Idle Arks: Build at Sea Guide: Tips and Strategies

Idle Arks: Build at Sea is a relaxing ship-building game from BHome games. Your objective is to construct vessels from wood, sail away to different locations and rescue survivors. The in-game map reveals various locations to explore a ship construction phase is completed. Much of the building work depends on wood, which can be acquire from a source placed on the middle of the ship, planks and chests. The source provides a never-ending supply of wood. Your crew members will go near the source to collect wood.   You can read our Idle Arks Review to delve deeper into gameplay and other information.

Idle Arks: Build at Sea

The idle part of this game lets you collect wood automatically. However, you will have to command crew members to build the ship either by clicking on glowing orbs or from the buildings list menu. When you are not playing, the game continues producing wood, but only for 2 hours.  

Idle Arks: Build at Sea has lovely 3D pixelated graphics. The three-dimensional blocky world looks amazing on your smartphone screen. You can rotate the ship 360 degree. The background music is soothing to the ear. Because this is an idle game, there isn’t any hurry to build a ship. You can take your time, amass wood and then construct parts one by one until you build a vessel.

Constructing Egypt-themed ship.
Golden ship with sarcophagus

Ship models will be very unique and themed. In the third chapter, you will construct an Egypt-themed golden ship, complete with a sarcophagus and alter. In this guide, we will help you increase wood production and build vessels fast.  

How to Build Ships Fast 

Building a ship would be easy in the first chapter, but as you progress, you will have to build complex ships with several decks or “floors”, walls, torches, rudders, paddles etc.  

– The first thing you should do is to access the building list to know what parts are needed for construction in the first floor. Once you finish construction of the first floor, a new floor unlocks.  

– The Buildings list can be accessed from the bottom of the screen. Tap on the pad and hammer icon to access the list.   

In this list, you will know what parts are required to build the ship. You will also know what parts should be constructed first to unlock the next.  

– Noticed the “Build” button next to a part in the list? Tap on it to start adding that part to your ship. Continue constructing all those parts that have the “Build” button next to them. Make sure you have enough wood to build all. 

– If you don’t have enough wood, start collecting them. Tap on the floating treasure chests, also known as “pot of gold”, to instantly get plenty of wood. You will have to watch an ad to get them.  

– Keep an eye on floating planks and tap on them. One of your crew members will swim in the sea to grab it. A single plank grants lots of wood.  

– There will be some sort of object or source that will produce wood at regular intervals. The source could be a palm tree or a rock or anything placed on the center of the ship. When wood is available from the source, all crew members will go near the source and collect them.  

– Besides the main source, there will also be additional buildings that will generate wood at regular intervals. You can get a list of those structures from the buildings menu (notepad – hammer icon).  

Example: In chapter 3, go to the buildings list and you will see the eternal tree. Tap on the build button to place it on your ship. Do this before building anything else. The tree gives constant supply of wood at regular intervals.  

Unlocking Ladder

– You will also find parts that have been grayed out. They need to be unlocked first after building a certain number of previous parts. In the above screenshot, the ladder unlocks once you have built 16 blocks.  

– Most of the parts, such as ladder, paddle, torch, walls etc. boost wood production by a certain percentage. You can see the percentage boost on the bottom of the part’s name. Build them to increase wood production. The percentage increase will be permanent for that chapter not only for the wood acquired from trees but also from floating planks and chests.  

Ship Parts boost wood production.

Certain objects can also be upgraded to further increase wood production.  

You can unlock items and buildings on the next deck once you have built and upgraded all items in the first deck. There should be a green checkmark beside all buildings in the first deck if you want to start constructing new parts in the second deck.  

Those were some beginner-level tips to build ships fast in Idle Arks: Build at Sea. Remember that wood is crucial for constructing all ship parts, so your main focus will be to obtain as many wood pieces as possible before you start constructing.  

Complete Special Tasks to get Bonus Wood and Gems 

Tap on the map icon. You will find the map on the top of the screen. Now tap the “Task” button on the bottom of the screen. You will get a list of special tasks. Complete them one by one to get your rewards, which includes wood and gems.  

Tap on the “Journey” button beside the “Task” button to have a look at all complete ships. Tap on the magnifying glass on the bottom of the ship portrait to get a 3D view of ship in a bottle. 

Activate Boost Fever to Increase Production 

Wood is the prime resource in Idle Arks: Build at Sea. You will need a lot of wood to build everything in your ship, ranging from rafts to the rudder. 

Boost fever doubles wood

Your crew obtains wood from palm trees at regular intervals. Certain parts, especially the bigger ones, such as paddles, lounges, torches, hammocks, rudders and sails increase wood from palm trees and floating planks by a certain percentage.  

You can double all wood collection or production for 5 minutes if you activate “Boost Fever”. Tap on the x2 button on the bottom of the screen and then tap the “Watch Ad” button. After watching a 30-second ad, your crew will obtain x2 wood for 5 minutes. You can increase the time to max 30 minutes if you watch 6 videos.  

Speed Up Time to Get Wood Fast 

The time acceleration power up appears on the right side of the screen. Tap on it and watch an advert to speed up time for a minute. Your crew members will work fast, gathering wood from trees and  

Speed Up power-up appears frequently, so whenever you need a push in producing more wood at a very short span, get this power up ASAP.  

Tip: After activating it, quickly tap on all floating planks to collect wood. Your crew members will quickly swim to the planks to get wood.  

Animals Possess Special Abilities 

There are 6 unlockable animals in Idle Arks: Build at Sea. They need to be rescued in each chapter. Check the map to know the location of the next animal. Under discoveries, you will see a list of character and animals that can be rescued from the current chapter. 

Each animal has a special anility. Chicken lays eggs which produce wood, a tortoise grants 20 percent increase in production of all buildings.  

Unlocking the Tortoise

Once you rescue chickens in chapter 2, you will start obtaining wood from the eggs laid by them. When a chicken lays an egg, a crew member automatically goes near it and hatches it to get wood. Chickens lay eggs regularly, but it will take some time to lay one. The tortoise can be rescued in chapter 3. he will swim close to your ship and increase wood production boost of all buildings.  

There will be multiple locations on a map. To move to the first location, complete all building and upgrade tasks mentioned on the notepad menu. 

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