemies. Battles are completed, however, you will have to upgrade heroes and keep synergies in mind while deploying them … Read more

Immortal Reborn: How to Get Codes and Redeem Them

Immortal Reborn is an idle card battle RPG from LTGames. Although the game has minimal graphics, the gameplay and dark setting remind us of Diablo. You will choose a class, accept quests, traverse uncharted dungeons and fight deadly monsters for rewards and glory.   Cards battles are automatic, and your character keeps fighting enemies when you are … Read more

How to Obtain and Redeem Coupon Codes in Bistro Heroes

Previously named Heroes Restaurant, Bistro Heroes is the newest role-playing game with restaurant sim elements. Some in-game features will remind you of idle RPGs. Your party will fight enemies automatically. You can craft recipes; decide the number of dishes you can sell and all dishes will be sold automatically.   Like most mobile games, Bistro Heroes … Read more