AFK Dungeon Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

AFK Dungeon’s gameplay reminds me on Nonstop Knight. And this game is as addictive as Flaregames epic idle RPG.

Developed by Cookapps, AFK Dungeon is an idle role-playing game with auto combat, auto boss battles and even auto skills. All you have to do is level up your character stats and skills at regular intervals, experiment with different skill combinations, use mastery points on crucial abilities to make your character more powerful and equip the strongest weapon and armor to him.

You can turn off auto skills and boss battles in case you feel you should have more control during combat. But if you want a complete idle RPG experience, we suggest you keep them turned on and focus on more important things, such as trying out new skill combos and allocating mastery points to important class-based abilities. Our AFK Dungeon guide will help you get things done in the right manner and progress through various stages.

Getting Started

Your character will fight hordes of monsters in each new dungeon. When he begins battling and defeating monsters, the purple bar on the top of the screen fills up slowly.

Once it’s full, your character will meet the boss monster. Defeat the boss to move to the next dungeon.

There are two orbs on the lower-left and lower-right corner of the screen.

The red orb on the lower-left corner of the screen is your character’s HP. It decreases a bit each time your character is attacked by enemies.

HP replenishes over time, gradually. However, your character is in grave trouble if he can’t fend off a group of powerful monsters in advanced stages. If they keep attacking him and your character’s attacks aren’t much stronger, then his HP orb will deplete faster and he will be killed if the orb is empty. Upgrade equipment and character stats, such as Max HP and HP Regen, to make him stronger, select a powerful skill combination.

On the bottom-right corner is the blue orb – The mana orb. You use up mana each time you activate one of the four skills on the bottom-center of the screen.

The mana requirement (depicted by a tiny blue drop) is displayed on each skill icon on the bottom of the screen. Before selecting skills, choose the ones that require less mana and have a low Cooldown time.

There are so many things to learn in AFK Dungeon. Check out these tips and strategies to finish more dungeons and make your character more powerful.

Level up Character Attributes

Tap on “Level Up” on the bottom of the screen.

You will see five attributes:

Attack: Increases damage dealt to enemies

Max HP: Increases your character’s health points/hit points. You will notice the HP Orb on the lower-left corner of the screen increasing when you level up this attribute.

Defense: Your character’s weapon will be able to block more damage, thereby taking less damage from enemies.

HP Regen: Hit points/health points will regenerate at a faster rate. Check the HP orb on the lower-right corner of the screen

CRIT Damage: Higher the critical damage, more the chances will be to inflict max damage to an enemy when your character attacks it.

You will need gold to level up these attributes and make your character stronger. Gold is dropped by enemies/bosses eliminated on the battlefield.

You will obtain lots of gold when your character levels up. Keep fighting enemies in auto combat and gain EXP to level up.

Also don’t forget to complete quests shown on the bottom right of the screen to gain gold. Some of these quests grant gold.

Auto Equip Gear to Your Character

Click on the “Equipment” tab. You can find it on the bottom of the screen, next to “Level Up”.

Tap on the auto-equip button on the bottom. The game will automatically equip the gear with the highest power.

Defeated boss monsters may drop weapons and equipment. When a boss drops one, the equipment tab on the bottom of the screen will have a tiny red dot on it.

How to Level Up Equipment

To level up a weapon, armor or accessory, you will need the same type of equipment as “enhancement material”.

By same type means same category. So if you are leveling up your sword, then you will not only use duplicate swords, but also a weapon/sword of a different make/structure as enhancement materials. However, choosing duplicate swords will help you level up your weapon much faster than using weapon of other types.

Go to Equipment, select a weapon, armor or accessory by on their icons, tap on the orange “level up” button, tap on the enhancement materials (duplicate/ same category equipment) – these will serve as enhancement materials. Press the orange level up button again.

Enhancement materials once used will be gone forever. You can’t use them again. Make sure you auto equip weapons and armor to let the AI choose the most powerful equipment and only then upgrade the equipped items by using the remaining lesser quality equipment.

Unlock and Equip New Skills

Started playing AFK Dungeon? You will notice that only one skill is unlocked. The rest can be unlocked once you reach certain levels. Keep battling monsters, bosses to earn EXP and level up to unlock new skills.

Once you reach level 3, you will unlock the second skill – Tornado. There are 16 unique skills, each having devastating effects than the other.

The screenshot below shows at what level your skills will be unlocked:

To obtain more EXP and level up fast, play the EXP dungeon. Tap the dungeon icon on the left side of the screen and play the lower level dungeons to get bonus EXP.

How to Choose the Best Skill Combo?

You can equip up to 4 skills. To do this, go to the skill menu, tap on an unlocked skill and the tap on the green “Equip” button.

With so many unique abilities, choosing best skills in AFK Dungeon won’t be easy. However, you can experiment with different skill combos through sets. You can create 5 different sets once you unlock all 16 skills.

Noticed the 4 empty slots on the top of the skills menu? Well there are 5 such sets, each having 4 empty slots. Create your own skill combos through these sets and then choose the one that has the most powerful effect against enemies.

Upgrade Skills

You will need a certain number of “skillbooks” to upgrade a skill. Obtain skillbooks each time your character levels up.

Leveling up a skill boosts the damage dealt to enemies. In some skills, it may also decrease Cooldown time as you keep leveling them up.

Acquire Equipment from the Mimic Chest

Tap on the chest icon on the top-left corner of the screen.

You can watch 30-second adverts to get a free chest or use gems to open one instantly. Note that there’s a 30 minute Cooldown time between each advert.

The Mimic chest contains random equipment.

Equipment (weapon, armor, accessory) are graded as follows:




There is a high chance of acquiring rare characters from the mimic chest.

Enter Coupon Codes

Entering coupon codes in AFK Dungeon is easy, all you have to do is tap on the menu (hamburger icon) on the top right corner of the screen and go to settings.

Under settings, press the “Coupon” button. Enter the code and press the use button.

Right now, we have only one code:


Enter this code to get a whopping 50 million Gold and 1000 jewels/gems. The code expires on 25th June 2021.

Keep an eye on AFK Dungeon’s page in the Google Play Store to get updates about coupon codes. 


With mastery, you can create your own unique character. Select a mastery with distinctive abilities.

You will earn a mastery point each time your character levels up. Earn EXP while exploring dungeons and beating up enemies to level up.

Tap on “Mastery” on the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap on a circle and then tap on the “mastery up” button to allocate points earned with each new level.

Each circle represents a mastery on a particular ability –  Strength, Precision, Blessing, Vigor, Insight, agility, fervor etc. Tapping on a circle provides a detailed description about each ability.

Allocate mastery points to ability to increase stats. For example, under “Warrior”, there are 5 masteries: Strength, Precision, Fast Sword, Sharpness and Ultra Instinct.  When you allocate points to the topmost mastery – Strength, you increase the attack attribute.

There are five mastery types in AFK Dungeon:

Knight: Allocating mastery points to Knight Type will improve basic defense abilities and holy skills.

Rogue: Use points to enhance associated with gold and jewels (currencies) and dark skills.

Warrior: Use points to increase attack-related stats and physical skills.

Wizard: Enhances abilities with elemental skills and mana.

Maxing out a particular mastery (circle) unlocks a new mastery. You will need to allocate 5 points to it to max it out and unlock a new one.

Get Bonus Gold, Equipment and EXP from Dungeons

Dungeons are your best bet to earn bonus equipment, EXP and gold.

Tap on “Dungeon” on the left side of the screen. It’s below mastery.

You will find three types of dungeons – Gold, Equip and EXP.

Tap on the entrance button to enter a dungeon, scroll down and tap on the entrance button again to enter. Keep fighting enemies until the purple bar above fills up. Once full, you will receive your rewards.

You can enter a dungeon anytime throughout the day. However, once you have completed a dungeon, there will be a Cooldown time of 5 minutes. You can enter the same dungeon again once the Cooldown time is over.

Unlock higher difficulty dungeons by completing lower level dungeons. Always check the recommended power. To increase power, you will need to equip the strongest gear to your character via the equipment menu.

Get Attendance Reward

Tap on the menu < attendance and claim your rewards daily. Make sure you play AFK Dungeon every day to claim rewards such as gems and VIP points.

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