5 Best Idle Evolution Games for Android

Everyone’s curious about their past, how their ancestors were, how complex life forms developed from a single cell, did sparrows evolved from dinosaurs? Thankfully, we can learn about our evolutionary history from the Internet. From videos to interactive evolution games, there are various ways to know more about our primogenitor, flora and fauna and civilizations.   Lately, … Read more

Best Idle Zombie Games for Android

Best Idle Zombie Games

What’s green, loves brainz and is a bit laidback? An idle zombie! Jokes aside, did you know that there are zombie-themed games in the idle genre? And there are plenty of them! Here are some of the best games you would love playing on your smartphone.   Zombie Idle Defense  Zombie Idle Defense is a tower defense, idle … Read more

The 10 Best Games like AFK Arena

There are quite a few idle games available on the Google Play Store. The popular old-school acronym “AFK” or “Away from Keyboard is used extensively for such games. This is because characters in an AFK game just won’t stop even when you are not playing. They will keep fighting enemies, exploring unchartered locations and earning … Read more