5 Best Idle Evolution Games for Android

Everyone’s curious about their past, how their ancestors were, how complex life forms developed from a single cell, did sparrows evolved from dinosaurs? Thankfully, we can learn about our evolutionary history from the Internet. From videos to interactive evolution games, there are various ways to know more about our primogenitor, flora and fauna and civilizations.  

Lately, there have been a few idle evolution games that not only provide a satisfying gameplay experience, but also offer tidbits about life on this world, prehistoric life, how humans evolved and many more. 

Games such as “Life on Earth” and “Cell to Singularity” provide the best content that dispels our curiosity. There are also non-serious games that just let you combine things to evolve elements into complex life forms. While they don’t teach us anything, they are quite entertaining and addicting. So, without further ado, here are the best evolution games in the idle/clicker genre.  

Life on Earth 

Life on Earth is more than just a plain idle evolution game. Besides the excitement of watching life evolve from spores to humans, you will also gain a lot of knowledge about prehistoric animals, marine life and human evolution. You can call it an educational incremental game.  

Life on Earth: Idle Evolution Game

The game puts you into the shoes of a paleontologist. Using the help of an AI assistant, you will be able to create your own blueprints of life forms – starting from a spore – have your own Jurassic world and finally evolve humans. You will also be tasked to restore prehistoric animals and upgrade your technology to speed up evolution.  

Developers have done a lot of hard work to bring this game to your smartphones. This includes painstaking research about each animal and human history! You must have this game installed in your phone.  

Doodle God Idle 

Remember Doodle God? The hit PC game allowed you create all sorts of objects and creatures by combining elements of nature.  

Doodle God Idle

Well there’s another Doodle God game, and the gameplay is very similar to Joybits’ super hit merge game. It lets you create your own oasis, where you can plant seeds and then combine objects and creatures to evolve them into something unique, bigger and just plain weird. Keep combining things to expand your island and you will discover more secrets! The game has a very clean interface, cartoonish visuals and simple controls. So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your own universe and become God!  

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Cell to Singularity 

Cell to Singularity is one of the best idle evolution games for Android. The game’s pretty deep and lets you begin when there was no life on Earth. Create life from scratch with entropy, the “evolutionary currency of life”.

Cell to Singularity

Start from simple organisms to more complex creatures, build your own beautiful 3D habitats as you see your own lifeless world turn into a paradise for birds and animals. And finally gain access to a huge tech tree that will let you unlock new civilizations and eras, from the bronze age to the space age.  

But that’s not all, you will also witness milestones in this game of evolution – how dinosaurs became extinct, the industrial revolution. You can even reshape the future. An “Editor’s Choice” game, Cell to Singularity is available on the Google Play Store.  

Game of Evolution 

Game of Evolution is a clicker merge game that allows players to create life through several unique combinations. As simple as it gets, this game lets you drag two objects of the same type to create a new one.

Game of Evolution

From amoeba to space traveler, you can create anything in this clicker evolution game. Even if you are not playing, you can leave the game and your world keeps generating income for combos and newly evolved creatures on its own.  

Homo Evolution: Human Origins 

Homo Evolution’s gameplay mechanics is similar to Doodle God, but graphically it’s very pleasing to the eye. Your objective is to merge life forms to create diverse and unpredictable personalities and populate your own in-game world filled with evolved creatures.  

Homo Evolution -  A very different idle evolution game.

You will begin with the animal evolution and end with something unpredictable as you move from one evolution stage to another. There will be eight stages of technological evolution beginning with the television era to the mighty “power cult”. Start from a lizard and discover a whole new world by constantly merging life forms to create something new and unexpected. While it’s not a complete idle evolution game, it offers a satisfying gameplay. 

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